How to create a Music Streaming app like Spotify

Everyone in their minds has definitely a question about how to create a music streaming app like Spotify? Spotify is a music streaming platform that allows users of Spotify to stream their favorite songs and create playlists based on the music preferences of a user. Apart from this, Spotify is also available in 60 countries, it has over 30 million songs in its library and works across almost all devices. Finally, to create a music streaming app like Spotify We don’t need to download songs to listen and store them on a hard drive. Moreover, to create a music Streaming app like Spotify, users simply search for a song or album and immediately play it online.

Spotify is one of the best apps, it has many tracks which can give you the best music collection that will really fit all occasions. As well as users can choose the best and quality mp3 music that only Spotify can give. Therefore, if you are planning to develop an app like-Spotify, read this full guide about features, Tech stack and development cost.

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Steps to develop a music streaming app like Spotify

1. Market Research

Before developing an app, do market research. Find your target audiences and analyze their interest because you are not the only one who is running an online music streaming app, there are many others. You have to do an analysis of your competitors to succeed in this competitive market.

2. Consider the main Spotify-like app features

A music streaming app includes features such as sign-up and registration, music management, music discovery, social sharing push notifications and music library. Select the features you want to include in the application.

3. Find music app developers

Indeed, choose a mobile app development company that can build a Spotify app for you. Subsequently, you have a lot of factors to consider. At this time, you should also analyze your music application development company’s portfolio.

4. Develop an audio streaming app UI/UX design

Importantly, the UI/UX design of an app should be simple as it attracts more and more users. If app design is complicated, it will frustrate the users and they will never use your app.

5. Create audio streaming app MVP

This is the decision-making stage where you finalize your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and all other project-related factors, and buckle up for the real game.

Features of a music streaming app like Spotify

Here is a list of some basic feature of a music streaming app a mobile app development company should add in your application:

Registration- Users must create an account by providing basic information, including Name, Email ID, Mobile Number and Age. Whereas users can access advanced mobile application functionality by registering themselves.

User Profile- In this feature, users can provide their personal details to the admin. Also, the user can update his profile by making changes to his details. The users can set their music preferences within the user profile.

Discovery and Search- This is the essential feature that allows your users to find their favorite songs. Contrary to, users can search by artists, songs, albums, podcasts or genres for the music and can download the music.

Recommendation- This is the best way to get in touch with users. This functionality recommends songs according to the user’s searches. Whereas, this feature can help predict music choices made by the user and make recommendations based on the same.

Social Sharing- Clearly, this feature plays an important role in business success by giving your users an option to share their favorite song, track, or playlist directly through social media.

Online and Offline Access- Offline access is the best feature allowing your users to enjoy their favorite track or songs without dependency on internet connection. On the other hand, online access will enable your audience to easily access all the latest content and they will even be able to download the songs in offline mode.

Creating Playlist- It allows your users to save or add their favorite songs in one place. Besides, users can access saved songs directly. Even so, they can create a number of playlists according to your choice.

Push Notification- Above all, this feature allows you to amaze your listeners with great offers, songs recently added, discounts and more.

Additional Features For Music streaming App

There are some advanced features of a Music streaming app that a mobile app development company can include to make your app a hit:

  • Provision of ticket booking for musical events
  • Maintain event calendar
  • Add chat functionalities
  • Create categorized sections like themed radio, user’s favorite
  • Mark your favorite songs or albums.
  • Accessible to various languages.
  • Music according to mood

Tech stack to develop an app like Spotify

  • Twilio – for Push Notifications
  • Cloud Environment – AWS, Google, Azure
  • Amazon S3-For Data Backup
  • Google & Facebook SDK– For Social Login
  • Stripe, Braintree, PayPal- For Secure Payment Integration
  • In addition, Nexmo – for SMS, voice and phone verification

The Development Cost Of A Music Streaming App Like- Spotify

Finally, the development costs of a music streaming app like-Spotify based on different factors, whether it is marketing, development or licensing. Moreover, the overall cost of developing music mobile apps depends on the features design, technology and platforms. In addition, the development cost of the Spotify clone app is somewhere around $15000 for Android and $25000 for iOS platform.

In conclusion, there are many Music streaming app development companies in the market that are charged on an hourly basis. Therefore, the cost of app development also depends on the location of the mobile app development company.

1) US-based companies or developers cost- $150-$250/hour

2) Western Europe based companies or developers cost- $100-$180/hour

3) Eastern Europe based companies or developers cost- $130-$210/hour

4) Besides, India based companies or developers cost- $20-$40/hour

Clearly, if you are looking to develop a music streaming app?? Share your app with us and get a free quote now!!!

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