What are the top 10 popular PHP frameworks that you must know?

What are the top 10 popular PHP frameworks that you must know?

PHP has been around for more than two and a half decades. It is used for designing websites and web apps. On the other hand, a framework is a set of libraries, tools, and code that help a developer streamline the creation process of PHP development. If you were searching the Internet for Blog Topic: What are the top 10 popular PHP frameworks that you must know? Well in such a case, your search ends with this article. PHP is one of the most common programming languages that is used for web development as well as web app development. Welcome to the Tech Pathway blog. Today we are going to share with you What are the top 10 popular PHP frameworks that you must know?

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Why developers love popular PHP frameworks for web app development

  • Speed
  • Cross-platform
  • Greater Database Diversity
  • Improved Stability
  • Supports CMS

Top 10 popular PHP frameworks that you must know



Laravel was introduced in 2011 by Tylor Otwell. It is an open-source web app development framework that is free for use by anyone. The framework is based on Model-view-controller architecture. Soon after its inception in 2011, Laravel became one of the most popular PHP frameworks. The reason behind it was Laravel’s ability to handle complex web apps securely. As well as faster than others. 

Reasons to use Laravel

  1. Laravel is the most suitable framework when the developer has to create a web app with a complex back-end. 
  2. Being one of the few frameworks that provide functionalities including security, MVC architecture, view template engine as well as authentication. 



CodeIgniter is one of the smallest frameworks around only 2 MB in size. This is said to be the best PHP framework for developing dynamic websites. In addition to this, it also offers pre-built modules to help the developer with constructing robust and reusable components.

Reasons to use CodeIgniter

  1. CodeIgniter offers a small, lightweight, and hassle-free framework and installation. 
  2. It has a simple and hassle-free setup process that is why it is best for new programmers. 
  3. It also offers MVC architecture, inbuilt security tools, easy and excellent documentation, and top-notch error handling.
  4. When compared with other PHP frameworks, CodeIgniter is considerably faster. 



The next framework was first introduced in 2005. Since it has been around for longer than other frameworks, it has bigger community support. In addition to this, the framework itself is reliable, as well as a mature platform to develop a web app. 

Reasons to use Symphony

  1. This framework is the best for large-scale web applications. 
  2. It is also more easy and simple to install as well as configure. 
  3. Symphony boasts database engine independence. 
  4. The framework is also highly flexible, as well as integrated with bigger projects such as Drupal. 
  5. Symphony and Laravel are both popular as well as have almost the same features and functionalities. This is why developers often argue about which one is the best of these two. 

Cake PHP


Cake PHP was first introduced in April 2005. This is another open-source PHP framework that offers a toolkit that is both simple as well as elegant. The platform also offers many features including visually impressive and feature-loaded websites. Another benefit of CakePHP is that it is easy to learn. It is thanks to its CRUD (Create, remove, update, and delete) type framework. Ever since its first appearance, it has gained popularity as well as better functionalities and components. 

Reasons to use Cake php

  1. Cake PHP is easy to install and learn as developers only need a web server and a copy of the framework.  
  2. Cake PHP is a better choice for commercial apps because of its SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, prevention, input validation as well as cross-site scripting protection. 
  3. Another benefit of using Cake PHP for web app development is a fast build, validation, modern framework, and security. 


Yii Framework

Identically, Yii stands for Yes, it is! In other words, Yii is an open-source simple and evolved PHP framework. This is another high performance and a component-based PHP framework for web development. The benefit of Yii is that it is best suitable for any kind of web app development. 

Reasons to use Yii

  1. It has an easy installation process, that offers fast and best performance development. 
  2. It’s highly extensible as well as it lets developers avoid the complexity of writing repetitive SQL statements.
  3. Another reason for using Yii is that it has a core development team that contributed to its development. 
  4. Yii also has features of customizing every piece of core code. 

Zend Framework

Zend Framework

Unlike other frameworks in this list, Zend Framework is a completely object-oriented based framework for web app development. It also uses different features including interface as well as inheritance. The framework is also extendable since it was built on an agile methodology. This methodology helps the framework to create large-scale web applications. 

Reasons to use Zend Framework

  1. Zend framework is an excellent fit for complex, enterprise-level projects. 
  2. It’s the preferred framework for the development of large-scale web apps for IT departments and banks.
  3. Other key features of the Zend framework include MVC component, simple cloud API, session management as well as data encryption. 



Another popular PHP framework in our list is the Phalcon framework. It is a full-stack framework that also has MVC architecture. In addition to this, Phalcon was originally written in C programming language and C++ programming language.  

Reason to use Phalcon

  1. It is easy to install and learn. Phalcon also comes with a C extension so developers do not need to learn C to use it. 
  2. Its key features include asset management, top-notch security, execution speed, and caching. 
  3. Phalcon framework also optimizes performance due to its efficient memory utilization. 
  4. If any of your readers are looking to create a fast and blazing website, then Phalcon would be your best choice. 

Fuel PHP

Fuel PHP

This flexible and full-stack PHP framework was first developed and introduced in 2011. Other than supporting the MVC framework, Fuel PHP also has its own version of architecture called HMVC (hierarchy model view controller). However, unlike MVC it doesn’t interfere with duplicate pages. That is why it is faster than others.  

Reasons to use Fuel PHP

  1. It provides end-to-end web app development. Including front-end as well as back-end. 
  2. Its key features include MVC support, URL routing system, caching system, vulnerability protection, and RESTful implementation. 
  3. Fuel PHP also offers extensive security for projects that require it. 



PHPixie was first introduced in 2012. This framework is the same as Fuel PHP and supports the HMVC design pattern. In reality, developers wanted to create a high-performance framework that allows only a read-only feature. 

Reasons to use PHPixie

  1. PHPixie is best suitable for social media platforms, web app development, as well as customized web development. 
  2. This framework’s key features include standard FORM, input validation, authorization capabilities, HMVC architecture, and caching. 
  3. The framework itself was developed using independent components. This is why it can be used without using the framework. 



Slim is another one of the most popular PHP frameworks that are lightweight. Its framework is also called micro-framework due to its size and lightweight. However, Slim has helped developers create some very powerful web apps over the years. 

Reasons to use Slim 

  • Slim is easy to learn, implement, and install on the system. 
  • Developers use Slim to create RESTful APIs and web services. 
  • It also offers key encryption, URL routing, cookie encryption, and client-side HTTP. 
  • Slim is best for small-scale web apps that don’t require a full-stack framework.

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