SEO Made Simple: A complete guide of SEO in 2020

SEO Made Simple: A complete guide of SEO in 2020

You know how SEO is important in Digital Marketing. One of the biggest questions of the users is What is SEO and how it works? With the help of a complete guide of SEO in 2020, you can rank your website and also drive the organic traffic to your websites. If you do not have any experience with SEO, then you are all welcome here. In this blog, we will cover how SEO Made Simple: A Complete guide of SEO in 2020.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Here we show you a complete guide of SEO in 2020. SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process that is used to optimize your online content to get huge organic traffic from the search engine results page. Additionally, SEO helps your websites to get organic traffic and display your websites on the top of the search engine results page.

In other words, a complete guide of SEO in 2020 is a long term based internet marketing strategy which aimed to get a website ranked in the search engine. There are so many techniques used to get higher results in organic searches.

In SEO, keyword marketing is an essential method where a company gets huge success with its marketing campaign. A list of keywords can be create and use to promote a website to deal with the products and services.

SEO requires specific web hosting tools like Meta tags, anchor tags, and Https. SEO also needs a quality domain name, a good internet host, a quality domain service, and a responsive web host for your websites.

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A Complete guide of SEO in 2020.

SEO is important because:-

  • The majority of the search engine users (more than 70%) are likely to click on the top 5 suggestions in the search engine results page.
  • SEO practices improve user experiences and usability of a website.
  • SEO is also used as the social promotion of websites. People can find their websites by searching on Google, Yahoo that can promote it on Facebook, Twitter, or other Social Media Channels.
  • However, SEO is used to increase the search engine traffic for the websites and run the websites very smoothly.
  • The SEO helps to make your Google My Business Listing more visible to the users.
  • SEO impact the Voice Search enhances your mobile ranking and helps your business to dominate the competition.

How do Search engines work?

SearchEngine works have three main functions:-

  1. Crawl:- Crawling is a process where the spiders or crawlers are used to find out new and updated content like a webpage, image, a video, a pdf that is discovered by links. Google bots start to fetch a few web pages and then follow the links to find new URLs. With the path of links the crawler finds new content and adds it to their index called Caffeine. After then it can be retrieved when a searcher wants to seek the information. 
  • Index:- Search Engine is a process to store the information in the form of an index. It is a huge database where all the content is saved and served to the searchers when it is needed.
  • Rank:- When someone searches in the search engine, the search engine scours their index for highly relevant content in order to solve the searcher’s query. This is known as search engine ranking. 

Basic Terms Vocabulary

  • On-Page vs Off-Page SEO
  • White Hat vs Black Hat 

On-Page vs Off-Page SEO

On-Page SEO

The on-page SEO factors are one of those elements that happen on your websites. You can work on these factors that are use to improve them by following the best practices for SEO.

In other words, On-Page SEO is used to focus on your website and content. The aim of On-Page SEO is that the searchers find the solution of the query on the search engine. On-Page SEO helps Google and the searchers to decide whether your content is relevant or not.

Here are some On-Page SEO factors that can help you to improve your search rankings:-

  • E-A-T Content:- E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness. E-A-T is one of the ways to organize your thoughts and contents to make it more effective. Google and the other search engine works for high-quality content is always on the top. So you have to prepare a higher-quality content compared to your competitors. 
  • Title tag:- Additionally, Title tag is a Html Tag that is located on the webpage’s head section. These tags are used to provide the context for your content or web pages is about. The title link acts as a clickable link on the search engine results pages. You can also see on the browser window that tells the basics about your webpages.
  • Meta Description:- The descriptions or meta tags provide an opportunity to talk about your content in a short description. It displays below the title of your webpage on the search engine results pages. By optimizing the meta description, it can increase the click rates and the people can see your webpages on the search results.
  • Content Headlines:-  If you want to rank your content on the top position of the search engine, then you need to write some interesting headlines. So Subsequently you need to be strategic when writing the headlines of the content. It should create interest among the audiences and will increase the click rates through the search engine results.
  • Header Tags:- Header tags are one of the elements that are used to identify the headings and subheadings of the content. It helps the users to make the content easier for reading. Furthermore, it gives a chance to provide keyword-rich content that helps the search engines to identify your content.
  • SEO Writing:- SEO writing is advantageous for both search engines and your readers. Subsequently, Your aim behind your content creation is to engage your readers to share your content based on what your content has to offer. Basically this means that your content is authoritative content, relevant information, and trusted sources.
  • Keyword Cannibalization:- Whenever you target a specific keyword to your webpages among a lot of areas, it shows keyword cannibalization, which can impact your SEO. Then Google bots think that your page is all spam with the overuse of keywords. As well as if your web pages have any keyword cannibalization, then you have to solve it immediately.
  • Image Name and ALT tags:- Identically, If you are using images for your websites and for your blog content, then you will also include your keyword or phrase in the image name and alt tag. In other words this will help to index your images by the search engine that is used when the users search images with the help of keywords. 

Off-Page SEO

Identically, Off-Page SEO is all about the promotion of the blog post or the webpages. In other words Off-Page SEO techniques can be used to promote your websites on the search engine result page. In other words Off-Page SEO factors that can impact on your website ranking. You do not have any direct control over these factors, there are different ways to improve your chance for these factors in your favour.

Here are some Off-Page SEO factors that can impact your search engine rankings:-

  • Trust:- Therefore Trust is an important factor that is use to increase the ranking of webpages in the search engine. Google determines that visitors can trust your site or not. One of the best ways to create quality backlinks from sites that will be helpful to improve the trust of the sites. 
  • Links:- It is one of the popular ways to create backlinks of Off-Page SEO. You have to be careful with the spamming sites because these links can ban your sites from the search engines. However, you can take your time to build strong relationships with influencers who will create quality content and help you to get links in their own content.
  • Social:- There is another important Off-Page SEO factor is social signals such as likes and shares. When it comes to boosting your SEO, then you have to look at your quality shares and influencers. Whenever you publish more quality content than you will be able that people share your quality content with the other.

White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO

White Hat SEO

The White Hat SEO refers to the techniques and strategies that are use to target the audiences not to search engines. In other words, White Hat SEO refers to the tools and techniques that improve your search rankings on a search engine results page while maintaining the integrity of the websites under the guidelines of search engines.

However, White Hat SEO techniques include using keyword, keyword analysis, doing research, rewriting relevant meta-tags, backlinking, link building, and content creation for relevant users.

Benefits of the White Hat SEO Techniques

  • Free from penalty
  • Less Expensive
  • Build Strong Relationship
  • Healthy Website Ranking
  • Will not tarnish your reputation

Black Hat SEO

Identically, Black Hat SEO is a practice that is against the guidelines of the search engine and is used to get high ranking in the search results. As well as Black Hat SEO only focuses on the search engine not about human audiences. Basically, Black Hat SEO is use by those who want a quick return on their site. These unethical techniques and tactics cant solve any query of the users and often end in a penalty from the search engines.

However, Some techniques that are use in Black Hat SEO are keyword stuffing, cloaking, Sneaky Redirects, Poor Quality Content, Paid Links, Abusing Structured Data, Rich Snippet, Blog Comment Spam, Link Farms, Private Blog Networks. 

The disadvantage of Black Hat SEO

  • Unethical and illegal in nature
  • The search engine bans the website for those who used black hat techniques with the help of search engine algorithms.
  • There is no security for these websites, they can be hack easily.
  • Therefore, negative opinions are effect by the audiences, which will affect the reputation of the websites.

Why Should You Avoid Black Hat SEO

Actually, Black Hat SEO is not illegal but it violates the webmaster guidelines which is set by the search engines. So, it means that if you engage in black hat SEO then you will be able to get a nasty penalty as punishment. And your website will be drop-down in the search engine results and also it could be remove completely. Nowadays the practicing of Black Hat SEO is much avoidable and it will damage your presence in search engines.

How to Avoid Black Hat SEO

  • Avoid “cloaking” or tricking search engine spiders/crawlers to redirect them on another page. You should focus your efforts to solve the query of the users and build a great user experience from search engine to site.
  • Write only good quality and original content to avoid the keyword stuffing. You can create a quality content with the help of Google’s content guidelines and content creation kit.
  • Never buy and sell the links to others. Not exchange your links instead of free products.
  • Avoid to set up a private blog network for getting links.
  • Stay up to date with the guidelines so that you can avoid the black hat tactics and techniques which are prohibited by the search engines.

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I hope you get all the information about a complete guide of SEO in 2020 and how it works, now you can work to improve the SEO of your site and boost your ranking on the search engine results page. Basically, there are lots of factors that impact your SEO ranking. But you have to consider whether your content is valuable and relevant or not to your audiences.

So always keep in mind that a SEO takes some time to work its magic. You won’t get experience with the benefits of SEO overnight. However, it will take a couple of months to get the results of your hard work.

Need help to build your SEO? So first you have to understand a complete guide of SEO in 2020. However, you are not agree with your search engine rankings? It is the right time to call  Tech Pathway company. Tech Pathway is a Digital Marketing company, that can help you to improve your search engine ranking and boost your organic traffic to your websites.

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