How to develop an app like Just-dial and Sulekha

How to develop an app like Just-dial and Sulekha

Before telling you about how to develop an app like Just-dial and Sulekha we are going to give you a little of introduction about these apps: We all have been there when we need to look for any product and google doesn’t take us to the right website or provide contact information of the seller. That is where classified websites and apps like Just dial and Sulekha come in. Just Dial and Sulekha are some of the best on-demand classified apps in India. If you are thinking about developing an app like Just-dial and Sulekha and become India’s one of the best-classified apps and wondering How to develop an app like Just-dial and Sulekha. Then today we are going to share with you How to develop an app like Just-dial and Sulekha and the development cost of classified apps.  

Introduction about Just-Dial:

Just dial is a local search engine that gives information about local stores, products, services, and contact information. Just Dial operates in more than 250+ cities including major cities like Jaipur, Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore in India. The company was founded in 1996 in Mumbai by V.S.S. Mani. Although they started by a simple website later in 2007 they rolled out their mobile application and web database. Once they rolled out their on-demand app their business was considered as the most successful bootstrapped business. Right now their mobile applications are available in various OS including Android, IOS, Windows, and blackberry. Users can also ask for information by contacting them over call or message through their official number 8888888888. 

The reason behind the successes of Just Dial and Sulekha is they understand the user’s problem not knowing ‘where to look for services and business’ and business owner’s problem ‘getting more customers by using reliable source’. 

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Key features of On-demand classified applications like Just Dial and Sulekha:

User Panel:

Register/sign-up: Users can use this feature to register and sign-up on the application by mentioning their information like contact number, user name, and email id.

Sign-in: Once the registration process is complete users can sign in to the application using this option.

Dashboard: Once the user is login into the application they will lend here. Every feature of the application will be available on this page for example search bar, profile, setting, setting preferences like location will be available here.

Search Bar: This will be use for search services and products by the user.

Setting location: The user will be able to set any available location from here.

Settings: having this feature in the app will allow users to access basic settings of the application like languages and etc.

Alerts and notification: This option will be use by users to set alerts and notification from business providers.

Review & rate: Users can give rates and reviews about their experience with the services and products.

Admin Panel:

This panel will be use by business owners to access the application.

Register: Business owners will be able to register their business, products, and services through this app. 

Sign-in: Business owners will use this to log in to the app by using their username and password.

 Location: This will help them to set the location of their areas in those services are available. 

Add services/products: This feature will be use by business owners to add more products and services onto their business profile. 

Advertising: Simply listing any products does not ensure that businesses will get customers. However, advertisements do help businesses to get their products and services directly to the customers.  

Payment Gateways: These gateways are important for vendors and customers to pay and use services. 

Communication: This feature lets customers and vendors chat with each other in real-time that saves both parties unnecessary visits and manages more customers by vendors. 

Advance features:

Machine Learning: Machine Learning is a great way to know your customers over time. This allows on-demand classified applications to show better feed and ads to the user according to their regular preferences. 

Geo-locator: Having a Geo-locator in your application will allow you to see the user’s current location and use that information to target ads and process their feed.

Delivery feature: User experience can be better if you can simplify the delivery process.

Social Media Plugin: This can be use by users to directly login to the application using their social media accounts like Google+ and Facebook and share products or information directly on their social media account’s feed.

User verification: This feature will save the application from bots and also, user verification is an important step of signing up on any website or application.  

Cost to build an on-demand classified application like Just-Dial & Sulekha:

The cost of developing an application can be different based upon the geographic location for example if you hire a developer from the USA that will cost you at least $40 to $250 per hour and that is way more than a developer from India that costs $30 to $50. 

Apart from the developer’s hiring cost, the development cost of mobile apps can also vary depending upon how many features you need into the application, for example, an application with basic functionality will cost $8000-$10000 as well as developing a premium feature-rich application will cost you almost $40000.

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