What is the Process to Set Up an On-demand Grocery Market

on-demand grocery market

The field of Information Technology has brought evolution in almost every aspect of our lives. People are diverting more towards using their smartphones instead of stepping out of their places. Earlier, we had to go to grocery stores for grocery shopping. Nowadays, it is possible to do grocery shopping with the help of smartphones because of the internet and technology. An on-demand grocery app mirrors all the facilities of an offline store. It allows users to create a grocery list, share it with stores and setlist of shopping. They will deliver your groceries at your doorstep.

Steps to be followed to set up an online grocery business :

  • buyer
  • Visit website
  • login/signup
  • Search whatever you want to shop for?
  • Make your shopping cart
  • payment(COD also available)
  • Get your groceries at your doorstep

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How to set up an on-demand grocery business in India:

 Identify a target location

The first step you need to take to start your online grocery market is to identify the location where you want to target. Identifying the eating habits and buying patterns of the people who stay in this zone. It will enable you to identify which items sell faster.


You must meet nearby grocery merchants, wholesalers, transporters, etc. Many of them become your business partners when you start your business. They can give you an estimation of how much does it cost.

 Make a marketing plan  

  • Distributing pamphlets.
  • Running a social media campaign.
  • Sending bulk SMS.
  • Putting up hoardings at prominent locations in your locality.
  • Doing door-to-door visits.
  • Advertise in the local newspapers.

Competitive analysis

You are not the only one who is running an online grocery business, there are many others. You have to do an analysis of your competitors,this will help you to start your business. 

What you need to start an on-demand grocery business:

1.Grocery stores 

  First, you need at least 6-7 grocery stores in each locality.

2. Vehicles 

 For shipping of groceries to the customer, you need vehicles.you can tie up with any transportation agency for vehicles.

3. Setup a delivery system 

The success of an online grocery business relies heavily on how fast you can deliver the items to your customer’s home/office. You need delivery boys for delivering groceries at the customer’s doorstep.

4. Register your business

This is the most important factor in the whole process of building an online grocery store. You need a license from related authority to run your business.

5. Start an online grocery website or mobile application

This module involves the development process to start your website, which will be the main face of your grocery store. It is a platform to set up communication between customers, delivery boys and grocery stores.

6. Generate a feedback system

You must have to take feedback from your customers. In case your customers have any query then listen to their complaints and take action to resolve it. It helps you to provide a trustworthy platform to your customers.

7. Choose a method of payment

You need a payment gateway like PayPal,paytm and many more. You can also add ‘CASH ON DELIVERY’ option. Customers can make payments via net banking too.


In online services, customers expect to track their orders in real-time. With the help of a tracking system, users can track their orders anytime. For this, all you need is a GPS system to make it possible.


The online grocery store offers a convenient platform for users to save their time and effort by getting groceries online. By starting your own online grocery business in India, you provide an easy way of shopping for your customers as well as you can earn profit with this business.

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