Mistakes To Avoid When Developing A Mobile App

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Mistakes To Avoid When Developing A Mobile App

Nobody is perfect and like everyone else mobile app developers also makes mistakes. In all my experience I have seen developers making all types of mistakes. Some mistakes were easy to fix yet some were hard. Sometimes they only cost a little bit of time and on the other hand, some costs only increase in the budget. However, sometimes their mistake can cost the success of the app itself. That is why it is important to know them, address them, and fix them as soon as possible. The key is to avoid the path others have taken in the past and failed. Or else you can give it a read to this blog, mistake to avoid when developing a mobile app. We know that no app developer wants to make mistakes during the developer, however, these mistakes are not always about the code and programming language. Sometimes they are about poor app development planning too. Welcome to the Tech Pathway blog, today we are going to share with you which mistakes to avoid when developing a mobile app. 

Develop mobile app - tech pathway

Poor planning and less research

In all of my time in app development seeing others, I have come to notice that people are impatient by their nature. That is why they don’t plan the development process. Many ways are building and reacting as they face situations. Well, this is one of the main reasons on-demand app development fails. However, only by taking a little time out and doing some proper research about your competition, customers, and the market will take you a long way. Before your mobile app development company take a look at what to decide and do:

Develop mobile app - tech pathway

How are you going to develop the app?

There are many ways you can build your app.

  • Develop it yourself
  • Hire mobile app developers
  • Use an application creator tool or software without coding
  • Working with a freelancer
  • Becoming a white label reseller

You can choose any one of these options. Developing the app by yourself will cost you time and on the other hand, hiring someone to develop the app will cost you money. You can sit back and think before making any important decision. 


What are your target audiences?

Deciding on your targeted audiences before starting investing in the idea is always a wise decision. You are going to need your app to make revenue since it’s the whole point. For that, you will need to know which age, and gender group you are going to particularly focus on. Read about the market or industry you are going to hit. Get to know what your customers need and what they want. How are you going to provide that to them? All of this needs to be clear before you make one dime worth of investment into your app. 

Develop mobile app - tech pathway

Poor budget management

Developing an app is not cheap since most android app developments cost about $5000 to $10000. In addition to this, the iOS app development cost about $4000 to $8000. Other than that, development is not the only cost you will need to worry about. A successful app will require proper maintenance, marketing, updates, etc. Let’s check some of the reasons poor budget management can happen:

  • Inaccurate budget estimate from the start.
  • Failure to plan for all components of the project.
  • Unexpected costs.

What are the things you will need to consider

  • The development cost
  • The design cost of UI & UX
  • The project management cost
  • The business analytics cost


Ignoring the importance of MVP

Directly starting your app development without first building an MVP will be another mistake you will have to avoid. An MVP will help you to know what mistakes to avoid during the development, how to proceed with the whole app development, testing your app, and its performance. Many ways are building an MVP will help. You will also be able to launch your MVP first for Beta Users to try out and get their response and feedback. Based on that feedback you will be able to know where your app needs improvement. 


Poor UI & UX design

Investing in your app’s UI & UX design is very important. This is because your users are going to spend all of the time on the front-end of the app. They probably do not even care about what’s going on in the back-end. So customizing your front-end using graphics, animations, and transitions is going to be important. Although, Apple offers some quite amazing animation and transitions to create iOS apps. So make sure that your Ios app development company can perform well with those requirements. 

Another thing is that according to a report, over 43% of the users uninstall the app from their mobile phone because of bad UI & UX. Designing a compelling UI & UX is as important as better performance. 

Not doing proper testing

When it comes to mobile app development, Android app development is far more complicated than iOS app development. The reason behind this is, iOS only comes on Apple’s devices whereas Android is open-source and every mobile company can use it on their devices. When developers test the app for iOS devices they can use simulators to do so. However, since there are tons of different smartphones with different specifications, are running on Android there is no company that can test their app on every one of them even with the use of simulators. However, developers need to perform as much as testing they can on their app before launching it on the Play Store. So hire an Android app development company that can perform the testing required to publish a well-built android app on the Play Store. 

Not considering cross-platform apps

Another mistake that mobile app developers make is they do not consider cross-platform app development. This is important because it can save valuable resources such as time and money. On the other hand, for Native app development, developers have to create the app separately for each platform. Considering the Cross-platform apps is always a better idea for both iOS app development as well as Android app development. 


Communication among the team

Unless your developers, designers, testers, and other team members can communicate and understand what is their job role. And what other people want them to do, all of the planning will fail. Communication between the client and the development team is so important. 



If you are thinking about developing an app and wondering which company would be best for your project. Then you can stop your search for a Mobile app developer for hire. The Tech Pathway is offering clients to hire android app developers as well as hire iOS developers. Once you have hired dedicated developers from us you will be guaranteed to receive a quality custom-built app.  We are a mobile application development company that you can hire developers for both in-house developments as well as for outsourcing development. You can contact us today to get an estimation of the cost of your app development. 


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