Social Network app development trends which your developer should care about

In recent years digitally grow cycle, from a common man to the celebrities and politicians, all are connected with different  social media channels, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ to stay active with their friends, relatives, and followers. According to a research most of the people are now attached and are literally living in the social media world removed from their own locality.

Facebook is growing very high in the social networking world, closely followed by sites like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Snapchat back in the recent days. But its not mean that another smaller social networks are not famous and beneficial. They are, and new websites are coming every day.

So before we are going further to learn how to develop a social app, there are two major things which you have to keep in mind and understand:

  • First thing which you have to know is there are various kinds of social apps. Some of the people are confuse with term social media app with social network app. But there is no confusion that they do have a mostly features in common, however, it is very necessary to identify these terms because the process of establish them is hardly different.
  • Social networking Apps which include blogs, photos, videos, and articles that transfer information over different types of media. Basic purpose of the social media apps is to instruct and share content with users. They also carry some social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • Social Media Apps are all about mutual conversation with others. Some great examples are WhatsApp and Snapchat.

Important steps for Social media app development

To make a social network, you should choose a platform which help you to speed up the software development process. The back end generally add the parts that perform the work, which the end users don’t see. It includes the databases, API, ADM Portal, etc. Time it will take depends on how complicated your network will be.

For Android

  • If you want to create a social media app for Android, then first you need to learn Java online for free.
  • For better knowledge of this you have to learn Android Development and related topics
  • After that you have to learn SQL and JSON Parsing
  • Also include other languages such as Python and Ruby

For iOS

  • iOS requires the knowledge of Swift or Objective-C to make a social media app
  • For a good knowledge of iOS Development read more about it.
  • Also read SQL for iOS and JSON Parsing

How to make a Networking App

Create a social network application is like to establish social media apps because their back end parts are same as the technical parts. Still, some things are there which you have to keep in your mind when creating a social network app:

  1. Strategy
  • Be very clear-cut when you are considering your app ideology and social network application development. Do deep research and read more about your competitors. Do new things which makes your app very different from other apps. What things make your app be useful to your audience? What’s your objective? Why your app is unique from others? And what is the main motive of making the social network app?
  • Firstly you have to design simple and user friendly app which is very comfortable to use. Carefully evaluate your ideas, draw your audience and make note of key symbols that will help guide your success.
  1. Main Principles
  • User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Design are important to understanding how your design control customers’ behavior and reactions. For learn about UX/UI you can take online courses.
  • Privacy and confidentiality are very important factor for the messaging part. A social media platform with carefully attention of users privacy will make your network more reliable.
  • Integration with other connection will make your app stable and much more efficient. Don’t be scared to reach out to others.

Social Media and Networking Analysis

There are several significance metrics for social networks that will help you track and operate your actions during the development of the social media apps and social network apps.

  • Acquisition. Cost per Install (CPI) tracks the installs of clients that come from ads. CPI = Ad Costs / # app installs.
  • User Activation complete the number of activated users.
  • User Retention express the number of users that update the app. It helps to check how users connect with updated changes
  • Churn Rate is useful to find out how many users have deleted or stopped using the app.
  • User Engagement demonstrates is target the number of actions, which carry Session Length and Interval.
  • Traction helps to explain the need for the app. It shows month to month improvement of the number of users
  • Burn Rate shows the money amount which is used for server cost, marketing, etc.

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