How to develop an eSport fantasy app? here is what you need to know

eSport fantasy app development

Esports is a type of competitive sport using video games. it often takes the form of organized multiplayer video game tournaments, especially between professional players, individually or as teams. While organized online and offline tournaments have been part of the video game culture for a long time, they were mostly among amateurs until the late 2000s. When professional gamers participated in these events via live streaming, it causes a significant increase in popularity.

Difference between sports fantasy app or esports fantasy app

Daily Fantasy Sports app is a form of gambling where you join a lineup to compete with other users using the league of choice players who play actively that day.

eSport fantasy app is much different, eSports is the form of competition that occurs in organized video game competition. The most popular eSports games are LoL (League of Legends) and CS: GO (Counterstrike) which are both multiplayer games that focus on competition and have broadcast support.


Popular leagues like:

  •  DotA 2
  •  Counter-Strike GO
  •  League of Legends

Series like:

  • Halo Championship Series
  •  Capcom Cup
  •  Call of Duty World League

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eSport fantasy platform for various markets such as Australia, California, New Jersey, New Zealand, China, France, and other eSports playing countries.

Why fantasy eSport

eSport is a multi-million dollar industry, and many international tournaments, including the World Championship League of Legends and the Evolution Championship Series, are taking place. The eSports include live broadcasts, prize money and wages for participating individuals. By the end of 2015, the eSports market touched 134 million viewers.

Developing an eSports fantasy app would bring immense benefits:

Esports leagues

A nicely developed fantasy application for an eSports league results in massive user engagement and it increases revenues.

Fantasy eSports startups

It is a huge revenue opportunity for startups to capture this large audience and make a lot of money.


Key features of our eSports development software

On-demand Customizations

Our fantasy eSport software supports daily, weekly and season-long fantasy eSports.

Multiple Leagues

Fantasy eSport software solution for major leagues such as League of Legends, CS: GO, Overwatch, Dota 2, Rocket League, and much more.


We incorporate state-of-the-art leaderboards into our fantasy eSports program to keep the competitive passion alive in games.

Engaging Game Types

Our eSports fantasy software includes engaging types of games to attract your players.

Real-time data feeds

We are linked with some of the reliable data feed providers that make our fantasy eSports software available to us with real-time data feeds.

Interactive Live Experiences

Swap real-time environment with the contest’s graphics representation. To monitor real-time game updates, toggle from contest mode to real-time mode.

Cryptocurrency payment integration

Cryptocurrency transaction compatibility with your current or pre-existing checkout, Offers a secure online wallet to your user base to store their cryptocurrencies.

Additional features

  • Referral Programs For Inviting And Earning
  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • Platform Analytics
  • AR Solution
  • Social Media Integration

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Why Tech Pathway for fantasy eSport development

  • We serve customers globally. We are experts in building an eSports fantasy app as well as a sports fantasy app.
  • We have built a sports fantasy platform on which we develop all of our eSports fantasy applications.
  • The fantasy platform allows us to build a great eSport fantasy app that is rich in functionality and completely customized to the customer’s needs.
  • We have developed some new and exciting eSport fantasy games that are unique and distinguish your eSports fantasy startup from others.
  • All creation of fantasy eSport apps comes with a very powerful backend for smooth management and helps you to run your entire eSports fantasy business.
  • We create a highly engaging eSports fantasy platform that attracts casual as well as professional eSports fantasy players.

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