How to develop an on-demand tutor app like Extramarks

How to develop an on-demand tutor app like Extramarks

The Extramarks is India’s top leading on-demand app for school students. The company was founded in 2007 by Mr. Atul Kulshetra. In this Blog we will show you how on demand tutor app like Extramarks works. Their app provides full circle education support to students using a new-age technology solution. Their app platform has video lectures, graphical videos & interactive learning features to help students understand the topic from its core to end. If you are asking about how to develop an on-demand tutor app like Extramarks then chances are that you want to enter the on-demand tuition market. And if the answer to that question is yes, then, welcome, today we are going to inform you about how to develop an on-demand tutor app like Extramarks. 

Total generated revenue of the Extramarks app is more than 200 crores making it one of the most profitable markets to enter. 

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How does Extramarks work:

  1. Acquiring schools: Extramarks sell their digital education model to school. The whole package includes projectors, tablets, Extramarks app’s subscription, different panels for teachers, students, and even parents.
  2. App subscription: This one work similar to other e-learning app platforms like Byju’s, 
  • students download their app
  • Login into the app
  • Enter information about them like name and class
  • Make payment
  • Once students have paid for premium content they can start learning through watching video content. 

Key features of an app like Extramarks:

Student panel:

Students are provided a table with built-in On-demand tutor app like Extramarks , and the app has the following features:

  • Login: The login ID is provided by the school administration. Students can log in into the app using that login ID
  • Attendance: Students can mark their attendance directly through the tablet app.
  • Interaction feature: Students can interact with the whiteboard and teacher.
  • Study group: Students can connect with each other in the study groups after school.
  • Accessing library: Students can access the whole extra marks library content for study purposes.  
  • Setting: Students can access basic settings of the app from here.

Parent panel:

This will be used by parents of students to contact the school administration and keep track of their child’s attendance & academic performance.

  • Login: Parents can log in to the app using this feature of the app.
  • In-app communication: By using this feature parents can contact school administration.
  • Check performance: By using this parent can check their child’s academic records, attendance, test results, topics they completed on the app.

Teacher’s Panel:

Teachers will use this panel to connect with students and the whiteboard.

  • Login: Teachers can log in to the app using this option.
  • Contacting students: Teachers can connect with students using this. 
  • Accessing whiteboard: Teachers can access whiteboards to show videos of the topic using this feature.
  • Giving assignment: The teacher can give assignments to students from here.
  • Checking attendance: Teachers can check attendance of all the students in the class. 

Admin Panel:

  • Add/block a user: Admin can generate user ID for new students, their parents, and teachers, as well as admin, can block anyone from the application platform.
  • Push notification: Admin can send push notification using this feature.
  • Analytical tools: Admin can also check apps growth performance. 

Advance features:

  • CTP(Classroom tablet program)

CTP is a digital solution that connects students with the teachers and the whiteboard through tablets. Because TCP is a 100% digitally adopted program, it helps teachers to keep track of students, attendance, homework, assignment, study group, and some additional features to make this program more intuitable and delightful.

  • CTP(features & functionality)

CTP’s functionality doesn’t end in the classrooms, once students are home, the table will work as a communication device between students and teacher & school administration and parents.  

  • Embedded Application: 

Embedded applications allow students to access Extramarks’s online library. The library has video lectures, sample questions, notes, reports, and other educational related content.

  • Web portal and web application:

This feature allows the mobile app to connect with the Extramarks web library, database, and content. 

The cost of developing an app like the Extramarks:

The development cost of any app is determined by the following factors:

  • The complexity of the app: As you can see that an app like the Extramarks has 4 panels (student, teacher, parent, admin) and each panel required separate attention of the developer. It’s safe to say that an app like the Extramarks will be complex hence increasing the development cost.
  • The location of the development company: The development company location is also an important factor while calculating the development cost of the app. A USA based app development company will charge almost $250 per hour whereas an India based online solution company will charge almost $40 per hour. Since your app will have so many features it will require so many hours’ attention hence increasing the development cost.
  • The total number of devices or platforms: Extramarks app runs on different devices like android based mobile & IOS based mobile and also on company-provided tablets. So the total number of platforms will increase the cost. 

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Looking for a development company:

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