How to expand your car wash business like Washos? Advanced features for the Car Wash App


“Let’s discuss how to build an on-demand best mobile car wash app? The average cost to build a car wash app like MobileWashCar, Washos, and many more.”

Life is made easy with the help of modern technology; for instance, the usage of apps. In today’s scenario, there exist apps for everything. Unlike the olden days, where one has to get the things done manually.

Today technology is extending its hands for smooth completion of day to day tasks. Just with the help of a few clicks, one can get the things done. A significant constraint is taking care of expensive and endearing things you possess in your life, mainly the car.

Just like human beings, we need to take care of it daily. As we use the car in every moment wherever we go, it follows us like from home to work, night rides, long drives, and many more.

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What are the current problems user-facing related to car wash service

Talking about car washing, one has to spare a few hours, starting with arranging the required things to wash the car. Or else, one can prefer car wash services. These services are becoming more demanded these days. The best thing is that even these services are available over apps. Users can just install the applications and can get the service done easily.

These apps made it possible to say goodbye to all the age-old time taking processes. The entire process can be summarized as the user just needs to surf for the best car wash service providers over the internet and need to place a request for their service. As soon as they receive the request, they will send a technician for doing the service at your doorsteps. This serves very useful in saving time and energy.

How can a car wash mobile app helps to expand car wash business

As of 2017, mobile devices (smartphones, phablets, and tablets), became the number one tool that people use to order services or products offline and online. The mobile car wash service industry is also growing tremendously as more car owners choose to request cleaning services through their mobile devices. Here are serval ways of having a car wash application will help your business to grow.

Fast Response Rates

Mobile applications are 1.5 times faster than websites than run on mobile devices. Their design allows them to store your data on your phone and retrieve it quickly when you need it.

Instant Offline and Online Access

A mobile car wash app can offer your user seamless experiences since it can work offline and online

Cost Reduction and Productivity Improvement

Big car cleaning businesses have mobile applications that allow them to expand their audience reach and reduce their marketing costs.

How does Car Wash App work for the user?

The user will choose its location in the app and then the app will show user all the available nearby car wash garage. Then the user will have to place a request through the app once the request is accepted by the service provider than the customer can drop by with their car at the time of their appointment. This process makes it easy for customers to take service as they don’t have to wait for hours in a queue.

Must-Have Features to add in Car Wash Application

User Panel:

  • Perform user signup and login
  • Confirmation from email
  • Car location selection
  • Select/Add multiple cars
  • Select multiple services for a car
  • Select car wash package
  • Check service/technician availability
  • Payment module
  • Push notification
  • Service ratings
  • View past order details
  • Order Tracking and updates
  • Technicians:
  • Technician login
  • Push notification
  • Update availability/service status
  • Bidding on users request
  • Upload pictures after completion of service
  • View jobs history

Admin Panel:

  • Technician Registration
  • Manage Technicians, User Profile, and Credentials
  • Manage Services and Time zones
  • Management of User Jobs
  • User Payment History Management
  • Ratings and Feedback

Below are some of the factors a basic car wash application should possess:

  • Allowing users to place wash orders
  • Track wash orders
  • Browse various service packages and server options
  • Get the payment done
  • Accept and decline the request
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Driver/ Washer Availability

How Much does it cost to create a Car Wash App like Washos

It is not possible to generalize the cost to develop the Car Wash app. The cost estimation of the Car Wash App mainly depends on three factors, which are size and complexity of the app, the number of platforms used, a country which is selected as a mobile app development center. Because charges are different in different countries. For instance,

Developers in India Charge- $10 to $80 per hour

Developers in Eastern Europe Charge- $30 to $150 per hour

US Developers will Charge- $50 to $250 per hour

App development involves various activities, each of which charges differently which are summarized as follows:

UI/UX Design – $500 to $2000

QA & Testing-80 Hours – $1000 to $2000

Technical documentation –$500 to $1000

Front-end and Back-end development –$5,000 to $ 8,000

Putting together, app architecture requires around $5,000 to $10,000, that too for a single platform. If additional features are needed to be added, it requires additional charges, which may come to around $15,000.



Well, now you can say that having an application for your car wash business can be quite beneficial for your business and you should invest in developing the application for your business.

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