How Much Does it Cost to Create a Sports Betting App like William Hill


The concept of the sports betting app has been in the traditions for a long time. Needless to say, it can be used as the most prominent source for making money. This mechanism had been provided with a secular shift with mobile apps. Now since web applications are covering almost all the industrial landscape than why betting will be left behind, and though it is not a new concept as well.

Mobile apps such as William Hills, Bet 365 has gained an immense reputation across the worldwide and have even escalated huge advancements in the form of sports betting app development. These apps may vary based on architecture, features and the methods of betting but they should be capable enough to cater to amazing user experience.

Therefore if you are having a betting app idea running in the mind, you will find here all the basic features that are found in all similar mobile apps.

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#Sports betting market

Online betting has become more popular among all kinds of sports fans day by day. It has shown a steady growth of about 10% each year from 2009 to 2015 and it’s expected to rise at the same rate.


Sports betting is the largest segment of online gambling that took 37% of it as of 2016, according to the EGBA research. That’s why the development of a mobile app for sports betting can bring your business a significant profit. The William Hill app is one of the top sports betting apps that raised ~$2.37 billion in 2015 alone.

#How sports betting app works

Online betting applications work the same as the offline betting market. The first user will deposit the money through an online portal. Once the money is deposited user can decide on which game and the team he wants to bet on. Once he has decided that he will choose that option and bet on his team. If the user’s team wins he will get the profit or in another scenario if the team loses the user will also lose his money.

#Features required in the sports betting application

User Panel:

  • Sign-in: This is the basic feature of any app where users will land on. They can register in the app by using their social network or email account credentials.
  • Live scores: The basic screen of the app where logged users will be able to view the live scores of the matches they are interested to bet in.
  • Notifications with results: Under this section, all the notifications about the player’s performance and the conclusions are being sent to the user.
  • Betting Tips: Under this section, the information related to the betting is displayed.  Users can get the information regarding the betting prices, sports included and the payment invested.
  • Select the sport: Users can select the game on which they want to bet. All the teams according to their provided data and team are displayed. The corresponding betting prices are also showcased to allow the user to bet with the utmost ease.
  • Calendars, days and schedules: Under this section, users will be able to view and store all the upcoming match schedules along with the date and time. Users get the notification when the match date is nearby so that they can plan the betting activities accordingly.
  • Select the betting patterns: In this section of a betting app, users can select the betting patterns as per their convenience. Find some of the major betting patterns below:
  • Select the betting types: Under this section, users can select the different betting types and can play with any of the selected methodologies. Users can even select betting categories according to the game in which they are Interesting. Below are some of the standardized betting types:
    • Singles
    • Parlay
    • Head to Head
    • Totals (Over/Under)
    • Handicaps
    • Patent
    • Yankee
    • Tricast
    • Each Way
    • Multiples
    • Double
    • Treble
  • Know the rank: This analyzes the overall position of the user. He can check the information regarding the money status and the open bet still available.
  • Communication: Users will be able to communicate with other users as well. Also, users can communicate about the basic price standards and the foreseen match predictions.
  • Final & Current Results: All the latest notifications regarding the creation of a new pool by the admin or about the status of the user (Win or lose) are delivered.

Admin Panel:

  • Login: This will be a basic feature of the mobile app. The admin can register in the app with the help of self-created credentials.
  • Dashboard: Under this section, admin can manage the number of registered users and the betting prices for the different games however he/she wants.
  • User Management: Admin can add a new user and view all their details such as ongoing money standards, the amount invested and the sports they are participating in.
  • Marketing & Monetization Tools: Under this segment, all the app monetization strategies are managed by the admin. Advertisements, promotions, In-app purchases are tracked and verified by the admin.
  • Odds from major bookies: Admin can set the prices according to the standards delivered by the bookies and can determine the probability of winning in an event. He can decide the sports and the price of betting. Furthermore, admin creates the password as well as notifies the start and end time whenever the betting starts.
  • Content Manager: Admin is responsible for managing the content of the static pages such as about us, how it works? Terms of use, FAQ, etc.
  • Game Management: In case the app offers a unique game with a new concept of betting than the new criteria can be prescribed by the admin.

More advanced feature

  • Watch live Matches: Whatever betting user or not, he may watch some of the matches in the real-stream. It helps fill more involved in the process and directly see how the matches progress. While real-time scores are good – live matches give users the best experience ever.
  • In-Play bets: Live Matches and real-time scores provide users to create the chance to fill them directly involved in match action. For example making bet up to the minute goals, cards, and corner stats for all the markets for the football matches. Or ball-by-ball bets for tennis.
  • Regular promotions: The Greater number of various promotions for newcomers and active players helps provide the dynamic and attractive user experience. Different activities, attractive odds and push-up notifications designed to make the user active or return into gambling through making every bet “best offer ever”.
  • Match schedules: Having this feature in-app helps users organize their activities and get a better experience from the application using. 
  • Multi-language: Different language in the application helps to scale your audience large by providing comfortable and native experience to most of your users. English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese Korean, Chinese, etc. would make your app easy to use worldwide.
  • Radio: Radio helps to keep players active by providing highly relevant information to them.

What Technologies required for sports betting app:


Sports Prediction Algorithm:

Tools to calculate the chances of a sports event: 

Football Prediction Algorithm: Betegy

Things to consider

  • Deposit and withdraw options: When talking about bets by real money it is really important to fully design all logistic chain of funding in and out from an application.
  • Three ways to deposit: Players can deposit their money into account via the online portal, while it is higher than $500 courier would come for it.
  • People may use reward cards received from video poker or slot machines.
  • Make bets directly from the kiosks.
  • One way to withdraw: The only way to get your money from the app is to receive cash from the betting shop. In this case, users should have a mobile app number and a valid photo ID.
  • Safety & Security: One more thing to think about, when application deals with private information and money – its security measures. No doubt it should be the best. And William Hill reached its best in the security of data and transactions with other sides. Moreover, the application itself is protected from the ill-effect for irresponsible gambling.

#What Technologies required for sports betting app:

DumbestFor retrieving the  real-time sports information
ESPN For live matches
Tippin For soccer betting and predictions
APNSFor delivering push notifications
Kotlin and SwiftFor programming the Android application and iOS application respectively
Twilio, Sinch, NexmoFor SMS, Voice and Phone Verification
GWT For Powerful Programming
Datastax For Data Management
MailChimp Integration, MandrillFor everything related to emails
Debian, Macintosh, Ubuntu, CentOS This is a Universal Operating System
AWS and GoogleFor Cloud Environment 
MongoDB, Hbase, CassandraFor Database 
Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache FlinkFor Real-Time Analytics


  • Sports Prediction Algorithm:
  • Tools to calculate the chances of a sports event: 
  • Football Prediction Algorithm: Betegy

#Cost of developing a Sports Betting Mobile App

The cost of developing sports betting mobile-based applications for your business can be evaluated by the aid of three factors– App complexity, the number of dedicated platforms required by the app and according to the country selected. The reason being in different countries comes with their budget ratios. For instance:

U.S. based developers can charge $50 to $250 per hour.

Eastern Europe based developers can charge $30 to $150 per hour.

India based developers can charge $10 to $50 per hour.

The cost of developing sports betting app like William hill can charge around $18,000 to $50,000. However in case you are looking for a more sophisticated betting mobile-based application then it may cost around $ 70,000, but then for sure chances of your app to become a hit increases.

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