How Much Does it Cost to Create an App like WhatsApp?

App like WhatsApp Development

Whatsapp is the world’s most famous social app which allows the user to text messages, do audio as well as video calls, share images and videos with others and also share location and contact numbers with others. It’s a way that friends, families, and relatives can interact with each other and also create their own family or friends group where everyone can chat and enjoy.

Whatsapp developed in 2009, around 2,50,000 users were active at that time the first success of Whatsapp and then in September 2015 it has around 900 million users at that time. By seeing the achievements of Whatsapp App people start coming to market with this type of apps with innovative features.

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Features to add in App like WhatsApp-

Registration/ Login- First, the user needs to register the app via the Contact number and the system sends the confirmation code on the contact number which user registered.

Auto synchronization- User contact will be sync automatically after the confirmation is done. Users can see other profile photos, Phonebook, search, chat groups, mute groups, etc.

Message exchange- Users can chat with an individual person through text or even can chat on while creating or joining the group. Also, WhatsApp has a feature that one message can be sent to several people with the Broadcast list.

Voice and Video call options- User can make a voice and video calls with other individuals users also now this app has a feature where you can video call to 4-5 people in the group.

Setting columns- Users can set their privacy settings, account settings, profile settings, change profile photo or name, manage block list, delete the account, change the number, set the chat notification.

Chat response- User can see the tick sign after delivery of messages, read messages, info on last seen and the user can mark or save the messages as starred messages for future use.

Push Notification- User can get the notification about a personal chat or a group chat, also set the notification tones, user can receive the chat on-screen pop-up notification when the phone is blocked, notification light also user can mute the notification for an individual person. 

Share documents- User can share images, videos, any documents, contact no., location with others but up to 20mb only.

How to Create an App like WhatsApp?

Step1: Select a proper business model to make an app like Whatsapp

Step2: Find expert developers for making an app

Step3: Study team’s leader

Step4: Build the architecture of the app

Step5: Insert the MVP features to create your own app

Step6: Develop a great design for your app

Technologies to make an App like WhatsApp-

  •  Mobile- Android, iPhone
  •  Language- Erlang
  •  Virtual Machine- BEAM
  •  Operating system- FreeBSD
  •  Servers- YAWS, Ejabberd
  •  Offline database- SQLite
  •  Database- Mnesia
  •  Protocol- XMPP(Extensible Messaging And Presence Protocol

How Does it App Work?

Whatsapp depends on the internet connection. The SMS messages offered by mobile carrier networks. Whatsapp is so successful because it’s secured, private and reliable. It is directly connected with users’ phone number so users don’t have to worry about the password, username, etc. Its because phone number can’t be duplicated. Users can share their stories with others through the status feature. Other than text messages Whatsapp can share status, images, GIF, emoticons, etc.

How Much Does an App like WhatsApp Cost?


If you are planning to develop an app like Whatsapp then the cost estimation would be $25 per hour and around $15000 to $20000to develop an app. The cost will depend on some factors like platform(Android, iPhone) different platform takes the different cost to make an app. App design and features if the app is simple with the basic features it will not cost more but if you want to add additional features it will increase the cost. Also, it will depend on the requirement and the organization which contains the developer, web designer, business analyst, etc.

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