How To Make An On-Demand Car Wash Mobile App

People are getting increasingly interested in the prospect of an On-Demand car cleaning app in today’s environment. If a person desires to have his or her car cleaned, long queues could well be avoided, as can the time spent reserving the service and waiting for your turn, by installing an on-demand car wash mobile app. Many startup supporters have embraced the On-Demand concept. Although, the cost of developing an on-demand car wash app is determined by the mobile platform chosen, the position of your app development team, and the number of features you wish to include in your own app.

With the success of on-demand service applications, on-demand car cleaning mobile apps are gathering traction, and car owners are using these tailored car cleaning apps to get services delivered to the proper places.

Here, we would look at how an on-demand car wash mobile app works, the cost of app development for the Android and iOS platforms, technology stack, and monetization of the same, before getting into a brief overview of the development process.

How does an On-Demand Car Wash Mobile App work?

The ease of use and speed of access to the app, clear division of services, and great customer satisfaction are the primary drivers of any app’s success. Customers prefer to book car wash services using the app rather than the traditional methods.

Let’s have a look at how the app works:

  1. Install the car-on-demand app. Log in to the app after registering with the correct credentials.
  2. Choose a service from the list and schedule the car wash service session based on availability.
  3. The designated executive or detailer arrives at your specified place. A detailer will clean your automobile and leave the area spotless in 30-40 minutes.
  4. You can pay using the app, which also provides coupon codes and promotional offers.

This is the simplest way for the app to function; there is no complication involved in the process, and an app like Spiffy provides consumers with the impression of rapid availability of services.

Cost of car wash mobile app development

When it comes to building an app, there is no one-size-fits-all option accessible for you, regardless of the sector or company vertical. Thus, if you merely want an estimate of the cost of building a car wash app, you’ll get different quotations when you contact different app development businesses. However, if you look at a general situation and optimal circumstances for developing an app like this, you will acquire these statistics.

Any platform should require 100 days to create a native car wash app. Therefore, if you simply want the app created for iOS, you’ll have to spend about $24,000. If you solely use Android, your costs will be reduced since Android app development tools are less expensive than those accessible to iOS developers. Consequently, this would be something in the range of $20,000 onwards. Conversely, if you opt to go with both applications in the native category, the total cost will be 10% cheaper than the sum of both. That is, you will be quoted $37,000 for both (in this case 10-15 percent of extra efforts for developing web services separately on both platforms will be waived off).

In contrast, if you opt to develop your car wash app using a hybrid approach and use cross-platform app development, it would take 20-22 days longer than if you construct it on a native platform. This brings the overall development cost to about $29,000.

In all of these estimates, the base hourly rate of development is assumed to be $30.

With all of the top features in place and the typical base fee of development at $30 per hour, your app may be developed for any price between the range of $20,000 to $37,000, depending on your demands and preferences. Assume these to be a cumulative average based on current mobile apps development trends and standards from around the world.

Technology stack

It is crucial to gather proper mobile app development services in order to create a scalable and functioning online car wash booking system. A trustworthy app development firm provides the app with the most up-to-date technological stack, professional car wash app developers, back-end programmers, and IT solutions engineers.

The following is a basic team structure that will be required for the development of a car washing service app:

  • Frontend/Backend Developers
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Android or iOS App Developers
  • Project Manager
  • Frontend/Backend Developers
  • Engineers in Quality Control

Examine the technological stack necessary to create the car wash mobile app below:

  • Phone or SMS? Twilio and Nexmo have been used for verification.
  • Datastax is a data management system.
  • Payment methods include PayPal, Braintree, and Stripe.
  • MailChimp is an email marketing service.
  • Debian and Ubuntu are the operating systems.
  • PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra Cloud: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud are used for databases
  • Hadoop, Big data, IBM, Apache Flink are examples under real-time analytics
  • Google Maps is used for map navigation.


A large goal to pursue is the development of a mobile car wash app. There seem to be a number of features included within the app. Even if you have the greatest mobile app building solutions and the best software operating, it still requires a strong monetizing plan. The goal of releasing an app is to make money; here’s how you can make money with on-demand car wash app services.

There are several sources that can give prospective methods for monetizing mobile car wash app development services.

  • Advertisements

In the creation of a vehicle cleaning service app, you may earn money by selling advertising space to certain businesses. Advertisements have the potential to earn a significant amount of income. If your app receives a high number of clicks and visits, it may be a big income source for you. It’s a good idea to set up a specific amount of space for app advertising. Too many commercials on a website might irritate consumers and result in a higher bounce rate.

  • Sponsorship

It is one of the most conventional methods of making money using the app. The app may be used to promote the services provided by various vehicle washing service providers. You may design a sponsored detailer list and display it in prime.

  • Merchandising of goods

Making a profit through merchandising the commodity is an excellent approach to do it. Users might be given the choice of purchasing products such as automobile washing gloves, shampoo, exterior paint, and so on. Online selling may produce revenue while also marketing the brand.

Process of developing an On-Demand Car Wash Mobile App

  • Having a plan for the app

Before beginning with developing the app, you must first identify the modules that will be included. You could approach this from a utility standpoint and connect it with the service and presentation ideas you have.

To get everything correct in the shortest number of trials, separate various app components and bundle comparable sets of functions together to make them correspond to a specific function and feature of providing.

  • Setting up preliminary services

After you have completed the previous stage, establish the flow of the app and arrange all of your components according to the framework of navigation and interaction to make everything connect with the user effectively. While researching and achieving these aspects, keep in mind your main idea and fundamental goal for building the app. Furthermore,  continue to validate and serve the app’s functions and resources surrounding that. A mobile app development business can assist you with this.

Here are several models on which a car wash app should be based:

  • Giving consumers the ability to make wash orders
  • Keep track of your cleaning orders
  • Examine different service bundles and server options
  • Complete the payment


The lives of people all over the world have grown to be much easier in nearly every niche with the introduction of technology, mobiles, and the Internet. People can now schedule whatever service they want with just a single tap. The explicit thank you in this regard goes to the on-demand economy and, as a result, to on-demand app development.

Hence, if you are contemplating a car wash, there’s not much to consider. If we look at it from the user’s point of view, waiting in long queues to complete a car wash is undoubtedly a painstaking and lengthy process. In such a situation, the concept of car wash app development is useful since the customer only needs to tap for the specific service.

The detailer will contact them and perform the cleaning processes within a few hours. Well, impressive, is it not? Thus, investing in an on-demand car wash mobile app is both a good deed and an unquestionably successful business venture. After all, who doesn’t appreciate having services delivered directly to their door?

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