How to hire an ASP.NET developer for your next App Development project


In today’s progressing era when everything is advancing everyday IT companies are no exceptions. Every IT company is out there trying to get the best mind for their next business project. Because of the immense requirement in software and mobile application development.

ASP.NET has been one of the most important programming languages for developing enterprise-level applications and web applications. While learning this is easy but stands out from the crowd is tough for any developer. Often companies look for developers with highly experienced and extra qualities like communication and project submission on time. It is indeed a tough task to hire a developer who meets all your requirements or hiring a person who does not know what to look for in a developer other than knowing the language. So here in this article, we are going to tell you what to look in an ASP.NET developer while hiring them.

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What is ASP.NET

ASP.NET is the most widely used framework for web application development. The technical architecture of ASP.NET comprises of a unified web application development model, which is also integrated with a .NET framework, designed in a way to provide services for creating dynamic web applications and web services.

Benefits of ASP.NET Development

  • In the .NET framework, both the content and program logic is separated. This feature reduces code complexity. 
  • One feature of .NET is that it comes with a built-in Cache feature.
  • The ASP.NET application is easily monitored and highly managed so it helps application available to handle the request
  • App developed in ASP.NET gets high-performance with its features, such as JIT  compilation, early binding, native optimization supports, and caching services.
  • The Framework gives quick alerts for the unbounded loops, memory leaks, & other wrong behavior skill them immediately and restart them all over again.
  • The framework is easily deploy-able with a built-in configuration.
  • .NET reduce the code lines for developing a large application
  • A developer can generate web applications smoothly with ASP and HTML.
  • ASP.NET keeps your web applications secure with built-in Windows authentication & per-application configuration.

Things to consider to hire an ASP.NET developer

You might get surprised while reading this but you don’t always need a full-time developer and you can also hire someone who works for the local/global market. But if you want then you can always find someone to work in-team for your project. So here are several ways you can find the best ASP.NET developer for your project.


Go into basic

While hiring an ASP.NET developer for your project you should get in mind that developers should be aware of the basics of ASP.NET and must have hands-on dotNET based frameworks.

Look at the experience

You should ask the developer if they have any experience with the framework. You can ask them about their past projects to get an idea about how qualified they are for your project.

SQL Database

Data and database both are important for development nowadays. The more advanced the database will be, the more successful application is going to be. If you want to name a widely used database for ASP.NET is Oracle, Microsoft based MS SQL. CouchDB and MongoDB are two popular kinds of NoSQL databases for ASP.NET


Communication is the key to any relationship. You and the developers are no more different.  Tech managers need to frequently communicate with team members to guide the development track and clients to understand their requirements and expectations with the ASP.NET application.

Extra points

Enlist all the stakeholder

Create a question form for an interview for job openings.

Prioritize the questions

the team members & other stakeholders can vote on the individual items to come up with a shorter and more usable list.

Look into their attributes

You should always perfume one developer who has the best communication skills and collaboration to work as a team and other important factors.

Other expertise

Look for another expertise area other than ASP.NET like C language, JAVA and other. You can also ask them to write a small code to check.

How much does it cost to hire an ASP.NET developer

Several factors determine the cost of hiring a developer. First of all, the cost depends on a candidate to candidates. Than cost will depend upon the complexity of application and platform of application.  This provides a proper storage criterion of a system for enhanced backend work and also served store purpose for clearer insight. The final cost of hiring an ASP.NET developer can go from an average of 20$ to 80$ per hour as per the developer’s attributes and experience.

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