How to develop an app like WooCommerce

How to develop an app like WooCommerce

The first question arises in everyone’s mind that What is WooCommerce and how to develop an app like WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is an e-commerce store that is designed on Word Press. It is a platform for small as well as large size online businesses that basically means to develop an app like WooCommerce in the e-commerce industry. It is a free word press plugin that is used to add the basic e-commerce functionality to your websites. WooCommerce is a place that is used to sell their product and services via the physical and digital medium. 

It is developed to make these things accessible and affordable. You can sell physical and digital products, manage inventory and shipping, have secure payments and manage taxes automatically. You can take all the controls on the data 100% on your mobile devices.

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Why should I choose WooCommerce?

So now you all know about that what is WooCommerce. There is another question that arises in our mind that why should you use it. 

Just like WordPress, WooCommerce is a free and open source that is freely available for everyone to view, download and modify. After launching since 2011, it becomes more and more popular in the e-commerce industry. It is very easy for beginners to use and anyone can set up and run a professional online store.

WooCommerce provides a basic store functionality with the availability of free plugin from the  Plugin Repository, or right from your WordPress dashboard. 

WooCommerce secures our data from getting into the hands of any third-party application.

It also provides a comprehensive document and guidelines that cover a broad range of topics like setup, theme, integration, snippets and so on. 

Easy Steps for Installation, Setup, and Integration to develop an app like WooCommerce

  • Install:- First you have to log in to your WordPress site and go to Plugins and click on Add New. Search for WooCommerce and click on Install Now then select Activate Now. Now you are ready for WooCommerce Wizard.
  • Setup:- Once installed, WooCommerce is ready for setup. It only takes a few minutes for configuring basic steps in your store running, including payment and shipping due to the inBuilt Setup Wizard.
  • Integration:-  Now WooCommerce is compatible with most of the WordPress theme. You can find the most paid and free WooCommerce themes.

Features of WooCommerce:- 

  • Free of Cost:-  It is a freee-commercee plugin that anyone can use it for setting up an e-commerce store. 
  • Open Source:- It is a tool that anyone can use the source code. It is easily available to everyone and customizes anything according to their e-commerce website.
  • Easy to Sell:-  Unlimited products and services can sell easily on a single website. You can sell physical as well as digital products also. You can add unlimited products as well as users, and take unlimited orders.
  • Secure:- The most reliable feature of WooCommerce is Security. It secures your data from third-party applications. Only authorized users can access the data. 
  • User-Friendly:- Anyone can set up their e-commerce website on WooCommerce and run easily. It need not require any help from developers.
  • Appearance:- It is easy to modify the look of your store according to your choice. 
  • Easy Shipping:- It is not only for making sells your products easily, but it also makes easy to get it your customer. There are so many built-in options to offer the customer like Flat rate, International Shipping, Local delivery, or Local pickup.
  • Tax Management:- Running a successful online store means that dealing with taxes. It is an online product selling e-commerce site that built to handle the tax for the sales transactions.
  • Customer Management:- To make more and more customers, the Customer Management tool in WooCommerce helps to make easy for site visitors to take new steps. You can set up the auto-generated password and generate the username from the customer email automatically. It always makes the account creation process very smooth.
  • Easy Mobile e-commerce:- Generally a large number of people engage with m Commerce or Mobile e-commerce. 

Tech stack to develop an app like WooCommerce

  • Custom e-commerce platform development
  • Shopping cart software
  • Front-end e-commerce technologies
  • Back-end e-commerce technologies
  • Multi-vendor stores such as eBay and Amazon
  • Payment gateways
  • Shipping modules

The Development Cost Of an app like WooCommerce

It’s a word press free plugin to add a shopping cart functionality in an existing website. We just need a domain name and web hosting services to set a website that costs money. But if anyone wants to have more than basics, it charges according to your work. 

The overall cost for developing a plugin like WooCommerce depends on the features design, technology, and platform. In Addition, the development cost for making the WooCommerce clone app is somewhere around $15000 to $20000.

In conclusion, there are so many app development companies to develop an app like WooCommerce in the market. So, the cost of e-commerce website development also depends on the location of an e-commerce website company. 

Price based on the country for WooCommerce:-

  • For Business:- $63.70
  • For Personal:- $42.11

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