How To Create Your Own Movie Streaming App Like Netflix?


In the modern era, people know how to entertain themselves by watching TV programs, online series, movies to make their lives more interesting. In earlier, people have to wait for a long time to watch movies as the hit movies always come on Saturday and Sunday and to watch the new movies they have to wait for a long time too because there were people who can’t afford to go to the theater and watch it. But now, with the increasing technology people can watch the movies at the minimum price and enjoy it. App like Netflix are fulfilling these demands fo users. 

Netflix is the world’s foremost subscription service for watching television episodes, movies and series which include the disaster shows to the Oscar-winning movies. Around 86 million users are using Netflix globally and around 47 million users from the U.S.The revenue of the company is approx. US$6.78 billion. Netflix is available on Android, iOS, Windows phone platform. Netflix is free to download but to use it the monthly charges have to be paid by the users.

So, if you’re planning to develop an app like Netflix, you should know about some important factors. Here I am mentioning some points which you should take care in your app development process.


Benefits of Video streaming app-

  • Instant playback
  • Availability of multiple languages
  • Users can get the notification of new updates of movies or series.
  • Users can share the video with others.
  • High quality of the video content
  • No extra storage for downloading the video

Key features of the app like Netflix-

  • Login/Registration- User needs to register themselves via email or social networking and contact number.
  • User profile- After login, users can create their own profile where they can add their favorite movies there and also add other people to watch it.
  • Content Search- Users can easily select the genres and user reviews and can see that what their family and friends watching and which movie they like the most.
  • Download-  It allows the user to download the content ton their phone and watch it without internet connections.
  • Unlimited Content Collection- Using Netflix, users can watch as many series, movies as they want without the restrictions.
  • Multi-device support- User can watch a movie on smartphone and pause it and watch the movie on TV also when they want it.
  • Multi-profile Access- User can create up to five separate profile one single account for Android and iOS account.

Features of customer panel-

  • Registration
  • Mobile number verification
  • Set up profile
  • My list
  • Film list
  • Similar program
  • Series list
  • Trending now

Features of Admin panel-

  • Login
  • Customers Management
  • Manage Shows, movies, episodes
  • Management of  program categories
  • Manage Trailers
  • Manage Genre
  • Advanced analytics and reports
  • Manage settings
  • Payment
  • How to create an app like Netflix-


Step1- Prepare the right planning to start an app like Netflix

Step2- Build your business model

Step3- Use tech stack to create an app like Netflix

Step4- Add MVP features to build the structure of your service

Step5- Study all the important requirements

Step6- Take all your useful hints to make your service successful

Some of the most popular video streaming app available today including-

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Video
  • HBO now
  • Twitch
  • Crunchyroll
  • Hulu

How does it work?

Like other sites, Netflix uses CDN(Content Delivery Network) to store and broadcast movies and shows. By paying a monthly fee, the user gets access to unlimited content. Netflix has an awesome amount of data and works directly with ISPs via installing boxes called Open Connect Appliances. It can function on many devices like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Smart TV, Mac OS, etc.

Development cost for an app like Netflix:

If you are planning to develop an app like Netflix then the cost will depend on the features and functions of the app. Around, $7000 to $10000 will cost to develop an app. It also depends on the platform like Android, iOS because of the different platform you have to pay different cost. For an app like this, you should hire the best mobile application development company to make your app secure and user-friendly.

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