Why Salon Booking business requires a Mobile Application?

Nowadays, customers prefer to save time and money by getting services from a beautician at their home only. Opening a salon is a very easy task but customer prevention is a necessary task for a business. The time comes when a customer needs to wait for a long time to get a haircut, manicure, pedicure, etc. Also for spa owners, it is a very hectic task as all booking appointments done from phone calls and many times it happened that a mess is created because of poor management. Having a record of the calls, fixing appointments with the requirements are all require a great effort.

So for all these obstacles, there is one solution i.e. to make your online salon booking app. A business can connect with a professional stylist or the salon owner itself or both they can serve the services to the customer at their location or at the salon itself it depends on the customer preference. The on-demand beauty service mobile app allows you to meet the most appropriate salon options for the user that are easily accessible.

Benefits of a Salon Booking app-

  • Excellent opportunity for a salon to grab the customers
  • 24*7 availability
  • Helps the customer to book your services anywhere and anytime
  • Manage to book effectively
  • Rewards for regular customer

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User panel-

Features to include in a salon booking app-

  • Registration
  • Choose the salon or stylist
  • View the services
  • Schedule the service
  • Booking appointment
  • Payment method
  • Rate and review
  • View subscription package
  • View booked past and future schedule
  • Chat with the stylist

Admin panel-

  • Manage user, stylist and beauty salon
  • Approve or reject the stylist registration request
  • Manage payments
  • Reports

Additional Features

  • Easy login and registration- Users can easily register themselves by filling the contact no, and email id.
  • Profile- User needs to fill the personal information like name, contact no, email id and home address
  • User-friendly interface- The look of the page should be a fascinating one that it holds the visitor’s mind and convert them into a regular customer.
  • Daily beauty tips- The app will give you details about the beauty product and the use to the customers.
  • Fixing appointment- Just one tap is required to book the appointments as per user requirements.
  • Gallery- This feature allows users to view the interior of the salon with the services they provide and the work of every stylist.
  • Offer and services- The app will provide a discount or gift to its customers.
  • Push notifications- Users can keep updated with the beauty tips, some offers, and new products and more facial options and much more. Also, the message related to payments, order confirmation, new customer requests, etc can be sent to users, stylists and the salon owners for keeping them updated. Also, remind the users about the appointment date and time.

Technologies Stack Required-

  • Apple push notification/ firebase cloud messaging- For push notification
  • Datastax- for data management
  • GWT- For powerful programming mandrill( related to mails)
  • Twilio, Sinch, Nexmo- For SMS, voice and phone notification
  • Mail chip integration, Paypal- For accepting payments
  • Database- MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra
  • Cloud Environment- Google, AWS
  • Real-Time Analytics- Hadoop, BigData, Spark, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM

How to develop a quality on-demand salon Appointment Booking app?

  1. Recognize your user requirement- This is the most important point. To know the user’s requirement most frequently used products, services, how often they visit the salon, book the appointments and everything. View their feedbacks and communicate with them so they get to know more information about the users.
  1. Evaluate your competitors- Always look at what your competitors serving to users and accordingly make plans to go high from your competitors by giving the best to best services to users.
  1. Right mobile app company- To choose the right company that can serve you the best quality of the app.
  1. Implement the app in the right way- To go with the right development procedure like planning, analysis, design, development, quality assurance and launch for crafting the mobile app.

How much salon booking app cost?

The cost to develop a salon booking app will depend on the features you are including in it. Around, $7000-$10000 would cost to develop an app with basic features. But if you want some advanced features then it would cost around $10000-$15000 as per the requirements and depends on which organization you are choosing to develop an app. It would take approximately 6-10 weeks to develop a salon booking app for Android, iPhone.

” Also Read: How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Photo Editing App like FaceApp?

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