How to Create Online Music Streaming App like Gaana and Saavn?

How to create a music app like Gaana

Everyone likes music. It gives a peaceful environment and positive vibes. is a music streaming app with around 100 million+ monthly user and it developed in 2010. Gaana app or more has been created so that people don’t have to pay for music CDs and all. So people go for online music which is effortless, you can listen to any song as you want. People get stressed or frustrated they can get relaxed while listening to music that will be useful for them. The online music app is too easy to understand and everyone can use them. You can also download the song so that when your network doesn’t work at least you have songs to listen which saves as offline.

Gaana and Saavn offer music and downloads at 320 kbps to premium subscribers while Wynk has 128 kbps. is available on iOS, Android, Windows phone, Blackberry, web.

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Features of a music streaming app:-

  • Play songs from folders- The most important feature of a music app is that they can import songs that are externally downloaded on the device and listen or play them. That app can accept the audio files that saved in any folder of the phone. 
  • Music store- An apps have there owned a music store where people can download the music. Their app stores have a huge database of songs and audio files that are available to them anytime.
  • Music arrangements- Providing proper tools is an important part of a music streaming service. Every music app provides the aptitude to create a playlist, sort favorite songs, and queue songs for an easy way so that you don’t have to search for songs just play the list.
  • Social service alliance- Music apps also provide an option to sync up with social media apps. These features allow the user to interact socially and share the songs with their friends and relatives also get to know what they are listening to.
  • Customized music player- Add customers requirements like font, color, dark and light mode, etc it helps in making a music player a user-friendly. When the user applies their own creativity in the app it connects you with brand loyalty.
  • Push notifications- By this feature, you can get the latest updates about songs, new playlists, from followers and friends on the notification bar it will increase the customer’s user experience.

How Music apps make money-

Earlier, people used to pay a small amount of money to download the songs or album which lead to heavy losses for the music industry but now through music streaming apps either have a free version, paid or premium version.

Free version- The songs are played free the company used to earn money by ads that come in between the songs or etc. User can listen to songs but the ads on at the regular intervals 

Paid version- Some time through ads people get frustrated so for that consumer get an option of upgrading their players on the subscription which remove the ads. Also paid user gets an option of download the song and listen offline. In these, the app generates revenue through subscriptions. It will cost Rs 120 per month for iOS and 129 per month for Android.

benefit of music streaming app

Benefits of Online Music App-

  • Accessibility
  • Variety and choice
  • Fewer ads and commercials
  • Own playlist
  • Quality of sound

Challenges for Creating a Music App-

  • Licensing
  • Accurate recommendations
  • Value proposition
  • Entering the market

Technologies are Involved in Making Music App-


How much does it cost to develop an app like Gaana and Saavn?

The cost of developing an app like Gaana depends on various factors like the developer will charge less for Android app development and more for iOS app development because of the testing method. Approximately music streaming app will cost you somewhere around $6000 to $10000 for one platform and if you’re looking to develop it for both platforms with some advanced features then it cost high and it also depends on which organization you are choosing to develop the app.

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