Hospital Management System: Modules, Benefits, and Development Cost

Hospital -Management- System

As we know the upcoming era is all about the internet and everyone wants to use the website or apps to get all the work online. Nowadays, businesses are handling their all work through the software or mobile application. So, if you’re running a hospital it is important to make a hospital management system for your staff and doctors to manage their work and all other things with software. It is not enough to have the best staff in your hospital if you’re not using the best hospital management software to meet the high quality of service. By creating a perfect HMS from the best hospital management software development company, you can manage and cover all the stages of healthcare.

What is the hospital management system?

Hospital management software is an eHospital system which can be operated by a website or mobile application. It is designed to manage all the manual work of a hospital which includes admin, receptionist, financial, medical, legal, and payroll operations. HMS software can handle all the functions of a hospital with one app or platform with all the details of doctors, patients, and staff.

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What is the main motive to get to develop a healthcare management system?

  • To manage all the work in an easy and efficient way
  • To enhance patient care
  • Improve the work efficiency of staff members
  • Get control on the financial work
  • Find all the reports and useful information online

Hospital Management System Modules:

Modules are the most important thing to get understands the methodology of any of the software. Here I am mentioning the important modules of hospital management software which will help you to know about this system.

  • Administration: To track all the records of health services and daily activities of a hospital. This feature will help to generate daily reports and managing the budget.
  • Patient Registration: This feature will help in the system to manage patient information chart which helps to easily registration of the users to provide receipt and other things.
    • When a patient visits the first time in hospital they will get an ID number (unique for all patients) so this section will track the no. of visits of a single patient.
    • It will consist of all the details of patients like the name, email, contact number, address, birth date, employer and insurance to provide the benefits of the hospital.
  • Appointment: We are talking about the healthcare system so it is mandatory to have a function of appointments. This section will make an easy process for patients to make appointments with doctors and laboratory services.
    • When a patient makes an appointment, they will get the details about their appointment on mobile through SMS or mail which they have provided on the time of registration.
    • Staff will also get access to see appointments to clarify with the doctors about the date and time of the appointments.
    • Patients will get the option to make appointments online and offline.
  • In-patient management: All in-patient requirements will be managed in this section including demographics, consultation, Diet plan, Surgeon, etc.
  • Outpatient Management: The details of patients who have not been hospitalized and care from home will be managed in this section.
  • In-patient Billing: This section consists Billing details of the patients and services providing them on the daily bases like consultancy,  laboratories test, medicines, X-ray, and other reports, nursing charge and room rent with complete details of the patient.
  • Laboratory and Report management: To manage the laboratory and other reports, this module will help the patients to get the entire tests done by an expert.
  • Service maintenance: This section will manage all the service details provided by the hospital. Also, as per the rules of the hospital, a rate of service is charged and it considers emergency charges, night charges, a period of patient and different parameters as the rate of services for every patient is determined.
  • Payroll management: This is an important module because it will manage the salaries of staff and doctors. This module will generate full pay moreover, it will also be connected with biometric machines in which all the data of employees will be available.
  • View Balance Sheet: This is an important aspect of this system. The owner will get the option to see their balance sheet anytime and anywhere. Most importantly, It will help them to take future decisions.

Additional Modules to Add:

  • Blood Bank Management
  • Pharmacy Management’
  • Laundry & Housekeeping Management
  • Nursing and Ward Management
  • Store Management
  • Biomedical Waste Management
  • Inventory and Purchase Management

Benefits of Hospital Management System:

  • Set-up your hospital as technically advanced
  • Useful in keeping up progression in patient care
  • Improve data security
  • Electronic medical records to avoid errors and track details
  • Help to generate better revenue by overall growth and development of hospital
  • Reduction of errors caused by handwriting or manual work
  • Quick and easy setup for patients to make registration

Cost to develop Hospital Management Software:

The Hospitals’ management system is large software with overall functionality. The factors which affect the cost of this kind of software depend upon the main features, additional modules, Third-party API integration, the region of the development, size of the development team, etc.

Above all are the main factors that go into the figuring of the development cost for Hospital Management Software.

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