How to Develop a Multivendor Grocery Delivery Mobile App Like Big Basket?


There are numerous apps and websites being developed which are immensely contributing in enhancing the customer experience. The digital transformation going on in different spheres of business, especially in Grocery business is amazing. Now-a-days, grocery delivery app has become a ‘must-have’ thing for modern retail business. It is not only beneficial, but also serves as an essential factor to stay on the top of the market. These grocery mobile apps have also enabled businesses to manage their operations more effectively.

Apart from facilitating the purchase process, these apps also provide an engaging and active platform to both retailers and their customers.

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#How does a Grocery mobile app help your business?

A multivendor grocery mobile app development can give your business an international edge. Besides this, there are some other benefits as well-

  • Intensify your brand: Generally, people prefer to buy stuff from a known merchant rather than some unknown merchant on the street. A grocery mobile app would offer a pile of methods to remind customers of your brand.
  • Analyze customer behavior: What is the preferred time of your customers to shop? Which are the best or worst selling products? What is the preferred payment method by your customers? A grocery  mobile app will provide you with all these statistics and this data can be used to improve sales.
  • Attracting even the busiest customer: Visiting a store to buy grocery is a low priority task these days. A mobile app for buying groceries would be a great relief for the people who have very busy schedules. This app will help customers find their product online easily and avoid waiting for long in the billing line.

#Types of order in a grocery mobile app

Two types of purchases can be made using grocery mobile apps-

  • Online order: here the customer purchases from the online store and the products are delivered to their desired locations.
  • Retail orders: here the customers make purchases from the store and can choose to pay online to avoid waiting in the long queues.


#Salient Features to Add in a Grocery Delivery App

User Panel:

  • Sign in/Registration: This will allow users to create a account in the grocery app to fill all the details like address, phono no, email, etc.
  • Browse Products: The users can browse the all available products and the products which they want to buy from grocery mobile app.
  • List of grocery shops and products: this feature contains the list of available products that the users can browse and order.
  • Cart page: this kind of app works exactly like a supermarket. Customers pick products and put them in their cart. After completing the purchase customers are able to see the total sum that they have to pay for their order.
  • Schedule the delivery: This features allows users to select a particuler time framework when they can receive or want to get deliver the grocery.
  • Payment methods: in online shopping customers generally prefer to pay online. They can pay using a debit/credit card, net banking, etc. It is necessary for you to implement a fast and secure payment system in your app.
  • Order Tracking: This is must have feature to include if you’re creating a online grocery delivery app. It will allows users to track their order till not delivered at their home..
  • Push notifications: this is also an important feature which can improve the customer experience in your app. You can implement customized push notifications to greet your customers as they download the app.

Driver Panel:

  • Set Up Profile: It will allows delivery persons to create a account and set up profile with all required details.
  • Delivery Notifications: This feature pop up an notification in delivery app when they got any order from nearby location.
  • Accept/Reject Order: Delivery person can accept or reject the order as per their convienience or availablity.
  • GPS: This features helps delivery person to easily navigate the address with a Google Maps.
  • In-app Chat or Call to User: This feature allows delivery guys to personal call and chat with the user to easily know the location.
  • Order History: Allows to find the previous orders to know what payment they received for thatt particular order.

Advanced Features:

  • Product availability: this feature informs your app users about the availability of a product that can be purchased. In case the selected item is sold out, the app informs customer when it will be available.
  • Price checker: this feature enables users to check the product prices and compare it with the competitors.
  • Product customization: this feature allows your customers to customize their products before purchasing which reduces the return and exchange rate of items.
  • Social sharing: this feature enables your customers to socially connect with their friends and ask them regarding the purchase online.
  • Geo location: this feature will lead your customers to your store easily. This feature will also inform the users of your app about the deals, discounts, offers, etc.
  • QR code reader: your store staff and customers will like this QR scanner in the app as they won’t require to type the product name manually. All they have to do is to just scan the QR code from their phone and it will show the entire product information, shopping trends, reviews, etc.

#How Grocery App Works for Users

User working process of grocery app

#Working Process of Grocery App for Vendor, Admin, and Delivery Boy

Working process for admin, vendor, and delivery boy

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#Technologies Required to Develop a Grocery App

  • Twillo, for push notifications
  • Nexmo, Twillo: for SMS, Voice, and Phone verification
  • PayPal, BrainTree, Stripe: for payment integration
  • MongoDB, Hbase, Cassandra: for Database
  • AWS: for cloud environment
  • Cisco, Hadoop, Spark: for Real-time Analytics

#What is the cost to develop a Grocery Delivery App like BIG BASKET?

The cost of build a multivendor grocery delivery mobile app is affected by the size of the app and the design and development rates. However the actual development cost ranges somewhere between $3000 to $8000. This is just an approximation as the original cost can vary as per client demand and functionality of the app.

If you are considering a professional Multivendor Grocery delivery app development company then try contacting us.

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