Top 10 popular music streaming application in 2020

Top 10 popular music streaming application in 2020

Well, we show you the Top 10 popular music streaming application in 2020., which is the first choice by default for everyone who wants to listen to music on their mobile devices but apart from YouTube there are so many great streaming applications that are also available for android and IOS to play music online. Here some popular on-demand application for android and IOS of top 10 popular music streaming application in 2020 those have almost every song in the world. Although not every application has every song in the world yet, we are going to tell you some popular on-demand application for android and IOS those have almost every song in the world. So here are your top 10 popular music streaming application in 2020.

1.  YouTube Music:

However, you may not know this, but Google also has an android and IOS application named YouTube music. This on-demand music application lets the user search for any music they wish. As well as YouTube’s music also plays an official video of music which makes it a favourite music application for so many people.

In other words, Users can also buy a subscription for YouTube music and enable premium features like background listening, ad-free experience, and offline download.

2.  Amazon Music:

Amazon Music was launch on 25 September 2007 by Amazon and since then they are continuously adding more and more songs into their already huge library. Additionally, Amazon Music is available for both android and IOS devices. Also, apart from mobile application Amazon Music application is built-in Alexa devices such as smart speakers and earbuds.

Identically, with Amazon, Prime subscription users can have access to up to 40 million of songs, ad-free music, and offline downloads.

3. Spotify

After tech-giants like Google and Amazon, Spotify has the largest database of music, podcasts and radio stations. Additionally, this on-demand streaming service was launched on 7 October 2008. Currently, Spotify has over 75 million subscribers and 248 million monthly active users.

With a paid subscription of $10, users can have a more seamless experience of listening to ad-free music and offline downloads.

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4. Apple Music:

However, Apple Music is apple’s first music library that lets users choose any song to play from their library. As well as the on-demand streaming service was launch on June 30, 2015, in over 100 countries and as of 2019 however even after a late start Apple Music already has over 60 million subscribed users. 

5. Shazam:

Shazam also redirects the user to Amazon Music, Google Play Music, and Spotify to play songs.

Moreover, Shazam is also an online music service like every other streaming service on this list yet Shazam is a different cause of its unique feature. In other words Shazam lets its users find any song just by rhyming its instrumental or lyrics. Due to this unique ability to recognize the song and its huge library of songs, Shazam now has over 100 million monthly active users.

6. Sound Cloud:

Sound Cloud also allows users to listen to music like its web counterpart although unlike other music stream services Sound Cloud does not revolve around songs. Additionally, this popular on-demand service focuses on music creations and podcasts. Its paid features are quite handy when it comes to music creation. As of 2019 Sound cloud has over 76 Million registered users.

7. Pandora

Identically, Pandora is a popular online music application that is available on many devices like android, IOS and cars too. It has a great library to choose from music and radio stations. Although, its best feature is that pandora lets you skip songs in Radio stations and like and dislike options.

Users can also subscribe to application with only $10 per month for ad-free music experience.

8. Tidal

Tidal streaming service is for people who believe in listening to high-quality music like “Go high or go elsewhere”. Additionally, this on-demand service was launched in October 2014 and it is available on various platforms like Android, IOS and Microsoft Windows OS. Tidal is owned by a group of famous musicians and entertainers. As of 2019 Tidal, has over 3 million paid subscribers. 

9. TuneIn Radio:

Applications like TuneIn Radio are the reasons online Radio is still alive. This online radio application was launch in 2002 and still operating with 60 Million monthly active users. Additionally, Users can listen to radio, music, news, live games and more through the application. In other words, users can also install TuneIn Radio applications onto their cars and enjoy the vast number of Radio stations while driving.

10. Resso:

Identically, this online music platform service is a subsidiary of TikTok’s parent company ByteDance. They are mainly focusing on Zen Z letting them listen to music and offering social content. Despite that, as well as Resso was launch in March 2019 yet it is close to 500 million subscribers in the country.

Development Cost:

Wondering about the development cost of music streaming applications for Android and IOS?

Rather than focussing on the feature-rich application, we are going to focus on basic applications first.

The total cost of an Android application will be almost $100,000+ and for IOS it will be almost $90,000. Remember development cost can vary depending upon how many features you want into your application.

Here at Tech Pathway, we have a team of experienced developers who are highly skilled in cloud computing and smooth user-interface (since your application depends upon them).  


Here were the top 10 popular music streaming application for android and IOS hope you like it. Identically Next, we wanted to ask you if you are also planning to launch your music streaming application and wondering if you are already too late since giants like Google and Amazon are already there. However, Look and learn from Resso simply by targeting particular they have grown over to millions of subscribers in almost a year.

So if you to want your music application to take on giants like Google and Amazon think differently, as well as we will help you along the way by developing your mobile application exactly the way you dreamt.

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