On-Demand Taxi Booking App Development: Features & Cost

Same as on-demand app development has affected every industry on the planet, the Taxi booking industry hasn’t been any different. Major players like Uber and Ola came into the market and disrupted the whole industry. This has been possible because of the convenience that on-demand solutions provide to users. Now, rather than waiting on the road for a taxi, passengers can easily book a ride to their destination using their mobile phone. Taking a traditional problem and solving that problem using modern technology has always been the core of the on-demand solution industry. If you also thinking about investing in and want to know about on-demand taxi booking app development: features & cost. Also if you are someone who is searching the Internet for Mobile app developers for hire. Well in such a case, you can read this blog as a reference. Here we will be sharing some statistics about the on-demand taxi app industry and the cost of mobile app development. Welcome to the Tech Pathway blog, today we have brought to you on-demand taxi booking app development: features & cost. Before you hire Taxi app developers take a look at this blog.


Let’s Take A Look At The On-Demand Taxi Market

Before you jump the gun and hire a Taxi app development company let’s take a moment and look at the current market trend. 

  • The total on-demand taxi booking market is worth $316 billion in 2020 and according to experts, it is going to increase at a pace of 20.6% by 2024. 
  • The biggest on-demand taxi company Uber alone is worth $48.17 billion. 
  • Taxi booking is not the only business you can do, once you have developed your customer base, you can also evolve your business to peer-to-peer ridesharing, bike-sharing, pool riding, and food delivery services. All of this is possible using your application the same as Uber Technologies Inc did. 


Required features an on-demand Taxi booking app

User Panel

  • Registration: The registration option will allow the user to register on the app using their Email ID, or mobile number. 
  • Sign in: Once the registration process is completed users can log in from here. 
  • Edit profile: The user’s profile can be edited from here. 
  • In-app map: Integrated in-app map will allow the user to choose their destination and pickup. 
  • Choose between different rides: The user will also be able to choose between the ride they want to take. 
  • Booking a ride: Once the user has chosen the ride they want to take, they can book it by clicking here. 
  • In-app call: In-app call service will allow the user to make a call to the driver. 
  • Billing service: Once the ride is completed, the billing features will create a digital bill of the ride and show it to the user. 
  • SOS option: SOS option will be used by the user in case of any emergency. 
  • Rate & Review: The passenger will be able to give rates and reviews to the user once the ride is completed. 
  • SMS alert: This will alert the user about their scheduled ride. 
  • Schedule booking: Scheduled booking can be done using this option. 
  • Estimated time to reach the destination: The estimated time to the destination will be shown here. 
  • Estimated fare: With the estimated time, the fare will also be shown here. 
  • Customer support: The user will be able to connect with customer care in case they need it. 


Driver Panel

  • Registration: Drivers will be able to register themselves from here. 
  • Sign in: After the registration, they can sign into the app from here. 
  • Status active or deactivated: They will also be able to activate their availability status as they wish. 
  • Accepting a ride or rejecting ride: The driver will also be able to accept as well as reject rides. 
  • In-app map: In-app map will help the driver to reach the destination and pickup. 
  • In-app call service: In-app call features will allow them to connect with the passenger. 
  • SOS option: SOS option will allow them to send out a single in case of emergency. 
  • Rate customer: Drivers will also be able to rate the passenger. 
  • Estimated time to reach the destination: Same as the passenger can check the estimated time, the driver will also be able to check the estimated time to the destination. 
  • Estimated fare: The estimated fare of the ride will be shown here. 
  • Billing generates: Billing generation will be done automatically once the ride is completed. 


Admin Panel

  • Complaint management: The admin will manage and respond to all of the complaints from drivers as well as passengers. 
  • SOS alert: The admin will be able to manage the SOS alert and perform the appropriate responses. 
  • Vehicle tracker: Every single cab that is registered with the database will have a tracking device. This will also be managed by the admin. 
  • Revenue management: The revenue management as well as payment transactions will be done from here. 
  • Analytical tools: The admin will be able to make weekly, monthly, and yearly reports using analytical tools. 


Cost of developing an on-demand Taxi booking app

The cost of your app that your mobile application development company will charge will be based upon:

The location of the development company: The location of the company which you will hire to develop the app will determine your development price. For example, if you hire dedicated developers from a USA-based company then they will charge you almost $200 per hour whereas an India-based company will charge you almost $40 per hour. 

The complexity of the app: Depending upon the total number of features and quality of UI & UX your app’s complexity will increase hence the number of hours developers will spend on your app will increase too. 

The total number of platforms: The total number of platforms will also decide the final cost of your application. If you want your on-demand taxi booking solution to support both Android and iOS devices the cost will more than developing the application only for Android devices. 

The final development cost of android app development, as well as iOS app development, will be anywhere between $5000 to $30000. However, the actual cost will be decided by your Mobile app development company. 


Looking for a company to hire

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