How To Develop An E-Learning Application

How to develop an e-learning application

Have you ever got stuck with a topic related to your studies, tried to figure it out over and over from textbooks but couldn’t? Or maybe you have ever used an online e-learning platform to get help with any subject that you found hard to study on your own?  Well, I don’t know about you but one of my friends had the same problem with a topic in our course. So, when he couldn’t understand it, he tried an application that is for on-demand learning. After watching a few interactive videos and reading some notes, she was able to well understand the topic. All of this was possible because she had an on-demand e-learning platform with some interesting animated videos. 

This was just a simple example of how on-demand e-learning applications are helping students. Now, anyone can study and learn almost about any topic from anywhere in the world. You don’t have the day time to study? You are a working professional? Or you cannot go to school? Well, any of these excuses won’t matter because now you don’t have to rely on school anymore. With just the help of your smartphone and a decent internet connection, you will be able to take online classes from almost anywhere across the globe. So, if you are thinking about developing an on-demand e-learning application then keep reading. Because today we are going to share with you what features you will be required, the number of panels your app will need, you will be introduced to the tech stack of the application, and much more. Welcome to the Tech Pathway blog, today we are going to share how to develop an e-learning application. 

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E-learning application current trends

Before we dive into how to create an e-learning app. Let’s first, look at the current e-learning industry trends. You can thank the evolution of smartphones, computers, and the Internet that the education sector has changed at a great speed. Let’s look at why investing in an e-learning app is a possibility for entrepreneurs like yourself to explore. 

  • By the year 2020, the global e-learning mobile app market crossed $35 billion in revenue. 
  • According to several experts, the global e-learning industry is going to cross $275 billion marks by the year 2022. 
  • According to a study, around 48% of the total global students took at least one online class last year. 
  • The pandemic has made everyone realize how important it is to invest in the on-demand e-learning industry.

Why e-learning is beneficial

When it comes to the importance of e-learning apps several factors required consideration. Let’s look at some of them:

  • E-learning experience is highly cost-efficient. 
  • With the use of perfectly programmed tools, the teaching becomes fun and efficient. 
  • Anyone with a decent internet connection can access the education. 
  • Online teaching methods are more flexible and effective than offline. 
  • With the use of animations any complicated topic can be explained with such simplicity. 
  • Anyone can access the education anytime. 
  • Online classes are tailored according to students as well as they keep the quality up to the mark. 



Who are the current industry leaders

If you are looking to get into the e-learning industry then knowing about your competition is important. Here are the ones who are currently ruling the e-learning industry:



Coursera was founded in the year 2012 by Stanford University computer science professors Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng. The online education platform is one of the most popular e-learning apps across the globe. They have a mobile application for both Android & iOS. The app currently has over 2000+ paid as well as free courses for students to learn. What’s more to this is they also have courses developed by top-notch universities and organizations like Stanford, Google, Penn, Autodesk, and hundreds of others. 

  • The app provides access to both free & paid across to their catalog consisting of over 2600+ courses. 
  • You can stream or download videos to watch them from anywhere. 
  • You can continue your course from where you left. 
  • Coursera allows you to connect with your teacher, mentor, and other people who are learning the same course for better understanding. 
  • There are courses in several languages including English, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Russian, and many others. In addition to this, the interactive transcript and subtitles make it much better and more fun to learn. 
  • Upon the compilation of the course, you will receive a certificate that will prove that you have learned that specific programming language, or topic. 

Develop app like coursera


Another amazing and one of the most popular e-learning platforms across the globe is Edx. They have hundreds of courses from Harvard university explaining computer science and related topics. The online learning platform is founded by MIT and Harvard University which makes it much more reliable and interesting than another platform. What’s more to this is Edx allows you to learn any topic without paying a dime to them. Although if you are looking for a certificate then you will have to pay for that. Edx has a mobile app for both iOS as well as Android. 

  • Online classes in Python, Data Science, Blockchain, and much more. 
  • Offline download to watch videos anytime. 
  • You can check and view course announcements and handouts.
  • Some quizzes & exams let students test their knowledge. 

deveop app like edx



Udemy was founded in 2009 by Oktay Caglar, Eren Balo, and Gagan Biyani. The e-learning platform is focused on students and professional adults. Currently, Udemy has one of the largest numbers of courses in their database over 150,000 courses. And, over 57,000 teachers are teaching on the platform. They also have courses in 65+ languages on their platform. Udemy has both Android as well as an iOS app for their platform. 

  • Since their inception, they have been offering aggressive discounts. 
  • By using the mobile app you can watch video lectures online as well as offline. 
  • They have a 30 days money-back guarantee. 
  • Once a course is purchased you have lifetime access. 
  • You do not require any pre-qualification before taking any course. 


What features should your mobile app have

Now that you have studied about your biggest competition in the industry. Let’s look at what cool features your e-learning app should have to get the best results and feedback from your users.

General features 

The syllabus

You are not going to run a tech company, rather you are going to run an education-based company. So, to get in the long game you will have to make sure that the topics your tutors or you are making are up to date, complete, and interesting. Remember you are going  against people who have been in the industry for over 10 years, but there is always something that can be improved. 

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Interactive visual learning

One of the major reasons why e-learning got so popular is its interactive visual feature. Students can better and easily learn using animated and interactive video lessons rather than listening to someone talk about a topic for 30 minutes. 

develop e-learning app-techpathway

Scheduled Test

As we know that simply explaining the concept to the student is never enough. You gotta make sure that students are learning as well. So, design interesting exams that actually test your student’s knowledge. 


Track & analysis performance

These features will allow your students to check about their performance and how they have improved over time. 

In-app chat feature

Students and teachers can use this feature to interact with each other and ask questions & clear doubts. 

Student Panel

Let’s look at what function and features the student panel should have:

Registration: Users can register on the platform using their mobile number and email ID. 

Login: Once the registration process is completed, students can log in to their profile. 

Forgot password: This is an easy but important implementation in your app. This will allow the student to reset their password in case they lost or forgot it. 

Browse courses: Students can search for the course of their choice using this feature. 

Profile: Every student will have their own profile consisting of their name, email ID, education qualification, courses they have enrolled in, and courses they have completed. 

Course details: This will show the time of the course, how many tests there are, what the course is about, and similar information. 

Payment modes: Payment methods will allow students to pay for their courses using a debit card, credit card, net banking, PayPal, and others. 

Offline download: This will allow your students to download the video of the course they have enrolled in. 


Teacher Panel

Registration: Teachers can register on the platform using this option. 

Login: Once the registration is complete they can log in to their accounts from here. 

Dashboard: Teachers can access every feature in their panel from the dashboard. 

Upload video: Teachers can make and upload their course videos from here. 

Track courses: Teachers can track how their courses are doing, how many students have purchased them, etc. 

Track earning: Teachers can track their earnings from here. 

Student management: If the teacher is taking live classes then they can respond to their student’s questions, interact with them, give them tests from here. 


Admin Panel

Let’s take a look at what features and functionalities will admin have to control the application’s environment:

Manage theme: The admin can add, delete, edit, or activate & deactivate the application’s theme. 

Manage courses: The admin will be able to perform add, delete, search, filter, select category, check the covered topic, edit the name of the course, upload new ones, and other tasks. 

Manage subscription: This feature will allow the admin to manage all the subscriptions on the platform including adding new plans, deleting existing ones, and editing. 

Managing users: The admin will be able to manage all the user platforms have. He/she will be able to add, remove, put restricted uses, and such as tasks. 

Transaction history: The admin will be able to check all the previous transaction history from here. 

Content management: The admin will be able to manage the content of the application form here. 


Tech Stack for an e-learning app

Mobile SDK: iOS and Android

Payment gateway: Braintree, Stripe, PayPal

Push notification: Twilio,

App data management: Datastax

Universal OS: Debian

Programming: GWT

Real-time analytics: Hadoop, IBM, Big Data, Apache Fink

Database: MongoDB, Postgres, Cassandra

Video Streaming: Nimble Streamer, Helix Universal Server

Email Management: Mandrill, Mail Gun, Amazon SES 


Cost of developing an on-demand e-learning app

The location of the development company: The location of the company which you will hire to develop the app will determine your development price. For example, a US-based company will charge you almost $200 per hour whereas an India-based company will charge you almost $40 per hour. 

The complexity of the app: Depending upon the total number of features and quality of UI & UX your app’s complexity will increase hence the number of hours developers will spend on your app will increase too. 

The total number of platforms: The total number of platforms will also decide the final cost of your application. If you want your app to run on both Android and iOS devices the cost will more than developing the application only for Android devices. 

By taking the above-mentioned factors into the consideration, the average cost of your e-learning app will be anywhere between $5000 to $50,000. 


Looking for a development company

If you are looking for a software development company to develop your on-demand e-learning app then Tech Pathway is the best choice. We are India’s one of the top leading companies that are experts in on-demand solutions. We have a team of developers that are experienced in developing on-demand applications. 

Here what we offer

  • Salesforce support
  • Digital Marketing and Ad campaign
  • AI chatbot
  • Application Maintenance and update
  • Quality customer service
  • Record time delivery
  • Post-development support
  • Easy to update and maintain code script


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