How to develop a dating app like Raya for android and iOS

How to develop a dating app like Raya for android and iOS

Dating applications have become the lifeline of 21st-century dating. These apps help people to meet and express their feelings in a certain way. Ever since its inception, dating applications have gained a mix of love-hate responses from users. Where some users love the idea of meeting someone they wish to talk to. Rather than getting hit and being frustrated by people in clubs, parks, or practically any other place.  On the other hand, some people state that dating apps have ended the real connections people forge. In a few cases, this might even be true. However many people who meet through dating app like raya, believe that they have found their soulmate and ended up marrying them.

You may hate the idea of a dating app from your guts or love it. However, you can’t ignore the fact that dating apps are here to stay and make a profit for their companies. The on-demand dating market was over $3 billion in the year 2019. However, more and more people are opening up to the possibilities of online dating. New users are joining platforms every single day. Do you also have an idea about a dating app? Are you searching the Internet to find how to build a dating app like Raya for android and iOS? Well if yes then, welcome to the Tech Pathway blog. Today we will share with you how to build a dating app like Raya for android and iOS. 

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History and business model of Raya

History and business model of Raya

Raya dating app was initially launched in the year 2015. The dating app is a private, elite, and membership-only dating app. According to its website, the app is for dating, networking, and making new friends. However, the app is also known as a dating app for rich people. Over the years many celebrities and millionaires including Kelly Osborne, Joe Jonas, Cara Delevigne, and Trever Noah have been spotted on it. The motto of the app seems to be “Why to go to a party that lets everyone in ”. Yet, the app is still making a change in the industry and making a profit. 

Since Raya is a membership-only dating app, it makes its revenue by charging $7.99 per month.  Jared Morgenstern was Raya’s very first few investors. He raised about $1.2 million. To join Raya, you need to be a celebrity and have thousands of Instagram followers. However, to join Raya you also need to fill a forum that shows your creativity as well as needs to have references. Raya has more than $100k in monthly revenue. 

What do people filter out

Raya doesn’t match like-minded people like any ordinary dating app. Rather it checks their statistics and uses that to filter people. Sometimes people who want to be accessible and sometimes people do not. However, having a celebrity status completely takes away the ability to have fun in the dating game. 

Keynotes to consider while you are developing a dating app like Raya

raya dating app

There are hundreds of dating apps available on the Play Store. In addition to this, everyone who knows a little about dating apps has an idea regarding dating apps. However, outcomes do not always match expectations. And it is not easy as it might seem to stand out in the on-demand dating app market. However, always try to add swipe right and left features since it is one of the fundamental ones. Every dating app in the market is looking for users who want to date, hookup, or find their soulmate. 

  • Do not use every available dating app on the Play Store to get ideas. Rather try to come up with your own. This will help you to stand out in the tough competition. 
  • Do not let users use the app overly. Sometimes applications allow users to use the app unlimited till the point when they do not even want to open the app anymore. Rather than doing this, try to narrow down features and try to make the most of the available time. This will compel the user to open the app again. 
  • Your users should be able to completely ignore the person if they choose to do so. This way they will only interact with people who have their interests. 
  • Limit the signup and make your app more like an “Invite Only” type platform. This will make sure that you are heading in the right direction. Also verifying every single profile is important and comes in handy. 
  • Ask your users what they are looking for. If they are looking for a long-term relationship, hookup, or just short-term dating. This will help you to match them with the right person. 
  • Allowing your users to clarify their intention at the start will make sure that they do not match with someone wrong. 

How you can earn from your Raya like app

Google ads: To monetize your app Google ads are one of the most used ways by industries all around the world. These ads only use a few lines of codes that developers can put any of their desired screens or sections in the app. 

Subscription: Other than Google ads, you can also make revenue by allowing your app users to pay to use premium functions of the application. This is one of the main revenue streams for most dating applications. 

Paid alone features: These features are a one-time purchase. That means users can use these features only once after they have paid for them. For example, users can send real flowers to someone’s address they have been talking to on the app. 

Sponsored profile: Sponsored profiles another way to make revenue. You can ask your app’s users to pay to make their profiles more visible on the platform. Even users are more than happy to pay for their chance to find partners. 

Key features to add in an on-demand dating app

raya dating app

User Panel

  • Registration: Users can register on the app using their mobile number or email ID. You can also allow them to log in by using their Instagram or Facebook accounts. 
  • Sign in: Once the registration is complete users can sign into the app from here. 
  • User profile: Users can see their profile from here. They can also add photos, short videos, as well as edit information about them.
  • Profile verification: To create an elite dating app, you need to verify every single profile on your platform. Users can apply for a profile verification form here. 
  • Set preference: This feature will allow users to set their preferences about whether they want a serious relationship, hookup, or friendship. 
  • interest: By allowing users to enter their interest you can match them with like-minded people. 
  • Set location: Users can set the location they want to find the date using this option. 
  • Check profile ad view photos: checking someone you are interested in can be done using this option. 
  • Swipe left or right, or swipe upside or down to show interest: Users can show their interest in the profile that is on their home by swiping. 
  • In-app chat feature: Allowing people to chat before they meet is a nice and important feature. 
  • In-app call feature: If users wish to do a voice call then they can do using this option, 
  • Delete chat: Past chats can be deleted from here. 
  • Push notification: Push notifications about the new text, someone showed interest in you can be done from here.   
  • Report user: Users can also report other users if they do anything inappropriate. 
  • Report manager: In case the app is doing anything wrong. Users can send reports from here. 
  • Chat history: Past chat history can be checked and managed from here.  
  • Choose the subscription plan: This option will allow the user to choose their desired subscription plan. 
  • Settings: General settings of the app can be managed using this feature. 
  • Multiple payment gateways: Users can pay for their services and subscription plan by using their credit card, net banking, or debit card. 

Admin Panel

  • Sign in: The admin can sign in to the app from here.
  • Dashboard: After sign in the admin will land here on the Dashboard. He/she can manage everything from here. 
  • Routine backup: The admin will be able to perform a regular backup of the data from here. 
  • Maintenance: Maintenance of the app will be done from here. 
  • Security management system: Security is one of the most important parts of online dating. The admin will be able to manage and improve security from here. 
  • Discovery settings: Discovery of the settings can be done from here. 
  • Push notification management system: The admin will be able to send push notification to users from here.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM): The CRM will be used and managed by the admin. 
  • Update the application: Regular update will make sure that the app is bug-free as well as there are no security issues. The admin can do so from here.
  • Analytic reports: Analysing the reports is another important task that will be performed from here by the admin. 
  • Make reports: Admin will also be able to make reports for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reports of the growth, users, and revenue. 
  • User management system: Adding and removing users will be done from here by the admin. 
  • Content management system: Content of the app including features will be managed from here. 
  • Payment management system: Payment task of the app including accepting and initiating payments from here. 

How much it will cost to develop an on-demand dating app like Raya

How much it will cost to develop an on-demand dating app like Raya

There are a few factors that come into play when you are estimating the cost of your dating app. 

1. Four types of application costs average about

  • Web app: Web apps cost between $10000 to $15000. 
  • Hybrid app: These cost between $15000 to $20000. 
  • React Native app: They cost about $20000 to $25000. 
  • Native app: They cost more than $30,000+.

2. The location of the development company

Different development companies charge for their services differently. Most of the time these charges are based on the economy of their country. For example:

  • A USA based company: Per development hour rates are $200.
  • A Europe-based company: Per development hour rates are $150. 
  • An Australia-based company: Per development hour rates are $100.
  • An India-based company: Per development hour rates are $40 to $50.

3. The total number of platforms

The total number of supported platforms will also decide the final development cost. 

4. The quality of the UI & UX

The complexity of the UI & UX of your app will affect the final development cost. 

5. The total number of features and panels

Depending upon the total number of panels and features of those panels will also decide the final development cost.

Depending upon the above-mentioned factor the estimated design and development cost of your on-demand dating app like Raya will be anywhere between $5,000 to $50,000.

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Looking for a development company

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