How to Develop a Business Directory App like Yelp?

App development has become highly popular these days. Every day a new app enters the market to provide something more to the users than the already existing apps. All these modern day technologies have simplified our lives and has made our life easier and delightful.

One such app which has gained a lot of attention since its beginning is ‘Yelp’. This app was developed by US based Yelp Inc. Company. Yelp website and the app are used to search for local business goods and services and to get the reviews out of them.

No matter what you are looking for, whether it is a luxury hotel, restaurant or some filling station, you just need to visit the app and it will guide you to your desired locations. The app also provides reviews for almost any kind of place, be it a hotel, salon or any shop.

Firstly, this app discloses, what is your current location and then it provides you with options in the form a list for you to select from. There are many options available like hairdressing salons, market, cafes, shops and various others. This app is a boon to travelers as it helps them in finding a perfect hotel to stay, a nearby spa or salon for rejuvenation, a medical store near by and much more.  

So, if you aim to develop a similar app model, then just go through this blog and all your queries will be resolved. This article will provide you with all the necessary information regarding the development of the business directory app similar to Yelp.

What are the features of an app similar to Yelp?

Basically, the feature panel is divided into three parts:

  • Customer
  • Business owner
  • Admin
Customer Panel Business Owner Panel Admin Panel
· Registration/Login · Registration/Login · Login

· Smart Search

· Setup Profile

· Dashboard

· Refine Search · Business listings · Manage Users
· Business Details · View Ratings and Reviews · Manage Reviews
· Reviews and Ratings · Manage Bookings · Manage Profiles
· Social Ratings · Manage Business Ads · Manage Conversations
· Business Ads · Secure Payment · Manage Listings
· Picture Gallery · Notifications · Ad Management
· Online Bookings · History  
· Manage Profile    
· Notifications/Alerts    
· Navigation    

Additional Features:

  1. Embed review: With the help of this feature, customers can embed reviews to their own platform and for that customer will receive a code of that review on his platform.
  2. Google map integration: In this kind of map, google map integration is must as it helps to locate each business on the map to facilitate navigation.
  3. CMS: This feature enables admin to manage app content in text as well as in image form.
  4. Payment gateway integration: To facilitate online payments, a payment gateway can be integrated as per the requirements. Different payment options like Debit/Credit card, PayPal, Stripe, etc., can be integrated.
  5. Profile verifications: This feature allows user to login easily. The inbuilt system of the app verifies customers using their email and contact numbers.
  6. Reporting and analytics: Real-time reporting is an important part of this kind of app where the admin is enabled to receive updates and overall analysis, like users visiting the app, bookings, reviews, etc.
  7. Location based functionality: It is one of the most advanced feature of this app. With the help of Google maps API, the app locates down your present location and after this, within a few seconds it can design a roadmap to your desired location. 
  8. Media sharing: With the help of this feature, you can create a personal touch to enhance overall user experience. You can provide them with the short videos and photo uploading options.
  9. Offers and discounts: With the help of this feature, users can get some discount and deals for the services present in your app.
  10. Social sign-in: This feature enables the users to login into the app through social media route and complete their task. This saves users from filling up any form and uploading a profile picture.
  11. Offers and discount: This feature provides your users with some euphoric discounts and deals present in your app. This helps your app earn more profits.
  12. ASO Strategy: App store optimization is a vital step to promote your business. App owners must choose the platform on which they want to launch it, whether it’s app store or play store. 
  13. Geolocation based search: One of the key feature of this kind of app. You don’t have to type the address as this feature will do it for you using geolocation services.
  14. In-app purchase: Users can make in app purchases and can pay directly from the app.
  15. Gamification: To have an edge over your competitors, you can bring in some Stickers, virtual currency, badges, nominations and ranks which will provide you an additional income.

What is the cost of developing an app like Yelp?

So, the development cost of an app depends upon the number of factors. Let’s have a look at these-

  • Platform
  • Design
  • Location of the app development company
  • Additional features cost

Though one can get the entire app with some basic features and a single platform from $3000-$5000. Ultimately, every app’s main aim is drawing most possible number of users and that can be possible by integrating right features and functionalities into your app.


An app like Yelp has affected the whole service sector and undoubtedly increased consumer expectations. They have “network effect”, also known as a large critical mass of users, which is hard to achieve and to compete. But we believe that a good idea is worth trying. Our team can help you with a better understanding of your project, achieve your milestones, and earn a good profit.

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