Top 10 WordPress CRM plugins you need for your Website

Top 10 WordPress CRM plugins you need for your Website

The toughest part of customer care services is to find the best tool to maintain a relationship with the customers to engage with them with ease. So the ideas behind a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) provides an opportunity to learn from the interaction of your customer. Here you know why WordPress CRM Plugins is important for your website.

CRM is a type of software that is used to manage customer information in all types of business whether it is small or large. And now the WordPress users have some top WordPress CRM plugins to balance the relationship with the potential customers.

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Top 10 best WordPress CRM Plugins are as following:-

1.Ukuu People

UkkuuPeople is one of the best WordPress CRM plugins which always focus on simplicity. Lots of CRM solutions should be complex, clunky, and complicated which always leads you to the problem. 

But UkkuuPeople binds all your contacts into one master list which helps to organize a huge list of data. You can segment all the people into groups according to your preference that is called tribes. UkkuuPeople plugin helps you to share all the related data with your whole team. 

Features of UkuuPeple CRM Plugin:-

  • Track every single interaction with the customer
  • Divide your customers in accordance to your preference. This is called Tribes. 
  • View upcoming schedules and favorite contacts
  • Attach all the files to the TouchPoint records
  • Build your own email lists
  • Schedule meetings and assign them to the members of your team
  • Automatically collect data from front end forms

You can also check your UkuuPeople CRM Plugin on their website:-

  • Creating a contact form
  • Creating a donation page
  • Try to sell a product
  • Building a mailing list
  • Creating a clients account page

2. UpiCRM

UpiCRM is a free WordPress CRM Plugin that is used for analysis, tracking, and Marketing effectiveness. It is easy to install that has 2000+ active install and 4.5-star rating. UpiCRM is completely compatible with your existing contacts from a plugin such as ninja forms, Contact Form 7, and Gravity Forms. By using UpiCRM, you can manage, collect, and protects your leads from all forms on your websites.

UpiCRM plugin helps to integrate with any of the existing tools that you might be used with it. Its features are:-

  • Assign the leads to any of your team members.
  • Interactive dashboard and KPIs(Key Performance Indicator) 
  • It supports URL tagging
  • Identify the traffic sources for your WordPress websites
  • Supports the multi-user with up to 5 tiers of users


WP ERP is one of the best free plugins for CRM, HRM, and Accounting solution for any WordPress website to better engage for your customers. By using this dashboard on your table, you can handle all the customers with different levels. It has 9000+ active install and 4.5-star rating. 

Features of WP ERP plugin:-

  • Smooth Lead, community, and opportunity listing
  • In-built email communication system and notification
  • Company profile listing
  • Ability to add notes, for each lead and define access permission
  • Easily Activity overview 

4. WordPress Leads

WordPress Plugin is free of cost and designed as a framework that helps to collect, manage, and contact info to understand better their websites. It has 7000+ active installs with a 3.5-star rating. 

Features of WordPress Leads CRM:-

  • Easy to use In-built visual form builder
  • Automatically detect and collect data from all the submitted data
  • Enables to sync with your third party CRM
  • Integrate with WordPress landing pages
  • Easily search, view, and modify contact information of the customer with the lead management tool 

5. DX Sales CRM

DX Sales CRM is a new free WordPress CRM solution and offers you one main location for your contacts and leads. DX Sales CRM plugin is used to build a better organization, enhance more proficiency, and establish an association with your customers.

Features of DX Sales CRM WordPress plugin:-

  • Easily find projects and company details for each of your customers
  • Create a self-service portal
  • Simple dashboard and reports
  • DX Sales CRM has an efficient and impressive database management


WP-CRM is a CRM WordPress plugins that is use to improve your user management efficiently. It is free of cost and very interactive. It has 4000+ active installs and a 3.8-star rating. This plugin can help to make your business successful.

Features of WP-CRM:-

  • Add new attributes to your customer’s details
  • Editing, Filtering and user organization
  • Contact forms for front end
  • Notification management
  • Dynamic chart representing attributes with quantifiable data 

7. Zero BS CRM

Zero BS CRM is an interactive hybrid approach that is used to turn leads into customers. With the help of this plugin, you can manage your customers, invoices, and quotes. It allows you to connect with your potential customers and you can increase the size of your team.

Features of Zero BS CRM:-

  • Interactive quote builder
  • Add and manage the companies with its new B2B mode
  • Easy to install
  • Sleek and smooth with mobile devices

8. WooCommerce Customer Relationship

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that is use to make business successful to connect with loyal customers. With this tool, you can maintain your loyalty with your customers and enhance the seller to customer relationships.

Features of WooCommerce plugin:-

  • You can add your existing customer list
  • Send emails individuals or in bulk
  • You can place your phone calls by using this plugin

9. WordPress Forms

Additionally, WordPress Form is a WordPress plugin that is use to create a beautiful contact form, subscription forms, payment forms, and other types of forms within a couple of minutes. It is a 100% mobile responsive contact form solution where it will look great in all devices(mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop).

Features of WordPress PLugin:-

  • Easily make your contact forms
  • Choose from lots of best templates
  • Protect your form with spam submission

10. Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is a WordPress tool that is use by the team to build forms within a couple of minutes by using simple drag and drop form creator. By using this Ninja Forms as a framework, you can quickly and easily design your forms with absolutely no code.

Features of Ninja Forms plugin:-

  • Correct data formatting with custom input masks
  • Easily manage, edit and exports form user submission
  • Email form data to administrator/users, every time a form is process

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So here is a list of top 10 CRM plugin that can be used to track all your customers successfully. CRM plugin provides an opportunity to keep all the data in one place and can manage as per your requirement. Tech pathway is leading IT development company which provides many services in india as well as for worldwide clients are as follows:-

If you want to manage the information of your potential customers smoothly, then you can use these CRM plugins according to your requirements.  So you can check out any of the above CRM plugins, these plugins provide you the best services according to your requirement.   

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