How to develop an on-demand sports coach application

How to develop an on-demand sports coach application

Since you have already asked how to develop an on-demand sports coach application, it is safe to assume that you are already aware of the basis of on-demand application as well as know that the on-demand sports coach application can help students in many ways, from making preparation for upcoming sports events to doing regular training in sports. On the other hand, this application helps coaches by helping them connect with students who are interested in sports or looking for a sports teacher. Since on-demand applications tend to solve our daily life struggle, most of them soon become famous and profitable with smart execution. While you also have a great idea about an app and looking to transform it into the reality and wondering about how to develop an on-demand sports coach application and cost? Well not any more, we are going to walk you through how to develop an on-demand sports coach application. 

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How does on-demand sports coach app works

The basic concept of an on-demand sports coach is similar to on-demand teachers finding an application where students can find a teacher to help them with their subjects as well as provide home tuitions. The same goes for on-demand sports coach applications. Students can use it for various tasks such as to get lessons for any upcoming events or take regular training. 

How it works for students

  • Students register on the app
  • They select their preferred game
  • Once the game is selected they will search for a coach experienced in that game.
  • If the coach accepts the request then the coach and student can connect and start training.
  • The training can be both online using in-app video calls as well as personal training while presenting in physical form.

How it works for coaches

  • Teachers register on the app
  • Once they have registered on the app they will upload their course video, experiences, and success stories in order to appeal to students.
  • Once they have received a request from a student they can accept or reject it based on their own choice.
  • Coaches will get paid from within the app.

Key features of an on-demand sports coach app

Student Panel

  • Register (personal details & payment method) & login to register and then log in using their credentials. 
  • Appointment including date, time, location, payment methods will also be in the app. 
  • Live status of the coach (ETA) to take online coaching classes. 
  • Students can give service review
  • Search for a Personal Sports Coach in case students want to take personal training. 
  • Choose Service among various types
  • Once the appointment has been confirmed, students will get a few tips to make their time more interesting. 
  • Students can also End Appointment

Coach Panel

  • Register using their information
  • Accept or cancel the appointment whenever they get a request
  • Start appointments when they have accepted the appointment or according to scheduled time.
  • Live status tracking to show students if the coaches are free or already in a session.
  • Students Review so that teachers and other students can see student experience. 

Admin Panel

  • View current engagement to help them understand the performance of the app in real-time. 
  • Email/Push Notifications to send users new offers, updates, news, and notifications. 
  • Manage Earnings & Commissions will help the company to make a profit from the application. 
  • Analytics tools will process all the data which will be used in generating reports
  • Report generation & Weekly statements will help higher-ups to understand the performance of the application in the market. 
  • The dashboard will allow admin to access every feature of the panel.
  • The user’s management system will allow admin to add or block users. 

Advance features

  • Sports coach search to search for a coach in preferred sports
  • Scheduling to make a training appointment for later
  • One-tap requests to search for a coach from saved sports to make the process easier.
  • Find sessions will be used to connect with any ongoing live session.
  • Gamification will help students and trainees keep their morale high.
  • Cost calculator will calculate an estimated cost of hiring a coach

How much it will cost to develop your on-demand sports coach app

The total cost will depend on a few following factors

The location of the app development company

The location of the app development company will play a huge part in deciding the final development cost of your on-demand sports coach app. To understand it better let’s take an example, If you hire a company from the USA they will charge you around $200 to $250 per hour whereas if you hire an India based company they will charge you around $40-$50 per hour. 

The complexity of the app

The complexity of the application will be another cost deciding factor of your app. UI & UX affect the complexity of applications which means the better user interface you want in your application the more you will have to pay. 

The total number of platforms

The total number of platforms your app will run will also play a huge part in cost deciding. Developing an app for both IOS, Android, and Desktop will cost almost twice as much as developing an app only for IOS or Android. While you can always go for cross-platform app development, they too have their own share of obstacles. 

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Looking for a development company

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