On-demand Dating Application Solution

On-Demand Dating Application Solution

In the 21st century, the demand for on-demand solutions increased and took over almost every single aspect of our lives. People were hungry so on-demand food delivery solutions like Zomato and Uber Eats were invented, people wanted to move to a new city so on-demand real-estate solutions like Home online and Magic brick were invented. The same happened with people’s dating lives. As everyone got busy with daily city lives, no one had the time or convenience to meet someone in real life. Start-ups like Tinder and Bumble saw this as an opportunity and launched dating application solutions where people can find like-minded people and meet them in real life. The idea of on-demand dating solutions was so good that it boomed like a wildfire and soon reached over 1 billion in market cap. One good thing about a dating app is that people are jumping from one dating app to another for better chances. So, if you were finding a good reason why you should invest in an on-demand dating app like tinder, here is one. Anyways, without any future ado, let’s get started on on-demand dating application solutions.


How do we plan your dating app development?


First, we take the initial idea of the client’s vision regarding their dating app development. These ideas conclude them

  •     Settings of the app
  •     The revenue model of the app
  •     The increasing engagement metrics.



Being the best on-demand app development company, we will analyse the client’s idea and make all the appropriate improvements. This step concludes:

  •     Brainstorming session with our development team.
  •     Creating a draft of the project requirements.
  •     Contact the client and discuss all the changes and offer them a dating app cost for development.



The third and final step of this process will be the app development stage. However, before starting this stage we will complete the remaining requirements for the dating app like tinder app development.

  •     We will first give the client an estimation of the project timeline.
  •     After the project timeline estimation, the UX & UI design will be shown for the app.
  •     After both of the above-mentioned steps, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement with the client.


What do we offer in our exclusive dating app solution?

Access control

Whenever you hire dedicated app developers, Both the Admin and the User panels are very easy to control and navigate for both technical and non-technical users. Everything from signing up to showing interest in someone with a single touch is far more convenient for the user than manually doing it. Our industry experts make sure that with the help of your dating app the user will never have to feel the burden of their dating lives.

Matching people

With our custom AI & Machine learning algorithm, we make sure to always show the right person to your user rather than showering them with hundreds of irrelevant options. Our smart algorithms are more than capable of matching the right couples based on their interests and choices by providing exposure to suitable matches every single day.

In-app Communication

One of the most essential things for a dating app like Tinder app development is in-app communication among users. On our dating app solution, we have taken appropriate measures to help users start the conversation as well as enough add-ons like GIFs and custom emojis to carry on the conversations.

Custom Solution

Here at Tech Pathway, being the top leading mobile application development company in India and the USA, we offer only custom & tailored-made solutions to our clients. Our tailored-made dating app like Tinder has intelligence algorithms, custom UI & UX design, and has made the dating experience better than ever.


Core features of dating app solution

Let’s take a look at what will be the core features of the user panel as well as the admin panel of your dating application solutions. Make sure that the on-demand app development company that will hire will consider these features.


The User Panel

Profile suggestions

Profile suggestion feature will take data from the user. They will mention their details including their hobbies, interests, and things they like, and find the perfect match for them.


Privacy features will allow the user to browse through the app without relieving themselves. This will also protect users from any unwanted attention.

Virtual gift store

Virtual gift stores will allow the users to send digital gifts to each other. The gifts will be personalized and managed by the admin of your dating app like Tinder.

Friend list

Friend list will allow the app’s user to check their friends on the platform, who are online, activity, and chat history. 

Like Comment and share

Like, comment and share will allow the users to react to their friends’ posts. They will also be able to post pictures and gifts on their profile. 

Language translator

Languages should not be a barrier when it comes to love. This is why we have integrated language translation in the app to allow your users to translate and understand what their potential partners are texting.

Block & report

The user will also be able to report as well as block and person they don’t want to receive any updates and messages from. The admin will filter out all the complaints made by the user and take appropriate actions. 

Automated filter options

An automated filter option will allow the user to apply conventions and filter out their profile based on their preferences to get the most accurate results. The automated filter is an essential feature for your app development.


The Admin Panel


The dashboard will allow the admin to navigate through the admin panel as well as offer control & permission over every operation.

Manage user

The manage user feature will allow the admin to perform any kind of operation on the user profile. They can add, remove, block or unblock any user based on the history of the user.

Reporting & analytics

Reports & analytics feature will allow the admin to check past growth of the app, revenue, engagement, download, and user’s behaviors. They will make weekly, monthly, and yearly reports and submit them to the higher-ups.

Verify & block

The admin will also be able to verify the user’s profile as well as block them.

More settings

The admin will also get extra features and settings like data fields, set limits, and more. However, the more features you will add the more your dating app cost.



Technical stack for Dating app solution

Being a specialized dating mobile application development company, Tech Pathway has the best suitable algorithms for bringing compatible individuals together. Let’s take a look at the specific technical stack for your dating app:

  •     XMPP
  •     Gradle for Android
  •     Braintree
  •     SQLite
  •     Retrofit with Java
  •     Carthage for iOS
  •     Alamo fire
  •     Fabric.io


How much it costs to develop an on-demand dating app

The first factor that will come into play is that development companies charge you in two ways for your app development

  •     The fixed price for the app development: Every application development company around the globe will ask you about your expectations from your dating app solution beforehand and after that decide on the final development cost. If your application does not require more than usual advanced features as well as a developer can estimate total development hours then they suggest you go with a fixed price.
  •     The per-hour development rate: If you are not sure about the features and end project requirements or investing in a high-end software or project then the per-hour development rate is the way to go.


The second factor will be the type of on-demand application that you want to develop

  •     Web application: $10000 to 15000 is the average development cost for a web app.
  •     Hybrid application: $15000 to $20000 is the average development cost in the case of hybrid apps.
  •     React Native app: $20000 to $25000 is the average development cost with React native app.
  •     Native app: Any other Native app will cost you over $30000 on average.


The third factor will be development cost based on their country

Any mobile application development company around the globe charges you differently based on the economics of their country. This means if you hire dedicated app developers from the USA will cost more than hiring a developer from India. Although the difference between expertise and experience isn’t as great as the development rates. 

  •     A USA-based mobile application development company will charge you anywhere around $200 to $250 per hour on average.
  •     An Eastern European country will charge you anywhere around $150 to $200 per hour on average.
  •     An Indian company will charge you around $30 to $50 per hour on average.


The fourth factor will be based on features of the app

  •     The complexity of the UI & UX of the app
  •     The total number of features and panel
  •     The total number of supported platforms
  •     The design and development cost of the website (if you want one).

Looking for a development company

Tech Pathway is one of the leading on-demand dating companies in both India and the USA. We develop dating apps like Tinder that helps people meet with their partner. As we are already aware that each passing day the technology is improving all around us. We empower smart devices with top-notch technology and application solutions to help them with their dating lives.

If you are looking for an application development company that can understand your dating app vision and turn it into a product that generates revenue then Tech Pathway is going to be the right choice. Other than on-demand app development, we offer other services too:

Here’s what we offer

  •     Salesforce support
  •     Digital Marketing and Ad campaign
  •     AI chatbot
  •     Application Maintenance and update
  •     Quality customer service
  •     Record time delivery
  •     Post-development support
  •     Easy to update and maintain code script

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