How to develop a mobile application with APIs

How to develop a mobile application with APIs

When it comes to mobile app development the application program interface (API) is an essential and vital thing to consider. APIs provide an interface to the application and allow it to interact with third-party platforms as well as applications. For example, Facebook and Instagram APIs are used in photo editing applications for direct sharing as well as posting purposes. In addition to this, Google’s Gmail and Facebook’s APIs are used in games and applications for direct login purposes. Now since you know the value of API integration in an app, you should hire a developer who knows his way around the technology. Welcome to the Tech Pathway blog, today we have brought to you a guide on How to develop a mobile application with APIs. 

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How to make a mobile application that fits perfectly with API integration

How to make a mobile application that fits perfectly with API integration

Logical APIs

Since we already know that businesses are statics and are always changing with technology and trends. This means there is no need for your application to know about your business logic. Let your mobile app be dumb and basic without coding any logic into it. Rather use Logical APIs that will do all of the logical work for your application and complete your business tasks. One more benefit of using APIs in your application is that your users can know and use the updated features of an API without having to update the application itself. And you can let your application behave like a screen that will show all of the logical operating of an API. Updating an API is much easier than updating the app itself and making your users update it too. 

Data vs request

One thing to remember when it comes to android app development companies is that little tricky deal. Since there is no doubt that data transfer between your application and server to complete the user’s requests. On the other hand, accepting and receiving data from the server without any contact is also important for better service. 

However, you can only choose one of these two since both of these don’t always go hand in hand. But data can work on the second aspect and allow the user to scroll through it freely. This kind of data will be mainly focused on the request that will be done in the background as well as scroll update of the application. On the other hand, if there is only a small volume of data that can be shown at once on the main screen of the application. In order to user retention, it is crucial to be updated with the facts. It is important since most of the users don’t want to wait for the application to load. 

Smart cache

Smart caching is another important factor in on-demand application development. To understand it better, suppose your user goes into an area where there is no network or WiFi is available. Now he/she wants to check out a product that they have already checked in the morning. Now an on-demand app with a smart cache will reload the page and show the product that the user wants to see without any active Internet connection. It will not be able to show any new information but the previously saved information. The iOS app developers have already been aware of the uses of the smart cache. 

However, sometimes a certain kind of data can be critical and create problems with the application. This is why whenever you hire iOS app developers, ask them to be aware of this issue. In addition to this, do not use time cache because it will bring no value to your application. There is always a possibility that the data can be changed and the user might not be able to get the updated information. This means it is a smart way to get in contact with the user to receive first-hand information from the API.  

Application update

Whenever you will hire application developers, always remember to focus on the application update as well. You can add an auto-update feature to your application, however, some users have that option enabled as well as few have that disabled. So whenever you add a new feature into your app, try to make sure that your users are updating the application too. This is important because without updating the application they will not be able to use newly added features. You can add this functionality when the user opens the app. It is very easy to track whether the user has updated the application or not. 

However, the developer needs to keep in their mind that there are various reasons a user might not update the application for the time being. Sometimes it can be that they are already using a premium version as well as sometimes they do not have the access to WiFi. Even when older mobile devices have lower storage issues they cannot update the application even if they want to. So in order to solve this issue, you can notify them once in a while and make sure that your users know that a newer version is available with the latest features. 


Every top mobile development company in the world knows that mobile app development is an ongoing task. And there is always room for improvements. So they are always asking their android app developers, iOS app developers, as well as cross-platform app developers to work toward it. By looking into the past, you can clearly see that evolution is common in technology. And the same goes for the APIs too. When it comes to keeping track, it is important to know and track the performance, data, usage, as well as other essential aspects of an API. The data collection is another important task that is done to keep track of the mobile application with APIs performance as well as to make sure that nothing is being missed out. Later the data collect from the API can be retrieved, clean, analysis as per requirements.  


The android application development company works on readability, visibility, portability, reliability as well as simplified work mobile application with APIs. This is why it is important to make sure that every single registration and logins are complete properly. In addition to this, you will need to make sure that the login process is complete with well-maintained security. 

For example, program your servers to automatically log out from the logged-in accounts after a while. In order to log in again, the user will again need to enter all of the correct credentials. There is already a token system in place to work with the APIs. As well as exchange details with the newer tokens. 



If you are looking to hire an app development company that will create a mobile application for you integrated with APIs. Well, then you can connect with the Tech Pathway as we are offering both outsource development services as well as hire in-house developers from us. We have worked with 900+ clients with an average of 4.8 out of 5 satisfactory ratings. In addition to this, the quality of our application and the reason for the development cost will make sure that you won’t have to complain once during the whole development process. 

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