How Much Does It Cost to Develop an On Demand Car Wash App?

Smartphones have actually made our daily activities much smoother. All the services you are looking for are now just a click away. Now if we talk about car washing, one needs to arrange all the necessary ingredients that are used to wash car. Or else, one can opt for on demand car wash app services. These car wash services have become more popular these days. And the best part is that these services are now available over mobile apps. All you need to do is just installing the app and get the things done.

Now, it’s time to keep all the time consuming chores at a bay. Among all the other services, car wash app has become the most demanded mobile apps in the global market. This increased demand for car wash solutions has given opportunities to many startups to mark their presence among the app development companies.

So, if you want to bring your own car wash mobile app into the market, then do go through this blog. As Tech Pathway has brought you all the information related to the on demand car wash app development.

How does a car wash application work?

This on demand car wash mobile app works with user-friendly characteristics. Following are the steps to use the app-

  • Register and login into the app
  • Users can send car wash request through the app
  • Admin receives a request from the user
  • After receiving the request admin searches for the washer around the user’s location
  • Admin gives nearby detailer’s details to the user
  • User can now select from all the available options
  • The selected Detailer will come to the given address
  • Services will be given as per the selected package
  • After the car is washed, users get an option to make payment on delivery or online.

This on demand car wash app is the perfect blend of simple and effective features.

Features of the Car Wash App

  • Subscription Packages: there are different packages available for the users and they can choose any one package as per their requirement.
  • Location: the app allows users to select the car wash service at their desired location.
  • Track Services: the app provides users with the tracking feature which helps them to know their accurate service information.
  • Push Notification: the app comes with push notification because this is useful feature which notifies users after the service is completed.
  • Discounts and Deals: the app also provides users with various deals and discounts.

App Panels

Customer Panel

  • Sign-up/Login
  • Place Request
  • Select Location
  • Choose Package and Services
  • Check Washer Availability
  • Make Payments
  • View History
  • Feedbacks

Detailer Panel

  • Login
  • Add service Locations
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Approve/Reject Service Request
  • View History
  • Request Payment from Admin

Admin Panel

  • Register Washers/Technicians
  • Manage Services and Time Zones
  • Payments management
  • Manage Ratings and Feedbacks

Advanced Features

  • Cloud Management: now-a-days, cloud technology is considered as a smart way to manage the platforms. It can store all the data related to users, orders, detailers and payments, etc.
  • Heat Map View: this feature of the app allows easy tracking of users and providers.
  • Payment: the inbuilt payment system of the app makes it easy for the users to pay via app for the services availed by them.
  • In-app Chat: this feature help user to directly communicate with the service providers and know the status of the services they require.
  • Subscription: under this feature of the app, users can opt for subscription packages and can even book advanced services.

What is the Cost of Developing a Car Wash App?

It seems quite difficult to ascertain the exact cost of developing an on demand car wash app. But if we add all the above mentioned features, then the app would cost you somewhere around $2000 to $4000.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, developing a car wash mobile app is not an easy task and requires not only a proper team but specialists. We at Tech Pathway, have the perfect blend of skilled and talented app developers and designers with good experience in crafting mobile applications. Hire us and get your dream app developed in affordable price model.

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