How to Develop a Question-Answer website & app Like Quora?

Question and answers website are not new in the market. Yet, one name which comes to our mind when we think of Q&A website or app is Quora for sure. From a technical point of view, it is comparatively  easy to build platforms like Reddit or Quora. The main aim of such platforms is to share knowledge and hence, it can never be expired.

So, let’s start with understanding Quora.

What is Quora?

To put it simply, Quora is a platform where users can ask questions and get their answers. Here, one question can get diverse answers which show different opinions of people. In addition, users can also arrange and edit their answers at any time. Though Quora works similar to Yahoo Answers yet it is different in certain ways. It asks users to register with their real names and also allows them to follow certain people, questions or topics.

How did a Platform like Quora attract users?

In the initial days, Quora faced the problem of having zero users and was not able to attract any visitors because of no perfect content available on their website. So, there developers decided to solve this problem with the most frivolous way- they added the content by themselves. They started creating some fake user accounts and were asking and answering the questions of each other. And surprisingly, it worked! And lately the activity was taken over by the real users.

How to proceed for developing a platform like Quora?

If you want to develop a question and answer platform like Quora then the first step to begin will be to create a community. All you have to do is to fill the content all by yourself before the users join them. When you make profiles, your platform won’t resemble it’s overseen by various people, whereas the content is added from the personal profiles which would make promotion a lot faster & easier.

Key features of Question and Answer platform like Quora 

                    User Panel                     Admin Panel
·         Login/Register ·         Login
·         Search ·         Manage Ads
·         Feeds ·         Manage Users
·         Particular topic Q&A ·         Manage Topics
·         Panel Discussion ·         Manage Posts
·         Answer of Questions ·         Personalization
·         Edit Question/Answers ·         Manage Notifications
·         Personalization ·         Real Time Reporting
·         Post Questions or Links  
·         Request Answers  
·         Manage Posts  
·         Messaging  
·         Manage Ads  
·         Push Notifications  

 Advanced Features

  • Social media API integration: To enable your users to share the content with others, integrate the social media API into your website and app which will allow users to connect to their social media accounts.
  • CMS integration: In order to manage your web and app content, you are required to integrate them with Content Management System (CMS).
  • Cloud storage integration: You can also use Google cloud storage to securely store your information and data.

Management of your Q&A website

To make your website a success you need to manage your content and audience. Following points will be a great help to you in managing these aspects:

  • Right use of Email and alerts– sending numerous emails and notifications never results in increased visits but it irritates users. So, put more focus on sending few newsletters and notifications. Send some weekly newsletters based on your users preferred topics. You may also send links to the most relevant questions and alert your users about the latest answers to their questions.
  • Give relevant information– try to offer some relevant information to users, which would not just save their time but would also make them loyal. So, when the next time they are looking for any information they are certain to search it on your platform and nobody else’s.
  • User engagement– the average time spent by users on your website shows how much they are attracted to your platform. Every business must try to increase this time in order to turn their clients into their customers. Though, the websites like Quora are not selling any product or service yet they are constantly working on engaging people so that they stay online for longer. Because more views a website has, more will be its profit on the advertising front.

What is the cost of developing an app and web like Quora?

There are lots of factors which are taken into consideration while creating an app like Quora, such as its features, time taken, development platforms, design, back end  and a few other factors. Calculating all the expenses, an app like Quora would cost you around $5000-$7000 whereas a website on the other hand would cost you around $10000-$15000. Developing an app and a website like Quora is a time consuming process, and it is important that you choose the best web app developers for this job.

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