How much does it cost to develop a navigation app like waze

navigation app like waze

Travel is the spice of life, but knowing where you’re going is always a good idea. Earlier, if you wanted to go anywhere, you needed a paper map. You now have the power of a map which helps you to navigate your route. Thanks to GPS technology. Nowadays, GPS navigation app has become an essential part of a daily routine of taxi drivers, bill collectors, and ordinary drivers. The capabilities of smartphones and mobile devices are probably enough to survive in the middle of nowhere.

Navigation app helps you to show where you are and how you can reach your destination in the easiest way. That is why these apps are so popular. With such an app, you can find your way in an unknown city, create a route by avoiding traffic jams.

What is Waze

Waze is a community-based navigation app that enables drivers to use live maps and get real-time traffic updates. Waze app is the second top-rated mobile navigation application among users, beaten only by Google Maps. Even if you know the way, Waze informs you about traffic, construction, police, crashes, and more in real-time. If there is a traffic jam on your route, Waze will change the route to save your time. Waze has almost everything in terms of features and functionality that is required in a navigation app.

Global Waze stats

  • In 2013, the app counted over 36 million users.
  • In April 2018, Waze was the second most popular mapping app in the United States. 
  • Now, Waze has 110 million monthly active users.
  • Waze annual revenue is around $37.7 million.

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How it works

  • Open the app
  • Share info(about traffic jams)
  • Waze analyze this info
  • Inform other users

Waze is a community-driven app, it collects the latest route information from drivers to help other drivers. The app will compare data for all possible routes and offer the optimal route to its users. Users receive voice directions via tablets and smartphones by using GPS technology. With multiple social networking integrations, Waze users can find their social media friends and give them a lift. With the help of Waze, users can share their experiences by writing reviews and can rate local businesses such as car-washing services, gas stations, and coffee houses. Drivers can avoid road closures, traffic jams, car accidents, police traps, and other unpleasant events that might occur on the road. 

Core features of an app like Waze

Authorization: Authorization is a key component of mobile apps such as Waze. Registration provides personal accounts that allow users to leave notes and comments and chat with others. In most instances, you are asked to sign in by using your email and password when you open a mobile app. But signing in by linking a social network such as Facebook is much more convenient.

Geolocation: This is a vital feature because it detects a device’s current location. GPS is the core feature of a navigation app. Suggested routes vary according to the settings:

  • Request the fastest or shortest route
  • Allow or avoid toll roads
  • Allow/Avoid dirt roads
  • To avoid major highways 

A navigation app knows how fast you’re driving. If a user sets a speed limit, the app can alert them if the user exceeds the speed.

Real-time updates: Waze allows you to get real-time updates on traffic. These updates are combined with crowdsourced information, which helps you to find the easiest way to reach your destination.

Add-ons: Add-ons are the “hidden part” that makes Waze so special and attractive. You can expand the list of possible functions with its support and customize your experience with the app. For example, when you are driving through a high-crime area, add-ons could incorporate Foursquare and Facebook friends into Waze and warn you.

Voice recognition system: Obviously, driving requires maximum concentration. Any distraction can potentially provoke an accident. The easiest way is to implement a voice recognition system that lets drivers to build routes only with their voice commands. This feature attracts users as it is convenient.

Social networking elements: Social elements are essential for a successful app, they make the application useful and functional. If you integrate your app with widely used social networks, you will significantly improve the user experience. There are a few features that you can implement:

  • Profiles: This is the first step. This is the basic step of social integration that enables you to communicate with other members.
  • Comments: Can be used to provide more info about a traffic issue or chat with other drivers while being stuck in traffic.
  • Likes: One more form of communication that can be used to confirm reported issues from other drivers.
  • Additional features: The original Waze app offers users such functionality as scoreboards, in-app mail services, ability to add the address of the home, work and favorite stores, gather teams with friends or other users to solve community problems.

Custom design: Custom design is an integral part of our committed and creative work. Customers are offered to pick the most appropriate icons, fonts, and colors before ordering the creation of a navigation app.

Carpooling: To encourage drivers to take multiple passengers, Waze upgrades the carpooling system. Google-owned navigation app Waze now allows drivers to pick up more than one passenger at a time by using the carpooling functionality of the app.

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How a navigation app like Waze makes money

If you are planning to develop a navigation app, it is necessary to know about the monetization model of such kind of business. Regarding Waze, the largest amount of revenue they get from location-based advertising. 

The advertiser is usually a small business that puts a business on the Waze map and decides how much to spend monthly. When the drivers are approaching the location or searching for nearby, they can see an ad.

The main feature of Waze`s ad is that the program knows not only the location but also the destination of the user. Such an approach allows showing relevant ads along the roads towards a destination.


Google calendar: Waze is synchronized with Google calendar to schedule trips. Waze can list upcoming appointments with locations if users grant the app permission to access their calendars. Users may simply open their calendars, click pre-entered locations, and jump right into navigation.

Spotify: If users have installed Spotify and Waze both apps on your device, you can access Waze navigation within Spotify or access your Spotify playlists inside Waze. You will get suggested tunes for the drive without having to leave the app when you connect to your Spotify account. This is a handy feature. By pressing the Spotify button, it will automatically start playing the last song you’ve played.

Social media: Integration of social media allows users to pick up friends around a common destination point, send directions to those friends, and use shortcuts to see where friends are and give them a lift. Users can also share information with their friends in just a few seconds about road repairs or gasoline prices.

How much does it cost to make an app like Waze

The development cost of an app depends on what features you want to add to your app. Important features you should include in your app:

  • The design of the app’s interface;
  • Voice control for a safe driving option;
  • UX optimization.

Professionals estimate that such an app requires around 1,000 hours of work to produce. This means that, depending on where you are, an average cost for developing your navigation app like Waze would range from $30,000 to $40,000.

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