Why You Need A On-demand App For Home Services: A Complete Guide to Know

On-Demand Applications for Home Services

On-demand mobile-based applications solve problems of average people with real-world solutions. Uber’s on-demand taxi service, accompanied by a couple of apps, lets you evade the queue outside taxi ranks. There is a reason on-demand mobile applications are sometimes called Uber for X, where X can be any service or product that is to be delivered at the customer’s end.

So, why not our household chores and errands? After all, we all need someone in our lives who can complete our household chores and run our errands in a jiffy.

Before we understand the nitty-gritty of on-demand home services apps, let us start from the basic at what exact services that it provides. As the name suggests it serves as a platform where you can hire professionals for all your household chores at your fingertips. Like all other on-Demands, it is inbuilt with all the essential functionality.

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On-demand home services app business Model

Service professional Vendors

It helps service professional vendors to establish and grow their business with the help of the integrated application.

For service professional owner 

An interactive app for all the service professionals to offer their service without any hassle. Along with various features, it includes a logo and a design to gain a unique identity and increase the overall sales.

Chains of service professional owners

An integrated app solution for the professional, providing services through various stores. Owners can manage the service of every store effortlessly and provide a seamless experience to their customers through their experience.

On-demand service app can have various solutions for users

  • Plumber
  • Electrician
  • Cleaner 
  • Laundry 
  • Home painting
  • Gardening
  • Home organizing 
  • Personal home trainer
  • Pet care

Essential features for on-demand application

To make any app successful and popular, we need some specific features to have to be added that are different from other apps running in the market. Here is the list of basic and advanced features for the user, admin and service provider panel.

For admin panel

  • Interactive dashboard: The Admin Panel must have an interactive dashboard. The dashboard would act as a control center for the entire app.
  • Manage & verify service providers: You must have a feature wherein you can manage all the service providers. You can also add new service providers manually
  • Manage payments: You must set the commissions very clearly that would prevent any confusion later. Along with this ensures quick and safe transactions between users and service providers.
  • Manage promotions: To promote your app, you can offer various lucrative promos and discounts. With this feature, you can track your progress concerning the discounts offered.
  • Manage reviews: Reviews are very important as they guide both parties while choosing their allies. This feature will assist you to review all the reviews from both ends.
  • Analytics: This is very crucial as it allows you to get vital insights into your business. These insights and stats guide you to make better decisions to improve your services.

Feature for user panel

  • Log in: User can log in from here
  • Select service: User can choose the service they want from here
  • Give review: User can give the review to the service
  • Easy payment option: Users can pay for their service via this option.
  • Live Tracking: This feature allows users to track their real-time order status.
  • Push notifications: It will allow users to get all the account related notifications on their phone.

Feature for the service provider

  • Accepting or declining service: the service provider can accept if they want to give the service to the customer
  • Change service: the service provider can change their services
  • Payment option: the service provider can manage their payment for service they provided
  • Review: The service provider can also check and give a review to the customer

Here’s a rundown of salient features and to-dos to keep in mind while building your on-demand home services product:

1. Ease of onboarding – let customers/consumers sign up using their email ids, phone numbers, facebook account, google account, etc. Make it as flexible as possible.

2. Ease of verification – let the customers validate their accounts using OTPs or email verification links easily and unobtrusively.

3. Do not ask for credit cards during the boarding process. It is not required and hurts the trust in the platform.

4. Allow the consumers to test the on-demand home services app for free – do not charge for the first service or two. This will be a great way to promote your platform.

5. Make the services billing transparent. Do not hide charges under small print. Let the customers know the cost upfront if it’s fixed or the hourly rate if it’s variable and an indication of how long a job takes so they have a good idea of the expected bill.

6. Create a feedback loop for the consumers to leave feedback on the services received and their experience with the platform.

#Cost to make an on-demand home service app

Mobile On demand app

The next and probably the most important aspect to discuss is the cost of app development. How much would it cost to make an on-demand home services app? The answer to this question is quite complex so we will go one by one.

Location:- The cost of app development depends largely on its location & country. 

No. of Features:- It is obvious that the more the number of features would be its cost.

UI/UX:- User interface and graphics play a significant role in the cost. User-friendly apps are costlier.

Company or Freelancer:- You got to choose one for your app development depending upon your budget and requirement. The company usually costs more than freelancers.

Overall, it would cost you around $8000 – $15000 if you choose any company to create an app for you.

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