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The pharmacy management system also knows as a pharmacy information system is a data storage and organizing system that helps pharmacies in regulating and coordinating the medication processes. It helps from organizing the process of prescription, order maintaining, dispensing, and monitoring the patient to giving the bills, and checking the stock, etc.

What are its usages

The pharmacy software is a new generation system method that may work independently from pharmacy management software or work in tandem with the normal CPOE management system. The system has specially designed pharmacy software for the medication practitioners to help them in arranging their miscellaneous tasks such as effective dispensation of drugs or managing the patients’ data information.

The pharmacy management software system also serves the practitioner throughout the Patient care process. The system further serves to remind the pharmacist in verifying that the medication they are going to give is given to the right patient, the quantity plus dosage of the drug, and the timing when the is to be given is all correct. The pharmacist management software should also give the pharmacist clinical suggestions and notify if there is a possible critical situation that may arise in any particular case.

Basic Elements of a Pharmacy Management System

A standard pharmacy management system should have the ability to well organize the data fed to it. It means that the system should be able to record and manage all the information from medicine stock-related data to a patient’s prescribe medicins dosage quantity.

It should also have an easy-to-use user interface. That means the interface should be easy to understand for everyone from noobs to masters. The software should also be visually attractive. The system should be equipped with tools for separating every information into different sections, based on the data type.

The system should also have strict security rules and access permissions for patients’ personal and health-related data. The owner of the system should be capable of granting different access permission based on the user’s role. An example of it is that the billing counter not being able to access a patient’s health history but should be able to access the medical and processing fees that the patient has paid.

Pharmacy billing software

The pharmacy billing software is the business-related part of the pharmacy management system. The software handles all the commerce-related data. The pharmacy billing software organizes your inventory by keeping the track of the medicine in stock, the expiry dates of every lot of medicine sitting on the shelves, maintaining rack-wise stock reports which save time wasted during identifying the medicines, re-ordering the used up items, and many more. It also does the billing of purchase and sold pharmaceutical items.

Customer/patient  support

All the top pharmacies have pharmacy management systems that provide special services for patients. The patients can register themselves on the required platform may it be an application or website. Once the registration is complete the patients can get pharmacy information related to them or their problem. This pharmacy information can be about their treatment reports, prescriptions given to them by the doctor, or even the status of their complaint in case if they have to file any. The pharmacy information also plays an important role in helping the pharmacist and patients in decreasing medication error, increasing patient safety, reporting medication usage, and keeping track of the cost of treatment.

Different Advantages of Different Platforms

There are many different advantages of different platforms. Like a mobile-based system can be accessed from anywhere in the world while the computer-based version is more suitable for long sitting or long working hours. While the application version is more attractive and interactive, the web version works on both devices without changing anything.

 But if there are us-sides of something there will also be some downside of the same thing.

In the swallowing section, we will discuss both downsides and upsides of mobile device-based and application platform-based systems.

The mobile-based system may be easy to use but it also feels less professional than computers. While at the same time it is more convenient to use. The pharmacist may use the system to advise their patients from vacation or while stuck in a traffic jam. The application platform system requires a different application to be built from scratch for every single platform while a single website works on every single platform without differentiating whether the device is a mobile or computer. But the application-based platform also provides more area for creativity and space for customization. The app-based systems are more convenient and easy to use than their web-based counterparts.


So, which to choose?

If you ask us between the two of both, which to choose. A mobile-based system or computer-based system and same for app and web-based. Our answer will be the mobile and application.


Why choose application as a platform?

Applications allow the developers to be as much creative as they can be, and make the system as interactive and convenient to use as possible. There are no boundaries in what could be done in an app. The applications are also more convenient to use for the new users. Want solid proof of our argument?

 According to reports, higher than 81% of users search for the services that they need online, and over one-fourth of them, means more than 20% of users search for an app related to the services. And according to the ongoing trends, business-related apps downloads are supposed to grow over 16% in the next five years.

Now you may ask reasons for choosing the mobile.

Why develop a PMS based on Mobile Application?

The highest used device in today’s world is mobile and most people also use their mobiles to place orders. So, if you want an extensive reach of customers then your PMS should mobile-based. According to a survey the mobile platform has the most active customers available. Mobile devices have, well, the highest mobility. They can be brought anywhere. This allows users to be always updated about their inventory status, what is the patient’s status, or any important alert that may arise and need an immediate response from the user.

How to own your own PMS

So now we know that the pharmacy management system comes in many types and works on many different platforms. The system may be an application-based system or it may work with the website as a base. It is all dependent on the requirement and demands of the users. There are many companies which specialize in building application or web-designing. After the trend of utilizing PMS started many companies started working toward building these systems. The companies provide their customers the freedom to chose from many different platforms on which the system is operable like on a computer or a mobile and from the form of a website or an application.

Want our advice about who to choose from the ocean of companies?

Where to go to develop the app

There are many app development companies out there in the market. Tech pathway is one of the top app development companies with 5 out of 5 ratings and with a plethora of experience in developing apps. Our developed apps are diverse from management systems to billing systems. The company has different dedicated teams that have committed themselves in their own fields of expertise. They have their own unique ways of custom-building apps related to management system development. 

We at tech pathway provide extensive business support to our customers. We allow you to customize your app in your style for your unique needs. If you are searching and expecting foreign customers and business transactions then you can ask us to add currency change support to your app. It helps with accurate payment calculation across different currencies and will provide a seamless and clear service experience across countries.

Our application allows you to manage your pharmacy from any place on daily basis with just one click. You can check what is available in stock, what is going to expire and have to be returned to make sure that your business makes a 0% loss, different rates at which the different medicines are getting sold out and are going to run out of stock, placing an order based on stock, prescribing alternate or substitute medicines with same salt composition and strength and many more based on your demands.

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