How to Develop Fantasy Sports Website Clone Similar to Dream11?

How to Develop Fantasy Sports Website Clone Similar to Dream11?

Dream11 provides a fantasy sports gaming platform for multiple sports like hockey, cricket, football, kabaddi, etc. In other words, It is an online game where users create a virtual team of real-life players for an upcoming match and earn real cash prizes and rewards based on the performances of these players. It has now become the first Fantasy cricket app development company to enter the “Unicorn Club”. It has more than 100K+ downloads with this result many fantasy cricket app developers are looking to develop a dream11 clone website. This website allows users to win quick money. This is one of the reasons for its popularity.In thsi blog you will know about how to develop fantasy sports website

The popularity of sports fantasy apps is increasing day by day in India. Cricket is one of the games which has played worldwide and there are a very big number of cricket fans all over the world. This fantasy sports platform of Dream11 is all about fun, thrill, and the most essential chance of winning real cash prizes.

This is the chance for cricket lovers to show their skills and knowledge to win exciting prizes from the sports fantasy website. 

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What are Fantasy sports Apps?

What are Fantasy sports Apps?

Fantasy sports games are the game of skills in which you create your team with the combination of players of both the team playing in the stadium in the live match and based on their score you will get rewards. If your prediction for players after seeing their last performances are right then there is the possibility to win.

The sports fantasy app development has experienced extreme modification in the past few years. The global market noticed strong development over the years. If we have good knowledge about sports then we can win a high amount of cash from these sports fantasy games.

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What is a Fantasy sports website? 

What is Fantasy sports website

 Same as the application has features and functionalities that allow its users to take part in fantasy sports contests & tournaments, the website does the same. The only difference here is that the fantasy sports website can be accessed without installing anything on the device. And, as it might sound much but sometimes it makes a big deal. 

The website has certain features similar to the fantasy cricket app and is very important. So, if you are considering investing in on-demand fantasy cricket app development, investing in fantasy sports website development is as important. 

Now without any further ado, let’s look at the Fantasy sports website’s features:

The User Panel


Registration feature allows the user to register on the platform using their email ID, mobile number, full name, age, gender, and such relevant information. 

Sign in

After the compilation of the registration process is complete, the user can log in to the application using this feature. 


The dashboard is more like a landing page for the user’s panel. Each user will be able to access all the functionalities and features of the user panel from here. 

Search contest

The user can search for running and upcoming contests from here. He/she can also use the filter feature to search for a contest based on their requirements such as entry fee or maximum participant size. 

Join contest

Join contest will allow the user to join the contest they like. The user will have to submit an entry fee to join the contest. This money will be combined in a pool and distributed among winners upon the completion of the tournament. 

Create team

After joining the contest, the user will have to create their fantasy team. The team will consist of real-life team players. Each user will be given 100 points to purchase players for their team. The better player they choose the more points it will cost.  

Create a contest

Create a contest feature is for users who don’t want to play in any of the available contests. In such a case, the user can create their contest and invite their friends and family to join. 

My profile

This feature will show the user’s complete details including their full name, email ID, mobile number, etc. 

My contests

My contests will show the user all the contests he/she has joined in the past. They will also show how many of the contests the user is currently participating in. 


Withdrawal features will allow the user to withdraw the money that the user has won. However, there will be a minimum limit to the amount they can withdraw.


Invite feature will allow the user to invite their friends and family. Upon the successful join through the invite, both parties will receive a cash reward. 

Customer support

This feature will allow the user to get quick customer support whenever they require it. They will be able to send a message to the customer support directly through the messaging on the website. 

The Admin Panel


The admin will be able to log in on the admin panel using his/her credentials. 


After login, the admin will land on the dashboard. He/she will be able to navigate throughout the whole panel and access everything from here. 

User management system

The admin will be able to edit, remove, or invite users. Admin will also be able to perform other user management related tasks. 

Match management system

The admin will be able to manage all of the matches from here.

Contest management system

Each and every contest will be managed by the admin from here. 

Earning management system

Earnings of the platform will be checked from here. 

Payment management system

Payment management by the admin will be done using this feature.

Reward Points management system

The admin will be able to offer reward points to the users using this option. 

Cash Bonus management system

The admin will be able to handle all of the cash bonus of the user. 

Report management system

Weekly, monthly, and yearly app performance reports will be generated from here. 

Bank Withdrawal Request management system

The withdrawal requests made by users will be managed by the admin from here. 

CMS Page management system

Every admin should be able to manage the CMS page of the application. He/she will be able to do that from this option. 

Advanced features

Quick login

Quick login feature can allow the user to register on the platform using their Facebook, Google, or email account. 

Live game feed

Live game feed will allow the user to get constant live updates of the game.

Achievement badges

Achievement badges will keep motivating the user to play more and rise through the ranks. 

Contests for everyone

This feature will allow everyone from beginner to experts to play in their own league without worrying about the advance competition. 

Community feature

Community features will allow the user to interact with other users on the platform. They can follow them or even build their own following. 

Tech Stack of the Dream 11 like website

Tech Stack of the Dream 11 like website

For Fantasy cricket app development you will require some special tech stack. Let’s look at what are those:

  • Front End: PhP, HTML5, AWS CDN, CSS3
  • Back End: Codeigniter, PHP, Laravel, Express JS, Node.JS
  • Payment Gateway: PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, Mangopay
  • Analytics: Spark, Gleam, Google Analytics
  • Database And Infrastructure: Load Balancer, MongoDB, MySQL, AWS
  • Push notification: Amazon SNS, Twilio, MAP
  • Cloud: MS Azure, AWS
  • Other stacks: ZOHO, SASS, Sketch, Stripe, Xcode, GeoFence

Fantasy sports ‘game of skills’ or ‘game of chance’? 

Nowadays, there is a discussion among the audience that fantasy sports are games of skill or games of chance. If it is a game of chance then it comes under the legality act of the government which says that this game is illegal in India. However, some states have already banned this app but the fantasy cricket app developers said that this is the game of skill and knowledge not the game of chance. Every single rupee the users received after playing the game received after deducting the tax from it.

Knowledge is important more than luck in fantasy sports games.

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Develop app similar to Dream11

Develop app similar to Dream11

By seeing the popularity of Dream11 app fantasy cricket app developers are making many apps similar to dream11 some of them are Halaplay, Fanfight, Fanmojo, leaguex, Myteam11, etc.

 So, if you are thinking that how to create a fantasy app like dream11 then you have to read further for more information-

  • To develop an app like dream11, you would have in need of a dream11 clone website script that helps you to build your fantasy cricket platform development on both mobile platforms and websites.
  • Then you have to select the particular sport on which you want to make the platform such as cricket, hockey, kabaddi, and so on.
  • After doing all this you have to decide your unique domain name for your sports fantasy app development. A domain name for any website is very important so choose it wisely.
  • You can hire fantasy sports website developers for making the dream11 clone app.
  • Also, you have to need a website hosting provider for the hosting of the website.

 Hence, by applying the following steps you can create your Fantasy cricket app development. 

How to develop fantasy sports website like dream11?

How to develop fantasy sports website like dream11?

Dream11 clone website works similar to the dream11.Develop fantasy sports website because it has the same characteristics and performance. If you want to know how the dream11 clone website works then read stay tuned.

Additionally, If you are a new user then you need to sign in first and provide the necessary details such as your phone number, email ID, name, Pan, etc. If you prefer the same to your friends then you get some bonus amount and the person you referred also gets the bonus amount.

Here, by following some rules and regulations users can create their virtual team by choosing the players according to their performances from the previous matches. If you are smart enough to choose the right player to make the team then you have a high possibility of winning the game.

When the match gets finished on the field, the champion of the tournament will be accordingly selected by the platform according to the points achieved. The outcome is established on the presentation of the players in the real game in the field. If you are the winner of the virtual game then you will win the real cash prize according to the performance of the player in the field.

 The User Base in India

 In India the population of cricket lovers is high. It has a big fanbase and the craze of cricket among youth is increasing day by day. According to a recent survey, cricket has approx 2.5 billion fans all over the globe. As the craze of cricket increases, day by day the use of fantasy sports also increases. So, the fantasy cricket app developers decided to build apps similar to dream11.

 Fantasy Sports Market Across the World

To understand how to develop fantasy sports website market across the world we have to go back. Develop Fantasy sports website first came into existence in 1952 in the U.S.A. Today it has 60 million users across the world.

  • The global market of fantasy sports should be increased from $20.6 billion in 2021 to $86.3 billion by 2025.
  • Its compound annual growth rate (CAGR) should be expected at 33.4%.
  • 54% of fantasy sports players are of age 18-35.
  • 53% of users use their mobile for playing fantasy sports games online.

Types of Fantasy sports games 

  • League games
  • Scoring games
  • Daily & weekly games
  • Draft games
  • Tournament games

Looking for a development company

If you are looking for a development company to develop fantasy cricket website for you then Tech Pathway is the one I would personally suggest. They are an India-based IT company that is leading the way for a start-up for more than 10 years. Their industry experience is something that you cannot find anywhere else. What’s more to this is their development prices. Additionally, you will know about how to  develop fantasy sports website. Tech Pathway offers some of the cheapest fantasy cricket platforms in the whole industry. 

Services they offer

  • Salesforce support
  • Digital Marketing and Ad campaign
  • AI chatbot
  • Application Maintenance and update
  • Quality customer service
  • Record time delivery
  • Post-development support
  • Easy to update and maintain code script

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