Things To Consider Before Working On IOS Application Development

Things to consider before working on iOS application development

Ever since IOS was first launched back in the year 2007, users across the globe loved it. One of the main reasons people love iPhones so much is because of their operating system iOS which offers great functionalities, security, and features. In addition to this, iOS app development also has helped both developers as well as Apple itself by making a profit for both parties. According to a report by Statista, between 2008 to 2020 there have been over 180 billion app downloads completed on the App Store. If you are also thinking about developing an iOS app or investing in iOS app development. But thinking about things to consider before working on iOS application development? Well in such a case, today we are going to share with you a few mistakes and points you will need to consider before you start working on iOS app development. You can also contact us if you are searching the Internet for Mobile app developers for hire. Welcome to the Tech Pathway blog, today we have brought to you an article about things to consider before working on iOS application development. 

Things to consider before working on iOS application development

Identify your targeted audience

Before you start writing a single line of code or invest a dime in the iOS solution development, first identify your targeted audience. Who are you making the app for is adults, children, or the elderly? And then think about your market strategy as well as design your app accordingly. For example, if you are going to target elderly people then making the app’s interface as simple as possible will be the best way to go. On the other hand, if you want to invest in e-commerce app development then you should again do some market research first. Build your app accordingly. 

Things to consider before working on iOS application development

Weigh cost vs benefits

At the end of the day, you are going to need your app to make some profit since it’s the whole point. We have already said from time to time that Android app development as well as iOS app development is not a cheap process. And running out of money after the app publishing and not making any profit is not going to take your application anywhere. So before you invest your resources into the app development, make sure that there is profit to make. Also, hire a mobile application development company that can help you to hire dedicated iOS app developers.


Decide on the development process

You should also decide on the development process. For example, we know that creating an app from scratch is hard. So are you going to hire someone to do it for you? Or you would like to use some App creator tools to develop the app without using any line of code. Also, consider Cross-platform app development for faster and a cheaper way to build your mobile app.  

If you want to hire dedicated developers then weigh the pros and cons of in-house development as well as out-source development. Considering these things before you invest a dime into your app will help you in the long run.  


Consider technology and setup

The next step to follow is to decide on the technology. Decide on the following things:

  • Which framework are you going to choose: There are many frameworks to choose from. Decide on the one that will help you to smooth the development and fits according to your requirements. 
  • Which programming language are you going to use: Writing the iOS app code is only possible in Swift and Objective C. So this must not be an issue for you. 
  • Decide on iOS version support: Do some market research and find out which iOS version is being used the most. Make sure you do not support iOS versions that are too old for the sake of your app’s performance. 
  • Agree on the support of the main device: Even only Apple can make iOS supported devices, unlike Android that is open-source. The iOS ecosystem is quite rich thanks to the brand value and developers’ help. Before starting the development you will need to decide which iPhone device is going to be your main device for the app. You can choose it by doing some market research. 
  • Establish the coding style: In case you are building a large application then you will need to make sure the coding style of everyone working on the app matches. This will be helpful in the future when someone else will be working on the app for maintenance purposes. 
  • Decide on the optimal architecture: Building a proper architecture is important for the success of an on-demand solution. The most commonly used architecture used for iOS app development is MVC (Model-view-controller) architecture. In addition to this, it is also suggested by Apple too. 

Hire iOS developers with prior experience to seamline the process. 


Don’t stretch the development

The longer you will make your users wait for the app the more users you will lose. In other words, as soon as you announce your app on the App Store make sure your app gets published soon after. However, this does not mean that you decide to launch an incomplete app. You will need to find a way to complete your app in the given time and publish it on the App Store before your users lose their interest. 


Take your time with MVP

MVP is built to test the market and check users’ responses. This will be a great way to check where your app idea needs improvement and where it can pass by. Also, you will get to collect the user’s reaction and review regarding your app idea. 


Do enough testing and then test it again one more time

This one is important for the success of your app. No one wants to install an app on their device that hangs, freeze, or has bugs. Make sure that your app is user friendly and do not have any bugs that cause any inconvenience to the user. Also, you make sure that your UI & UX are better, do not overwhelm the user, and are user-friendly.  


Looking to hire a development company 

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