Which are the best mobile app development technologies

Which are the best mobile app development technologies

By each passing day, technology is modifying instead of remaining constant. With the changes in technology, mobile app development technologies are getting huge benefits for delivering the best features. From the research, we have estimated that the app downloads have reached up to 352.9 billion by the year 2021. By analyzing this much growth we can estimate the never-ending competition. Various mobile apps are present in the market which has gained huge success from all over the world. Still, some mobile apps are lagging after so many efforts, have you ever considered why these apps are not in the competition? 

You can grab the attention of users and make your app popular by considering a mobile app development company that is trending and offers you a user-friendly app, matches the current situation of digitalization, and well-versed with the modern and traditional technologies in the market. If you know about trending technology then you can also correct the mobile app development company if they don’t use that so that you can make sure your app is in the right direction or not? Here, we are helping you in choosing the top technologies in the market for creating mobile apps in 2020 with this blog.

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What is Technology-Stack? 

Before proceeding with the list of technologies, first, you should understand what Tech-stack means. Technology stack is the most important part of creating any application either it is for web or mobile platforms. You can also consider a combination of programming languages, tools, and software for back-end development. It is the main framework or backbone of your mobile application through which you can develop your app. 

Mobile App Development Technologies For Android 

  • Java


Java is considered as the object-oriented programming language for android development apps. It is the most used object-oriented language. It also offers open-source libraries that are readily available to choose from. This language was introduce by Sun Microsystem.  There are three systems related to Java Script that is Enterprise, Java, and Java Beans. Java is a technology that functions on all platforms. TestNG and Log4J are the frameworks developed through Java. some popular applications like VLC media player, Telegram for Android, and more are developed through Java.

  • Kotlin


Kotlin came after Java and has presented itself as a more stable and development option for Android apps. It is a type programming language that is used for developing modern applications. You can say it an advanced version of Java. some limitations are present in Java that hinder Android API design, so to overcome these challenges Kotlin was design. The main aim is to provide you with smooth transitions between screens and animated micro-interactions. Some Apps are written in Kotlin that includes Pinterest, Coursera, Trello, and many more.

Mobile App Development Technologies For iOS 

  • Objective-C


Objective- C is known by a general-purpose object-oriented programming language that involves Smalltalk-style messaging in the C language. This programming language is meant for the Apple platforms like OS X and iOS operating systems and their current APIs- Cocoa and Cocoa Touch. You can also consider Objective-C is a superset of the famous programming language that is C that offers object-oriented capabilities and a dynamic runtime environment. As we mentioned earlier that Objective- C is compatible with iOS and Mac OS X. it has built a large base for iOS users and increases Mac OS X users. Apple always focuses on quality first so it is a wonderful language for those who just started learning objective- C.

  • Swift


Swift is consider as a new open-source programming language especially meant for iOS platforms like watch OS, iOS, OS X, and tvOS apps. The apps of this language builts on C and Objective-C. The developers of Swift are the best-paid developers in the IT industry as this language is new and the number of developers for this language is low. This language includes some modern features to make the programming more friendly and flexible. It is the most demanding language right now due to less-error prone code. 

It has inline support for manipulating text strings and data also includes dynamic libraries that upload directly to memory and reduces the size of the app resulted in overall quality and performance of the app. Swift has upgraded apps like LinkedIn, Lyft in the iOS version.

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Some other mobile app development  technologies are:

  • Python 


Python has become a widely accepted object-oriented programming language. Because of its reliability, this language is also used in React  native app development. We can use Python  easily and in a fast way, which is also easy to deploy. Python uses for software development. This language is so easy that it is used to teach in school nowadays. It is supported by all the platforms. Dropbox, YouTube, Instagram, Survey Monkey,  Quora, and Spotify all these popular apps are develop using this language. Also, Python offers excellent library support, possesses strong integration, and has control capabilities.

  • R Programming 

R Programming 

R language is created by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman. This R name is based on author’s name that statrs with R. it is one of the best and popular language for statistical analysis, machine learning and graphical representation and reporting. This language is considered as a platform-independent language. R offers you an impressive built in libraries and frameworks through which you can develop powerful machine learning algorithm. The big or small both enterprises are become habitual of R. R packages will be develop easily who knows this language. This language also pre-complied binary versions for operating systems like Linux, windows and Mac.

  • PHP


PHP is an server side scripting language that is emerge in HTML . this language is also considered as popular programming language for developing websites and applications both. Everyone almost knows about this language, because of its popularity. This language is also used to asist dynamic content, databases, session tracking and it can develop an entire e-commerce sites. The language is also associate with popular databases like MYSQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server. There are various apps like Facebook, family tree and e-buddy that is develop by this programming language. As this language supports open-source program so there is no fixed platform to perform. 

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Final Thoughts

If you want to select the best technology for your mobile apps then it is necessary to know the actual difference between the various apps like Xamarin apps, Hybrid apps, Ntive mobile apps, cross-platfrom apps and more. So that you can use the technology based on your apps. Everyday new business are offering for the app development and for that initially you need to get some knowledge about technologies use in the app to negotiate with the development companies. Knowing the right technology will be beneficial because mobile app development will not stop growing as far as enterprises adopt technologies. 

The technology is the most important thing to decide either the app would be robust or not and it can define future scalability. If you choose wrong or unreliable technology for your app then because of this reason your app can loose its performance. Clarity is essential to decide what you exactly want for your business and how you can find these targeted users. Although, if you don’t have skills, time or budget for custom mobile apps then Tech Pathway is the best development company to start with. At last, if you want your app to be highly functional and of good quality then select the right mobile app technology will be the key ingredient. 

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