The Top Pharmacy Apps to Inspire You in 2020

The Top Pharmacy Apps to Inspire You in 2020

Nowadays some mobile applications like Prescription Delivery application, Pill Tracker, drug guide Apps, pharmacy apps, etc are used to increase the effectiveness of the treatment process.we will tell you the best pharmacy apps that are inspire you in 2020. These best pharmacy apps are used by doctors and their patients. In this blog, we discussed on Best Pharmacy Apps to inspire you in 2020.

Medical Reference Apps

Therefore, Application helps to provide data which relates to diagnosis, methods of treatment, symptoms, diseases, description of drugs, answer to the medical question asked by the users.By doing this, many clinical professionals understand the benefits of having helpful medical references on portable devices. Additionally, The patients can take full advantage of the information and get better resistance from diseases.

  1. UpToDate:- However, This application helps to provide latest healthcare related data which is used by daily users and professional. As well as It is proven by the medical experts and it is a great source for healthcare knowledge.

Key-Features of UpToDate Application

  • Persistence Login
  • Easy Search with auto-completion
  • Earn and track CME/CE/CPD credit
  • Bookmarks and history
  • Mobile optimized medical calculators 
  • Print and email topics or graphics to patients and colleges

Patients receive:- The patients can take advantage of UpToDate Application:-

  • They can better understand the symptoms of their diseases
  • They can find out which doctor is best for a consult
  • They can ask questions regarding their problem with their physician

Medical Professionals receive:- Identically,With the help of UpToDate Application, a medical expert can find the answer to their questions to treat their patients as fast as possible. 

2. Epocrates:- However, IT is the best nursing apps use by doctors which have experience to check the important medical information.

Key Features of Epocrates Application:-

  • Drug Info
  • Expert Content
  • Clinical Guidelines
  • Notifications
  • Interaction Check
  • Formulary

Benefits of Epocrates Application:-

  • Additionally, It is proven by US doctors and millions of professional physicians to take advantage of using this application in his work effectively.
  • Identically, with the help of up-to-date information help to create relevancy.
  • As well as It helps to create beneficial solutions for customers which are common and potential.

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Drug Guide Apps

These applications provide full detailed information on medications. All the necessary information regarding medicines are stored in one place.

  1. I.V Drug Handbook:- This app is created by the well-known developer MobiSyarem. This application contains detailed information of more than 400 medicines and the number keeps growing.

Key Features of I.V. Drug Handbook

  • All-inclusive coverage of over 350 drugs
  • Various kinds of search tools and learning tools are available
  • Offline Mode
  • Premium Support


  • You can easily search about the drug that displayed on the main screen in alphabetical order.
  • As well as users can customize the application setting according to their requirements.
  • However, description of each drug contains lots of parameters such as dosage, side effects, interaction with other medicines, special aspects of the use, and many more.

2. Medscape:- Medscape offers detailed information on drugs, including annotations, compatibility tests, etc. This app can be used by the doctors and potential customers both.

Key Features of Medscape:-

  • Information of 8500+ drugs, herbals, supplements are available
  • The latest clinical news 
  • Alert about FDA approvals, med news, and much more
  • Access to reference articles
  • Home Screen customization


  • In other words, they have user-friendly interface that provides a convenient search option
  • It offers more than 7 thousand reviews on medicines.
  • However, it provide lots of monographs on medical topics, video tutorial, clinical images, and much more 

Prescription Drug Apps

These applications are used to purchase drugs online but the user has the doctor’s prescription. On behalf of this prescription, additionally, the user can purchase the desired drugs otherwise they won’t get anything.

  1. Healthera:- Therefore, Healthera Pharmacy App is recommended by the representative of the National Health Service. Additionally, It is one of the best prescription discount applications that focus to help users to take the prescribed medication with maximum comfort.

Features of Healthera Application

  • Repeat prescriptions
  • Pharmacy Medication Consultation
  • Pharmacy quick message
  • Medication Reminders 


  • As well as the users need to add their prescribed drugs in the app and place their orders with ease.
  • Subsequently, It helps to avoid the long queue, unnecessary calls, and the like.
  • However, Sometimes owners offer bonuses like free delivery or discount on products to their potential customers.

2. RxSaver:- If you want medicines at a low rate, so this is very useful for you. You can find maximum discounts on medicines.

Features of RxSaver Application:-

  • Search Bar
  • Prescription Coupons
  • List of drug prices from nearby pharmacies


  • As well as you can save a maximum of 80% on the total prices for the prescribed medicines.
  • Moreover, RxSaver provides offers to its potential customers such as special discount coupons valid in most pharmacies in America and Europe.
  • In other words, It also offers an affordable purchase on the prescribed medicines for your pet.

Treatment Planning Apps

These applications are used to make a recovery plan for the treatment of the users by providing them notifications and various types of reminders for taking medicines, measuring your pressure, and much more.

  1. MediSafe:- Identically,Medisafe is a free pill tracker application that helps people significantly who suffer from serious diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, etc. In other words, Most of the people forget to take medicines on time, so the Medisafe app reminds the user to take medicines on time.

Features of MediSafe App

  • Pills Remainders
  • Refill Reminders
  • Medicine Tracker
  • Alarm for all medication needs
  • Daily, weekly and monthly med reporting
  • Pharmacy discount cards and drugstore coupons

Benefits of Medisafe App

  • As well as you can integrate your application with the HealthKit where you can store all the health information in one place.
  • As well as you can add your relatives to the list of users, and they are able to keep track of the timely medication intake.
  • Medisafe is not only for taking medicines on time but also provides a tool to create your reports in Excel and PDF format. Additionally, these reports can be sent to your doctors, so he could better control your treatment process.
  • Identically, The application will be able to send you a reminder if your phone is in sleep mode. In other words, it supports a time changing zone, which makes your journey comfortable.

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Medicine Delivery Apps

However, These applications are used to deliver medicines from person to person. These applications act as an intermediate between the buyer and the seller.

  1. PharmEasy:- Additionally,PharmEasy app provides the users simplest, affordable, and comfortable way to purchase medicines online that can be received by their physician prescription. This provides a lot of features like tracking of the order status and free drug return.

Features of PharmEasy App

  • Medicine orders
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Healthcare/OTC products
  • Monthly Medicine Refills

Benefits of PharmEasy App:-

  • This application may deliver your order within 48 hours.
  • Moreover, to medicines, it offers the users diverse med goods and equipment.
  • Subsequently, PharmEasy provides an opportunity for users to order medical services like preventive body examinations, diagnostic tests, etc.
  • However, It offers wonderful discounts to the users on the home delivery of medicines.
  1. NetMeds:- In other words,NetMeds provide the simplest possible process of ordering and deliver the medicines with just a few clicks are required to get the desired drug.

Features of NetMeds App

  • Buy medicines online
  • Doorstep Delivery
  • Consult best doctors online 24*7 
  • Free Follow up consultation 
  • Timely medicine refill reminders
  • Free access to health information

Benefits of NetMeds:-

  • In other words, the application offers various drugs to different kinds of patients.
  • Orders are being accepted by 24*7 hours.
  • Netmeds provides users with several payment options.

Pharmacist Apps 

  1. MPR:- Therefore, MRP provides the pharmacist’s medical information and this application is used by 800 thousand clinical staff on a regular basis.

Features of MPR App

  • Prescribing information
  • Curated daily news
  • Breaking news notification
  • Automatic, real-time updates

Benefits of MPR application:-

  • It contains a variety of medical content such as drug data, monographs, etc.
  • Therefore, Drug Notification and up to date medicine reminder and alert
  • As well as you can access your favourite app section by simplified navigation
  • In other words, It provides useful medical solutions, calculators, and other similar healthcare tools.
  1. Pocket Pharmacists:- However,This application is mainly focused on the United States and the local American medicines that are also useful for the other countries of pharmacies.

Features of Pocket Pharmacist App

  • Search
  • Interaction checker
  • Med Organizer
  • Quiz

Benefits of PocketPharmacists App:-

  • In other words, The content has been prepared by the professional pharmacists and the language of the presentation is very clear.
  • However, This app doesn’t provide advertisements related to medical company. As its information is accurate and objective.

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Wrapping Up

Now, you know the Best Pharmacy Apps 2020. They provide various types of information related to drugs, healthcare check ups, diseases,  and much more. Additionally, Now, you can easily download these apps on your mobile and get the benefits. And if you’re looking to create your own pharmacy apps of the same type, you can contact Tech pathway.

Identically, Tech pathway is a leading Mobile and Web Development Company in India that provides on-demand solutions to our worldwide clients. 

Additionally, Tech pathway provides the following on-demand services to our clients:- 

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