On-Demand Laundry App Development Process With Cost & Features

On-Demand Laundry App Development

As we know that laundry can be defined as a time taking process. On-demand laundry app is created so that people don’t have to waste their time on washing their clothes. The scope of targeting the audience is wider in the case of a laundry app. This app not only going to search for an individual person but also it will work for places like hotels and hospitals which includes bedsheets, uniforms and etc.

You can think about the older time when the washer-man comes at your doorstep daily to collect dirty clothes. And he would clean & Iron the clothes before delivering it again at your home. So you can think about how much the time-consuming process is this.

The main goal of the on-demand laundry app is to provide maximum satisfaction to the customer by giving various facilities to them. Moreover, a laundry app makes the process easy for laundrymen to manage all the orders at home.

When we talk about the market, The interest for laundry services worldwide is enlarging and in the event that you are into this business, at that point, the future prospect is by all accounts very lighting up. According to research, the income of the laundry services in 2016 was about 7.98 million US dollars, which is required to go up to 8.90 million US dollars by 2020.

Steps of using Laundry App :

  1. The user needs to log in to his account and fix the date and time if picking the clothes.
  2. Keep your all laundry clothes at one place
  3. The person will come to pick your clothes from home
  4. Then it will be taken to laundry place and where clothes will be wash properly, ironed and folded properly before ready to delivery back
  5. At last, it will be wrap in a paper sheet and deliver back to the owner

How Laundry App Works:

Advantages of a Laundry App:

  • The laundry app helps customers to save their time as they don’t need to go out to pick and drop the clothes for a wash.
  • The laundry app Provide an enhanced customers experience – from booking online to delivery at doorstep
  • A laundry app is very beneficial for the washer as they can manage their booking effectively.
  • The laundry app provides easy service for users to make the process simple and effective. Using a laundry app is very simple for users and washer as well. They don’t need to do any course or training to use the application.
  • The laundry app allows the washer to maintain client communication in a smart way.

Three major On-demand Laundry App requires:

  • Client Panel
  • Washer Panel
  • Admin panel

Client page:

In this customer first, you need to log in to the account through the phone number or email. Then, the page should have many options which customers can choose like washing, ironing, etc. there should be an option of calendar i.e., date and time of picking up the clothes and delivery time.

Laundry app:

It contains the information about an order that has taken place by the customers i.e., the pickup and delivery time, type of clothes, detergent, etc.

Admin panel

It is the main server that controls the client app and a laundry app. It sees the ratings or feedback done by the customers. The main work of the admin panel is that proper handling of management and issue related to the app.

Key features of User panel:

  • Registration
  • Search Laundry Service Nearby
  • Choose laundry type according to price
  • Select Plan
  • Date and delivery type
  • Send a request to Admin
  • Real-time tracking of a laundryman
  • Order Status
  • Payment Gateway to pay in the app
  • View order history
  • Available offers and discounts
  • Rating & Reviews
  • Push notifications

Key features of Washer Panel:

  • Login/Signup
  • Manage profile
  • View order request
  • Accept/Reject order as per availability
  • Manage laundry prices
  • Send notification on completion of order
  • View order history
  • Manage offers & discounts
  • Statistics and analytics

Key features of Admin Panel:

  • Manage orders
  • Provide actions to the user
  • Provide actions to Laundryman
  • Manage payments
  • Laundry category manager
  • Manage Commission
  • Content Management
  • Analytics of users and App usage

Technology Used for Laundry App Development:

  1. Twilio: for Push notification
  2. Nexmo, Twilio Sendgrid: for SMS, Phone and voice verification
  3. Paypal, Braintree, Stripe: for Payment integration
  4. MongoDB, Mail Chimp, Cassandra: for Database
  5. AWS, Google: for Cloud Environment
  6. Google Map: for Navigation

Development Process of On-Demand Laundry App:

The process to develop a laundry app is not as simple as you have hired the experienced team of developers and designers to build a successful application for your laundry business. To develop an on-demand laundry app, you need to hire some proficient individuals like:

  1. Project Manager: to take care of all your requirement and feature list and should be smart enough to talk with other team members
  2. Developers: Android developer, iPhone developer, Back-end or Front-end developer
  3. Designers: UI/Ux Designer, Graphic Designer
  4. Quality Analyst: testing the product to deliver for conveying a smooth and a rich encounter to clients

Cost to Develop a Laundry App:

The Cost relies upon the number of hours taken to build up the application as this is the general estimation taken by the application development organizations. The central point incorporates the structure of the application, choice of the platform (Android or iOS,) front-end and backend development lastly the application testing.

The cost of developing an On-Demand Laundry app would cost somewhere around $4000 to $8000 with some basic features and functionality. But if you wish to implant some advanced features to your app the cost may increase respectively.


In short, On-demand laundry app software has taken a very good place in society which gives the people not to worry about the washing clothes. The laundry app is one of those applications that has stepped forward and as a result of the effectiveness and comfort offered, an ever increasing number of clients are getting appended to it.

Therefore, in the event that you are hoping to build up a laundry app and give your business a flier, then don’t hesitate to get free quotation from the app development experts

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