How much does it cost to develop an app like Airbnb


Airbnb is an American online marketplace where people can find out and book accommodation all across the globe through smartphones or tablets. Most important is that it provides adventures offer by renting an apartment, a single room, a yacht, a castle, a houseboat also people can go for a suite. In this blog, we cover all the important topics which will help help you to develop an app like Airbnb

Airbnb allows you to make all your travel arrangements by yourself no need to depend upon any travel agent and tour operators. This facility allows you to save your time and your money also.

Features of App like Airbnb-

Registration- User needs to register their contact no., email id. When the user will complete the terms and conditions then the registration process will be over.

User profile- Here, the user needs to fill all the required personal details. And this app will create two types of profile one for guests in that all details like name, address, email id, Contact no., etc. and the host will allow keeping a record of every user and their favorite destination. Accordingly, the user can get notification about offers and deals. 

Filters- In this, after the registration user needs to select the destination for accommodation where he/she wants to go on a trip they can lease the house. And accordingly, the host can provide his house on rent for a certain period of time. The host should provide details about the house like what kind of house is that, the area, rooms and etc.

Global currency support- For payment, through currency converter API it will be easy for the user to convert the payment value according to their currency.

Reporting and analytics- It will allow admin to stay updated about the app, like active booking, completed the booking, cancel the booking with time, payment and review, etc.

Payment gateway- User can make an online or offline payment but if the user pays online payment then Payment API should be integrated with Paypal, Sagepay, etc.

Features of User Panel-

  • Sign in/up
  • Search
  • Booking category
  • Place order
  • Online payment
  • Reminders
  • Coupon carts
  • Cancel Booking
  • Guide Book
  • Manage profile
  • Manage Notification
  • Review

Features of Host User Panel-

  • Home listing
  • Listing Approval
  • Manage Booking Request
  • Payment Setting
  • Transaction history

Features of Admin Panel-

  • Login
  • Dashboard
  • Role-based dashboard
  • User Management
  • Manage promotions & gift cards
  • Payment system management
  • Manage referral/invites
  • Real-time Reporting & analytics
  • Manage Booking request
  • Push Notifications
  • Manage Amenities

Technologies to use to develop app like Airbnb-

Programming languages- Ruby, JavaScript, CSS3

Application framework- Ruby on Rails

Javascript framework- React.js

Automation framework- RSpec, Capybara, PhantomJS

SQL data storage- PostgreSQL

Global Payment- Braintree

Messaging & Communication- Twilio

Cloud storage- Amazon S3, EBS

Cloud hosting- Amazon EC2 

How do Airbnb works?

Airbnb is designed for booking accommodations for users all over the world. Airbnb provides services in more than 192 countries. For enjoying this kind of facilities all you need to do is to register and create your profile on that app. Then, you need will get many options, you have to select the destination where you want to go and you can estimate your house rent and then lease for some days. This site was created to make a life for people who love to travel.

Sites similar to Airbnb-

HomeAway- It can be said that HomeAway is the biggest competitor of Airbnb as it provides all the services which are provided by Airbnb and also HomeAway provides its own insurance service.

Flipkey- Flipkey is run by the TripAdvisor company. It has high no. of users and high-quality manual verification program by the website’s employees. 

Roomorama- This is Singapore- based company which is not big as Airbnb. It crosses check all the details of people. It mainly focuses on the security and claims their all hosts are verified. Guests can take benefits of local deals and perks which is not yet feature at Airbnb.

Trivago- This site is popular due to a wide range of inventory and easy use. It does not provide accommodations with the host. The service of trivago is good for booking hotels at your range.

Development Cost of Airbnb like App:

If you are planning to develop an app like Airbnb so it might charge around $5000  to $15000 approximately and if you will add some advanced features then it might charge high as per the requirements. It must be remembered that all the development cost shown here is roughly made similar to Airbnb. It can be possible that the cost might be high for developing the app or can be low as per the requirements.

Cost of development depends on many factors like-

  • Size of team and location
  • Number of the platforms to build an app(iOS, Android, etc )
  • Technical factors
  • Degree if design customization
  • Architecture solution

Airbnb business model-

Hosts- People who have there own house and want to lease them. Then Airbnb provides you that facility and receives a commission on it.

Guests- Travellers, family going on vacation and want comfortable accommodation at an affordable price. 

Freelance Photographer- Here, when the host list arrived at Airbnb in different cities, there were some photographers who take a good picture of the property to upload on the site so that users can easily select the place by viewing it. The photographer paid directly by Airbnb.

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