How to develop an on-demand e-commerce platform like Wish app

How to develop an on-demand e-commerce platform like Wish app

The past decade saw great spontaneous growth in the on-demand app industry as well as the e-commerce industry. And according to market experts, this current decade is going to be the same where the e-commerce industry is going to increase with leaps and bounds. The reason behind this is because the e-commerce industry allows customers to shop from the comfort of their home without any hassle. In addition to this, the product is also delivered to the customer’s door-step. Some of these e-commerce platforms have disrupted the industry with their presence. And the reason behind this is the simple and direct approach to address the traditional problem. And yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about the Wish app. If you are also thinking about investing in an e-commerce platform. And wondering about How to develop a successful e-commerce market platform like the Wish app. Well for those of you, who want to invest can keep reading. Because we will also share with you key features, market trends, as well as the development cost of a market e-commerce platform like the Wish app. Welcome to the Tech Pathway blog, today we are going to share with you How to develop a successful e-commerce platform like Wish app. 

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The history and business model of the Wish app

How to develop an on-demand e-commerce platform like Wish app

Wish is an American e-commerce platform that was first introduced in July 2010 as ContextLogic by an ex-Google engineer Piotr Szulczewski. Soon after its inception, Wish received about $1.2 million from Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman. Later in 2011, Piotr invited his college friend Danny Zhang to relaunch the app as the Wish shopping app. 

Soon after its relaunch Wish became famous. Due to its wishlist feature that allowed customers to add the product in wishlist without checking with the merchant first. In addition to this, they also made revenue from their pay-per-click model on Facebook. Later after some market research, Szulczewski asked merchants to start selling their products on the app itself without any third party. And the wish took a small percentage of the profit from each sale. Currently, there are over 1 million different products that are available on Wish. 

In the year 2017 Wish signed a partnership with NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers. After that partnership, Wish almost doubled its revenue to $1.9 from sales in the year 2018. 

In the later year of 2019, Wish received a series of investments from different investors raising about $11.2 in assets. 

Salient features Wish clone apps

Wish – Shopping Made Fun

Wish has different product categories including fashion, makeup, watches, wallets, bags, gadgets, beauty, and many more. 

 Geek – Smarter Shopping

Geek is owned by Wish for selling specifically electronics including smartphones, flashlights, watches, smartwatches, and accessories. 

 Mama – Thoughtful Shopping

Mama is another branch of Wish that is specific for New mothers as well as pregnant moms. Wish to offer a wide range of choice in clothes, and products for mothers and babies. 

 Cute – Beauty Shopping

Anyone who wants to look cute and use cute kind beauty products, accessories, and clothing. These people can shop on Cute owned by Wish. 

Home – Design and Décor, wish for merchants

Home is another app owned by Wish where customers can purchase products for their home. These products include living room, kitchen, bedroom, dining room, and bathroom products. Wish also has a special application for merchants where they can sell their products and manage payment, catalog, and other important tasks. 

Key features of your e-commerce platform like Wish app

Key features of your e-commerce platform like Wish app

User Panel

  • Register and Login: Users can register and login on the app from here. 
  • filtering and sorting items: Filter and sorting of the products can be done from here. 
  • detailed description: The product description can be checked from here. 
  • Products Gallery: Users can also check product real-images from here. 
  • Augmented reality: The user can also use the augmented reality feature in the app to check how the product will look in real life. 
  • Add to cart features: Users can add the product to the cart before making payments. 
  • Adding delivery address option: The address of the delivery will be entered here. 
  • Order summary: Users can also check their order summary. 
  • Order history: Order history can be checked from here. 
  • Multiple payment methods: This feature will allow the user to pay for their product. 
  • Tracking order: Orders can be tracked from here. 
  • Return the product and check the return status: If the user wants to return the product then they can do this using this feature. 
  • Wishlist: Users can add products that they like to the cart. They can also purchase these products later. 
  • Item availability notification: The user will receive a notification in case an item comes back into stock. 
  • AI for personalized product suggestions: AI will suggest to the user which product they shall purchase. This feature improves sales. 
  • Membership options: Customers can choose the membership option by paying for it. Members get premium services as well as extra perks. 
  • Loyalty programs: CUstomers can check what loyalty offers are available from here. 
  • Customer service: users can connect with customer care from here. 
  • Barcode scanning: Barcode can scan from here. 

Admin Panel

  • Dashboard: The admin will work on the homepage and navigate throughout the whole app. 
  • Add and remove products: The admin can add or remove products from the app. 
  • Add and remove stores: The admin can also add or remove stores and businesses from the app. 
  • User management: Users can be managed by the admin from here. 
  • Analytical tools: Analytical tools will make reports for growth. 
  • Payment methods: All of the pending payments can be done from here.  
  • Order tracker: The order tracker will be used by the admin to check the status of the order. 

How much it would cost to develop an on-demand e-commerce platform like Wish app

The total cost of developing an e-commerce mobile app will depend on a few following factors: 

  • The development company: The company which you hire will affect the final cost of your mobile app greatly. Hiring a company from a developed country such as the USA and Europe will cost you around $200 per hour whereas a company from a developing country such as India will cost you around $40 per hour. 
  • The total number of features and complexity of the app: The total number of features you need in your app will decide the total developing hour hence deciding the final cost of your mobile app.  
  • The complexity of the UI & UX: If you want a smooth and customized UI & UX you will want into your app.  Then the app design will be more complex. This means designers swill have to put in extra hours to complete the task. This means the development cost will increase. 
  • The total number of supported platforms: If you want your mobile app to support both Android and iOS operating systems then the final cost will increase accordingly. 

After taking all the factors into account. We can say that your on-demand e-commerce mobile app like Wish will cost you anywhere between $5000 to $50000. Since there are already so many giant companies in e-commerce already, if you are looking for developing a mobile app then it is best to go for the best options, features, and UI.

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