What is the cost to develop an on-demand food delivery application in 2020

What is the cost to develop an on-demand food delivery application in 2020

In 2020 the global on-demand food delivery application is expected to make more than$122 billion. The simple reason behind this huge success of the on-demand food delivery market is that they have made daily life as well as occasions easy for everyone. Anyone who has access to a smartphone can download their mobile application and order food from nearby restaurants. If you are a company or business person who is thinking about investing in the on-demand food delivery market and has searched What is the cost to develop an on-demand food delivery application in 2020 then this article contains all the basic knowledge you will need? Welcome, today we are going to share with you What is the cost costs to develop an on-demand food delivery application in 2020.

How does an on-demand food delivery applications/business work

The core of the on-demand food delivery business is they make contracts with restaurants and delivery personals to cook food as well as deliver it. Then customers & users of the application will download their mobile application onto their device and order the food. Once users have placed the order restaurants will have the option to accept or decline the order (depending upon the availability of the goods or raw materials) then once the food is ready, delivery personnel will come and pick up the food. Once the food is delivered to the customer the process is done. 

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Key partners

  • Restaurants 
  • Delivery personnel

Key activities

  • Tracking the food orders by using analytical tools
  • Hiring delivery personnel to provide better and faster service
  • Managing the logistics to process food orders
  • The last one is to process all of the payment transactions

Value Proposition


  • Customers should be able to order food during rush hours and late at night too.
  • It should be able to browse the menu of restaurants to decide the order they want to place.
  • Quality customers is a necessity for any business. 
  • Customers should be able to check the estimated delivery time and track the food within the mobile application. 


  • Restaurants should have a large customer base to make more profit and keep the contract.
  • It should also have an online panel to take and track orders in order to serve customers. 

Delivery Personnel

  • It is able to earn good money by delivering the food even if they are doing it part-time.
  • Delivery people also should be able to receive the tip from the customer directly in order to earn extra money. 

Key Channels

  • The website is important for the food delivery business and it also should have the option to order food.
  • Android Mobile Application is important because make up more half of your customer base.
  • iOS Mobile Application is as important as the android app since iOS users will make up to 30% to 40% of your customer database.

Some of the best on-demand food delivery app


Swiggy is one of the biggest on-demand food delivery applications in India. Subsquently,It was founded by Rahul Jaimini. According to experts, their total valuation is over $3 billion in 2020. They are operating in 100+ cities in India


Zomato was launched by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah in 2008. They operate in 100+ cities of India include some major cities like Jaipur, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, etc. Their net worth is estimated over $2 billion.


However, The company established in 2004 by Matt Maloney & Mike Evans in Chicago. Currently, Grubhub is delivering in 3,200+ cities across the London and US cities. In 2017, they reported over a billion dollars in revenue.


Identically,Faasos is another India based food delivery company established in 2011 by Jaydeep Barman and Kallol Banerjee. In other words, Although they are a food delivery company, they also own more than 1,100 restaurants across India. In 2019, Faasos was estimated at $220 million in valuation.


Foodpanda was founded in 2012 by Kiren Tanna in berlin, Germany. As of 2020, they are deliver in 50+ cities of India as well as some other countries like the Middle East, Africa and Latin America too. In 2018 this food delivery company was acquired by Ola (an on-demand taxi service company). 

The important features of your food delivery app

Customer panel

  • Register
  • Sign in
  • Checking menu
  • Add into the cart
  • Placing order
  • Online payment method
  • Live tracker & estimated delivery time
  • Rate and review 
  • Add a tip to the delivery personnel
  • In-app call & chat 
  • Customer care support

Restaurant panel

  • Accept or decline the order
  • Manage menu
  • Payment method
  • Customer care support
  • In-app call & chat

Delivery personnel

  • Accept  or decline the order
  • In-app map
  • In-app call & chat feature
  • Customer care support
  • In-app payment method

The development cost of on-demand food delivery apps 

The total delivery cost of an on-demand food delivery applications will be determined as any other on-demand application’s cost. We are going to mention a few key factors which will decide the final cost of your application.

  • The country-wise location of the development company: This is one of the main factors which will affect the final cost of your application. Hire a USA company with charge you $200 per hour an online solution develop company from India charge you $40 per hour. To develop an on demand food delivery application in india.
  • The complexity of the application: The complexity of your on-demand mobile application will be dependent upon the total number of features and the quality of UI & UX. Moreover, the more quality and number of features you will want the more developing hours the company will charge you. 
  • The total number of supported platforms: If you want your application to run on both Android as well as iOS then your app’s final cost will be increased almost double since developers will have to create the application for both platforms. In addition to that having a website will also be important for your business.

Looking for a development company

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