How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Photo Editing App like FaceApp?


FaceApp is a mobile application for iOS and Android developed by Russian company Wireless Lab which uses artificial intelligence to generate highly realistic transformations of faces in photographs. An app like FaceApp can transform a face to make it smile, look younger, look older, or change gender.

The app is available on both iOS and Android, but this is not a free app. After three days, you have to pay to use the app on iOS. In India, the mobile application’s subscription price is Rs 1,699 per year.

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Why is everyone using FaceApp nowadays

The app allows users to edit their pictures by making them look old or young. Since the edited pictures are so funny, and most of the celebrity stars are using this app for fun it is now trending on Instagram. Like everything trending on Instagram automatically becomes popular the same happened with FaceApp as it is also being used by millions of other users.

How FaceApp makes your future photograph

The app allows you to choose a picture from your Gallery or photo storage and edits the picture with the filter chosen by you.

The app itself guesses where you will wrinkle, which part of your face will sag and what will happen to your hairline when you grow old.

The app doesn’t just ages you, it also offers some other edits such as putting a smile on the face, make someone look younger even swaps the gender of the image.

The app does all this with the help of neural networks, an AI (Artificial Intelligence) Technology.

Key features of you need to add-in
FaceApp like app

  • User Sign-In: This is one critical feature that is developed in mostly all applications these days. And since your AI-powered photo altering application is going to use user-data, login and signup aspect would be required in it.
  • Upload Pictures: Face App enables users to add or upload pictures in the application from Phone or Social Media. You can simply upload a picture from the phone’s gallery or social channels like Facebook and Gmail to apply various filters on the same.
  • Apply AI Filters: The main reason behind the popularity of FaceApp is the AI filters integrated into it. When you upload your image or capture the one in real-time, it’s those filters that alter it into a younger or older you or a different gender you or simply a make-up you. 
  • Editing Tools: Alongside filters of making you old and young, FaceApp also provides users with an option to edit the images. The application’s image editing tools can truly change your picture to make it a perfect one. You can change haircuts, impressions, add beards, mustaches, make-up and much more –  with a single app having an intuitive user interface. 
  • In-App Payments: FaceApp works under the premium model. The application is free to download and also accompanies a few free features but asks users to pay a specific amount to access certain features.
  • Social Media Integration: Like each well-known application, FaceApp too provides an option to share your work upon picture via social media for your friends to see, like and comment.

Revenue model to start a photo-editing mobile app

There are few ways photo editing software can generate revenue to make their application profitable. 

  • The first way photo editing applications can be profitable is they can use google ads to generate revenue using this method is pretty popular in the application market.
  • The second way to generate money is by selling subscriptions. Users who have subscriptions will be able to use the application without annoying ads, able to use more premium filters and other cool features.
  • The third is if an application has a huge database then they can sign off contracts deals with other companies to promote them by using special filters. 

Technology Stack to developing a FaceApp like app

1. Swift and Java/Kotlin

When talking about frontend development, it is expected that this face changing application is relying upon Swift for its existence on iOS platform and Java or Kotlin for building its Android presence.

2. Python

Since the application is based on Artificial Intelligence, Python – one of the top programming languages – is also expected to be used for server-side development.

3.OpenGL or OpenCV

Either of these two libraries have also been considered as a part of the Face Apps tech stack because real-time processing is performed on pictures.

4. Apple API

Above all, this face changer application uses an API that was designed and introduced in iOS 11 by Apple that makes it possible for mobile app developers to give their users an option to select a single photo from a system dialogue for further processing. 


Development Cost to Create a FaceApp like App:

Well, the cost to develop an image editing mobile app like FaceApp greatly depends on the intricacy of the project, like the number of filters that need to be implemented, how experienced and knowledgeable is your programmers and developers’ team and what location you decide for the mobile app development service.

Considering approximately 850 hours of development time to create an app like FaceApp. The total cost would be $30k to $50k if you have hired app development specialists in the U.S. The more updated versions of your application you want to release,


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