Jamstack vs WordPress: What makes Fast & Secure Website

Jamstack vs WordPress: What makes Fast & Secure Website

Websites are the connecting key for every business process since the business is growing rapidly, seeing this the technology is also upgrading day by day, either it is software development or new features for the website development, it could be anything related to technology. Also, there are many website creators have been develop for business purposes. One is WordPress, which was launch in 2004 and becomes the most common and user-friendly website creator. Around 35% of the internet is filled with WordPress. People have made this creator their first preference. Although, as we said before technology is changing on daily basis as the competition is. Developers are now exploring new alternatives for WordPress vs Jamstack.

Before understanding about these two website creators, we will clear one confusion that WordPress vs Jamstack are not the same things. WordPress is a platform to build websites, however, Jamstack works as an architecture for developing websites.

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What is exactly WordPress?

What is exactly WordPress?

WordPress is a platform where you can create a website or blog most simply. Overall on the internet, more than one in five websites we visit are develop through WordPress. Or in technical words, WordPress is define as an open-source content management system and anyone can use or change the WordPress software for free, as it is license under GPLv2. It is most used by the people whose profession is not related to developers.

Structure of WordPress:

  1. Code is store on the hosting side of the server
  2. The server generates the dynamic pages
  3. Or server can also send cached static content across a CDN
  4. The user sends a request to the server then the user gets the content through the server and CDN

What is Jamstack?

What is Jamstack?

Jamstack stands for JavaScript, APIs, and Markup. It is a modern web development architecture that is based on client-side JavaScript, reusable APIs, and prebuilt Markup.

JAM means: –

  • Javascript– all the dynamic functions are managed by JavaScript. No restrictions on framework and library.
  • APIs: there will be a third-party service, server-side mechanism are convert into reusable APIs that can be accessed over HTTPS with JavaScript.
  • Markup: websites are generated as static HTML files. These can be generate from source files, like Markdown by using a static site generator.

Structure of JamStack

  • Code is stored in Github
  • The hosting servers make a connection with Github and develop static pages.
  • Behind this, the third-party services connect through APIs
  • The hosting server sends static pages across a CDN
  • Users get the content from the nearest CDN and also interacts with third-party services.

Benefits of WordPress

  • WordPress has become a popular tool and spend a long time in the market.
  • The extended provided is easy to use that can run on any website.
  • This creator also provides you various themes and some of them are free of cost.
  • It has a superb plugin system that can enlarge your website with a click of a single button.
  • The main feature of WordPress is that you will get its structure, it will provide you clean structure, websites load faster that load faster.

Benefits of Jamstack

  • The overall content is manage through Git(the code versioning system)
  • It has a simple approach for content delivery
  • It provides the content to users as a static website
  • Is known for its speed, it is the fastest creator till now.
  • It stores the content in Github, companies are dependent on it with their source code.
  • It also stored the content as a markdown that is easy to use and limited enough to give the surety to focus on the content.

Jamstack vs WordPress

WordPress vs Jamstack

Jamstack WordPress
Cost  The starting cost of JamStack is more than that of WordPress because it works as an architecture that requires some system to set up the frontend. But compared to both then Jamstack is more cost-efficient than WordPress. If we consider the cost then WordPress is meant for the basic websites, if you upgrade it with more features the cost gets double.
Frontend  The static files are already develop and ready before the user enters to see that because we are using static site generators. This is the reason for increasing website performance, security, and minimum hosting cost. In WordPress, frontend pages are not present as files before the user enters to see that. It means, it is the case of dynamic rendering where each page load the files develop on the go on a server somewhere.
Backend Jamstack does not support backend which means whatever we do will be done in the browser through a set of APIs. and this is the reason there is no need for a webserver and you can’t crash the server if you don’t have it. Backend is an important part of the WordPress, whatever we do in WordPress needs a web server and you can get the output on your browser.
Performance and speed Jamstack provides the files which are static and prebuilt that are load before the user starts to load them. overall Jamstack sites load faster. On the other hand, WordPress has a slow server-side rendering. WordPress uses an old set of technologies and languages like PHP, which is not useful for a faster response. So it makes the work WordPress slower.
Content management Jamstack makes the use of headless CMSs that manage and create content models. This is a reason to bring various benefits to the organization. Content management develops within the platform that combines both content and presentation layers. This system creates a problem and makes it harder to proceed by using the same content through multiple media channels.

Final Conclusion

Both the platforms have their benefits, as JamStack gives you a fast and unique side for your brand on the other hand WordPress is still a great choice in many scenarios. In Jamastack you need a full team of technical members and a budget to hire them, in contrast, WordPress doesn’t need a team from a technical background. Jamstack is design to fix the problem that we have seen on WordPress. Overall from both platforms, you can expect a fast and secure website.So i hope you will know about the difference between WordPress vs Jamstack.

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