How To Create Your Own Movie Streaming App Like Netflix?

Now-a-days people can entertain themselves with various TV programs, movies and series make their boring evenings lot more interesting. These days, mostly TV’s have internet connection so people need not browse channels for hours to find something interesting to watch. We are always able to find something of our interest because of the internet today.

Today, the video streaming apps are the most preferred mode for watching videos online. These apps are the future as the audience these days look for some fresh, interesting content without any meaningless disruptions.

Today Netflix is drawing TV viewers from all over the world. The secret of its popularity is the availability of thousands of programs and movies and different service packages which can satisfy every taste.

How Netflix works?

It is a subscription service which offers numerous movies and series to watch from available on various platforms. Just by paying a month fee, users can get watch unlimited shows and content. Netflix works on various operating systems such as Smart TV, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, etc.

Features and Sections of Video Streaming App

Front End Features

  • User Login
  • User Profile
  • Privacy Setting
  • Search Videos
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Geo-location Tracking
  • Comments Option

Back End Features

  • Video Streaming
  • Subscriptions and Revenue Models
  • Push Notifications
  • Analytics

Additional Features

  • Supporting Hybrid Platform
  • High-end encoder and decoder
  • Live feed of URL to play in the custom media player
  • Live monetization ads
  • Social casting and support for webcasting

The Cost of developing Video Streaming App

The cost of developing an application like Netflix depends on the development firm as the rate is based on the region and the time taken to develop the app. It also depends on the complexity of the app and additional features which are integrated into the app. The total project would cost somewhere around $7000 to $12000.


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